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Tesco 10 Cat Sticks Treats Salmon And Trout

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cat Food

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    2 Reviews
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      01.04.2013 14:24
      Very helpful



      A brill buy!

      When it comes to my beautiful little mate Myrtle I try to vary her diet the best I can and to give her treats that she enjoys. We do get through rather alot of them though I do try to limit them the best I can, she doesn't liken that one bit! Lol. Usually I stick to buying branded treats like Dreamies and Felix goody bags and the likes but if and when I can make a little saving I will try!

      I bought these Salmon & Trout meaty stickys in Tesco recently when they were on offer with me being able to buy 3 packs of the ten sticks for the price of two and knowing that she has liked other flavours in these treats when I bought them for her in the past I decided that we would give them a try, though usually to be fair she isn't a fish fan.

      The Packaging:

      You get 10 of the sticks/treats in one pack very large pack and each stick can be ripped off the main of the packaging (there are perforations) so you can separate them and keep them individually should you want to (I do!). On the front of the packaging there is a lovely photograph of a big cat and some of the meaty sticks are depicted and we are clearly told that these are Tesco 'Luxury' Collection and what flavour they are and that there are 10 of them in a pack, that they are vitamin enriched and contain added Taurine then on the back of the packaging the ingredients and nutritional information is given as well as feeding advice (Feed as a treat lol) , we are told that the 10 sticks weigh 50g in total, there is plenty of information given in foreign languages as well (though I am not sure what languages those are!) and contact details for Tesco are clearly given towards the bottom of the pack. Nice, informative packaging this is and I do like being able to separate the sticks up so I can mix the flavours up that we have!

      The Meaty Treats/Sticks:

      Long and cylinder in shape these are light weight and dry to my touch and have a slight fishy smell to them if you sniff them. I like the way that I could break this up easily if I wanted to though Myrtle likes one whole and makes short work of it making no mess at all and leaving no bit uneaten.

      I can't of course say what these taste like and I'm not tempting to try them but she likes them I know that much and knowing that they are vitamin enriched makes me feel better and all!

      She will beg for these, does find the pack and claw it so they must be good so they get the thumbs up (paws up from Myrtle of course) from us!

      Only available from Tesco stores for £1.29 for a pack of ten of the sticks though do look out as I do for them on offer which they are quite often!


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        02.03.2012 09:02
        Very helpful



        Nice for your cats

        This is a review of Tesco cat sticks in salmon and trout, you get 10 in a packet which weighs 50g.

        My cats love a treat every now and again but I try to limit the number of biscuits they have as they are dry and I worry about if they are drinking enough water when they have them.

        What are they like?
        These treats are ideal, they are a moist meaty stick which is around 12 cm long. Even my older cat who has lost a lot of her teeth can cope with eating the sticks, I don't even have to break them up.

        The packaging is clever too. A plastic coated foil which has a nick in the top which helps you to tear open the strip. Each strip is perforated so you can tear off one.

        They are obviously moreish. I wouldn't know as I haven't tried one but the cats always pester for more when I am doling out the sticks! I stop at two though as I think it can get a bit expensive if you keep giving them out and the cats certainly won't tell you to stop!

        As you may guess from the flavour, the treats are a bit smelly but cats love fish so you can't deny them. I haven't noticed that they get any worse breath after eating these than say after a dish of cat food.

        These sticks are £1.29 for ten which is an OK price but being the shop's own brand you'd expect them to be cheaper. The brand Claude also makes the same treats and they are 95p for the same amount (in poultry and liver flavour). Whiskas sell three sticks for 79p (that's 18g) which is very dear I think.

        Other flavours available
        I think my cats would like these treats in any flavour. You can also get them in chicken and liver and turkey and lamb.

        My thoughts
        I think these are great for a treat but they can bump up your shopping bill. It does add a bit of variety in texture and taste to my cat's diet though so I think that is good. I don't give them treats all the time though as it tends to make them pester a lot and you put food down and they walk off because they were after something special instead!

        Final word
        I will buy these as an occasional purchase but to be honest I would buy any brand that was similar if it was on offer. These are good but I'm not addicted to them. (!)


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