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Tesco Supreme Kitten Pate With Beef

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cat Food

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2012 22:04
      Very helpful



      A good enough food she will eat when she feels like it!

      when it comes to my 4 month old kitten, Myrtle Rose I find it really very difficult and trying at times to feed her. She one minute likes one food then she's off it leaving me struggling to find something else suitable for her to eat. She likes a certain brand for a short while and most kitten foods I can find such as Whiskers or Felix comes in multipacks, she'll eat a couple then that's it she will turn her nose up and not return to eating them! It's the same with flavours and she won't now touch dry food or any treats at all....even Dreamies which most cats I know seem to love!

      So I was really happy to find Tesco 'Luxury Collection' Kitten Pate With Beef costing only 25p a carton of it. Looking on the Tesco website today this is also on sale in multipacks in different flavours however in my large Tesco they don't stock those and for obvious reasons I wouldn't buy all those anyway and this is the only flavour they sell, again in my local Tesco store.

      The Packaging:

      Well like I have already mentioned this comes in a carton and that carton is gold coloured and foil with the top being a peel off one again in gold foil with a label over that of two kittens playing and we are told that it is of course Tesco Luxury Collection Kitten Pate With Beef and that it is vitamin and mineral enriched and then on the bottom of the carton there is another label and on that we are told the nutritional content (ingredients), feeding advice is given, we are told how to store it the weight is given which is 100g and the size this is available to purchase in and contact details for Tesco are given. Nice enough informative packaging this and easy to open and so on.

      The Meal:

      First off lets talk about the feeding advice given on this shall we? Well for a kitten 2-3 months we are advised to give 2-3 trays of this a day for a kitten 3-4 months then you should give 3-4 trays a day and no other ages and advice is given above that though as far as I am aware a cat is a kitten till its one years old. Anyway I don't give Myrtle 4 trays of these a day as she wouldn't eat the same meal in a day twice and deffo not the same flavour which this is the only one I can get my hands on at present!

      So usually I give her one of these a day and other meals too of course and this is a firm light pink smooth pate really in its appearance and it smells meaty really. There is no grease or jelly visible in or on this and it mashes up easily and is a moist pate though not sloppy or anything.

      This contains a lot of added vitamins and minerals and being smoothish Myrtle has no problems eating this and this is a food I've occasionally given her since I first got her at 8 weeks old and she likes it. I wouldn't say she loves it mind you as she doesn't get over excited at being given it but she always eats a carton of this over time. The only hardship with this is when it comes out of her body it comes out smelling the same as it went in which isn't pleasant lo!

      A lot of foods I give to Myrtle I notice upset her tummy with the farts stinking to high heaven and the cat litter tray being sprayed with something other than wee but this simply doesn't and is a safe food for her her to eat which I appreciate!

      It gets the thumbs up from me on price though sadly for me the choice within this range is lacking though they do do a lot of adult cat foods in this range, just as cheaply which soon enough we will be able to try thankfully!

      Only available in Tesco and Tesco.com


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