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Tesco Premium Cat Cuts

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Wet Cat Food / Age: Adult / Various flavours

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    2 Reviews
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      27.06.2012 11:23
      Very helpful



      I doubt I would buy it again...!

      **N.B The product I am reviewing here is a different 'flavour' variety from that shown in the Dooyoo picture, but otherwise the product is the same, and Dooyoo have asked me to post my review here..**

      Many readers who regularly read my reviews will be aware by now that I have a very elderly feline at home with me who suffers from a variety of health problems as a result of old age. One of these is unfortunately renal failure which has a bunch of horrible side effects, one of which is nausea, and unfortunately as a result of feeling (or being) sick, my girl will often go off her food and lose her appetitive.

      This of course is very worrying and is something I try to prevent as much as possible. One thing I have come to find with my girl is that she can become bored of the same food and treats very easily, and so I find I am constantly buying a variety of food to try and prevent her from becoming bored which of course makes her loss in appetite worsen further.

      I will also vary the 'format' of cat food, buying pouches as well as tins with some of the foil trays thrown in for good measure. This varied selection usually results in a rather hefty pet food bill but my girl is approximately 19 years old and comes from a background of abuse and neglect.... So I figure she deserves a retirement that is filled with love and yes, she is thoroughly spoiled...!

      It had been quite some time since I had tried any of the Tesco-own branded cat food as I had a feeling it had proven to be an unpopular choice in the tinned variety in the past. However, when I was shopping in a local branch of the supermarket recently I decided to try my girl on their own variety of cat food in individual pouches. I was interested to see if the food would be a hit with my girl.

      The Tesco Premium Cat Food is supplied in a cardboard box, and I am informed that the meat consists of "Cat Food Cuts In Jelly." I was impressed to note that the box contained 12 individual sachets of cat food and this would only cost me the sum of £2.65, which is quite a saving when you consider that I generally spend £3.30 - £3.80 on a box of pouches - containing the same quantity as the Tesco equivalent - from a more 'leading' brand.

      Anyway, the Tesco Premium Food gives us 12 sachets which comprises of four flavours, with three sachets in each flavour being within the box. The sachets themselves are foil-lined, which is what I have come to expect with cat food like the Tesco one, so I was pleased that the packaging seemed to be up to scratch and first impressions were good.

      The flavours/varieties of the cat food sachets are: chicken flavour, rabbit & turkey flavour, salmon & prawn flavour and tuna flavour. The food comprises of cuts surrounded be jelly as I touched on earlier, but I believe there was also a 'gravy selection' available in the same brand.

      Opening the pouches seemed to be as easy as any other brand that I would regularly feed my girl. There is a small indentation at the edge of the pouch which you can gently 'tear' to open up the pouch and serve the contents from within.

      The Tesco Premium Food looks to be pretty generic, certainly to my un-feline eye there is nothing particularly unique or different about the Tesco food when compared to other brands that I would buy regularly. Comprising of small, square-shaped chunks that are surrounded in a generous quantity of jelly, it certainly smells and looks like most other 'mainstream' brands - that is, those that are not 'high end' (or cost over £3.30ish per box) - and so I wasn't particularly dubious about feeding it to my girl, at first anyway.

      My cat seems to think that MOST of the flavours are tasty enough to suffice at breakfast time, which is when she is most hungry and will eagerly eat most - if not all - foodstuffs that are served to her. Later in the day however, she can become slightly fussier and can occasionally be known to turn up her nose at many of the meals served to her, presumably in a bid to see what alternatives will be offered. (Whoever said that cats were stupid obviously never owned one...!!)

      Anyway, I have found that for mealtimes later in the day, the Tesco Premium Food has not fared as well, and a small amount will often lie untouched in my girl's bowl before eventually ending up in the bin. This is particularly evident with the rabbit & turkey flavoured sachets, and I don't think she has ever even tasted this variety, instead choosing to walk away when it is offered.

      For the reasons listed above, I am pretty sure that I wouldn't make a repeat purchase of the Tesco Premium Cat Food Cuts In Jelly, unless it was vastly reduced or on a great offer price or something. To be honest, a quarter of the box is pretty much unusable as she refused to touch one of the flavours. The rest were passable, but only just for one or maybe two meals in the day, with the rest of the mealtimes being unsuitable for this particular food, so it's lack of versatility makes it a rather inconvenient choice for my own cat.

      Speaking of inconvenience, something that I must mention about the product's packaging is a complete bugbear of mine when it comes to supermarket-own branded cat food sachets. The Tesco Premium Food sachets are all identical in appearance - irrespective of the sachet flavour - which may sound like a daft point to mention. When you take into account that I have very limited kitchen cupboard space and have to store my girl's sachets one on top of another at times however, perhaps you will understand how easy it is to differentiate between the alternate flavours if the manufacturer kindly makes the assorted flavours available in pouches of assorted colours. For example, beef flavoured cat food is generally served in a red-coloured pouch, or indeed canned beef flavour cat food generally has a red 'badge' on the tin's label, so as a cat food 'buyer', I have become accustomed to what flavours the different colours represent.

      In the case of the Tesco food however, all of the pouches are the same black colour, and all have the same pale-coloured paw print design on the front of the pouch. To be fair, there IS a very small, print-mark on the reverse of each sachet to indicate the corresponding flavour, but to be honest, by the time I have taken the whole pile of sachets out to inspect all the markings and select which flavour to give my girl, my annoyance level has already begun to creep up. How difficult is it to make the sachets different colours anyway? Not at all, if other cat food manufactures and in particular, other supermarkets, are to be taken into account.

      Removing one star from the product rating for this point will definitely be a necessity for me as it is such an annoying trait that this reason alone would possibly prevent me from re-purchasing this particular cat food again in the future. Based on my cat's reluctance at times to eat the food, I feel it is only fair to remove a further star as I can only assume that it is not as tasty or satisfying as other brands.


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        02.04.2011 11:27
        Very helpful



        An ocasional pouch due to poor ingredients

        Leaving my other half to do the grocery shopping can be a bit hit or miss. He loves to buy everything on offer even if we really don't need it as he thinks he is getting a bargain! A few weeks ago I didn't have time to do the household shop as I was tied up at the yard and I asked him to go instead but providing him with a shopping list.

        I don't buy my cat food from a supermarket as I can get it from my feed merchants but seeing that there was cat food on offer he put a few boxes in the trolley! He came from with Tesco Premium Cat Cuts Selection of pouches in the fish variety in jelly (gravy makes my one cat sick). I wouldn't normally buy Tesco cat food as I don't think it is relatively healthy for what you get but as it was bought there was no point wasting it.

        The pouches come in a slim line black cardboard box which features an image of a lovely grey and white cat (only the head is seen). The Tesco name is on the box together with the product name. On the bottom of the box there are four different colours which represent the different varieties in the box. On the sides of the box there is the usual information you would expect such as feeding guidelines, ingredients and contact info for Tesco.

        The pouches are all foil which ensures that the contents stay fresh. To open the pouch you simply tear at the top where indicated by two little dents in the pouch and the top simply comes off. The pouches are all colour coded to represent which flavour they are which is good as when I was feeding my cats this I liked to use a different one each time I fed them.

        The pouch varieties are:-

        Salmon & Prawns - pink
        Tuna - blue
        Trout - dark blue
        Cod - light blue

        My cats love having a pouch for breakfast and they know the sound of the box opening so it doesn't take them long to turn up at their feed bowls! Opening the pouches are easy and they are not too full so the jelly and fish don't come rushing out over the top. I tend to break up the contents in the pouch gently whilst still in the pouch so it doesn't come out in one big slab.

        As soon as the pouch is opened you get a sudden aroma of wet cat food, that meaty yet unpleasant woft that you get with tins of dog or cat food but it isn't a particularly fish smell which is what I was expecting. The jelly is a dark brown colour which just about covers the fish pieces. The fish pieces look just like reconstituted pieces of meat and had I not known that the pouches were fish I would have presumed that they were made of meat! As soon as it was in the cat's bowl it broke up easily and the meaty/ fishy/ unpleasant smell had gone!

        My cats found these pouches incredibly tasty and they didn't turn up their noses at any of the varieties which was good as one can be particularly fussy about what she eats! Because this wasn't their usual food I only gave them half a pouch at any one time so I didn't upset their stomachs but they were all fine. They are normally fed dry food and the occasional pouch from other brands such as Royal Canine.

        I have to say I am quite pleased with the pouches as my cats certainly enjoyed them and for only £2.65 for a box of 12 I can't really complain too much as they are certainly very reasonably priced but I just don't know how healthy they are for my cats. Having a look at the ingredients depending on the pouch variety there is around 4% of real fish or prawns. Now that to me isn't great. There are also meat and animal derivatives as well as various sugars and they are coloured with EC additives which is a big no no in my book.

        Overall, all my cats really enjoyed the pouches but then again they love having wet food so I wasn't surprised that they ate their food within what seemed like seconds. The price is very reasonable for 12 pouches but they are not particularly great quality with only 4% of actual fish used and I don't like using products which have additives. They are not something I would go out and buy or use again. I give 3 stars for these as my cats enjoyed them but I'd only recommend them as an occasional pouch due to the poor ingredients.


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