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Webbox Cats Delight Sticks Beef and Liver

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Manufacturer: Webbox / Type: Cat Food

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    2 Reviews
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      17.09.2013 08:43
      Very helpful
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      Cat treats

      Webbox Cats Delight Cat Sticks

      My cat likes her treats and although she is quite a small cat and not at all fat we try to give her only one or two a day. These are intended as a complementary pet food for cats and are advertised as being perfect to feed at any time as a tasty, moist, meaty treat chewable snack or treat.

      The cat treats come in a pack of 6 costing £1 for the 6 so they're not overly expensive. Each stick is individually wrapped and can be torn from the main strip via a perforated strip. The strips are good in that I haven't had any which have torn the strip next to it and so make the other sticks less fresh.

      To open, all I have to do is tear at the top of the stick and then push the stick out of the packaging. The sticks themselves are a brown colour and solid meaning bits can be broken off. They have no real smell and although they are apparently meaty I don't smell meat. I tend to hold the stick in the packet and break bits half off so that the cat can pull it from the original stick. This seems to work quite well and means she is getting an actual treat rather than having to eat the treat from the floor

      The sticks are available in a variety of flavours: Beef and Rabbit, Chicken and Liver, Salmon and Trout and Turkey &and Lamb. I haven't noticed any difference in the look or smell between the different flavours and she likes them all equally.

      They are available from supermarkets and pet stores.


      A tasty cheap enough treat for cats and I would recommend them.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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        01.02.2010 23:13
        Very helpful



        Mew says get these for your cat!

        As you all know we have a lovely cat called Mew and one of his favourite treats is Webbox Cats Delight Sticks so I thought I should tell you about them on his behalf - he does wander across the keyboard of my laptop but hasn't quite mastered the typing yet! LOL!

        The treats in question are Webbox Cats Delight Sticks with Beef and Liver. They cost 98p for a pack of six and are also available in chicken and liver, salmon and trout and turkey and lamb flavour. They used to be available in Tesco's but they only seem to stock their own brand these days and Mew doesn't like them as much as the Webbox ones so we have to pay a visit to Asda to replenish his supplies.

        Now, unless you have seen these, you may well be thinking - only 6 treats for 98p - that's just over 16p each and rather expensive! So let me explain.

        These treats come in the form of 6 individual sticks about 5 inches long. Each stick is individually sealed in foil and they are then all joined to one another by means of perforations. This means that it is really easy to rip one of the foils away from the rest without opening any of the others.

        Each flavour comes in a different coloured packet and the beef and liver one comes in an orange packet.

        If you look at the picture at the top of this review you will see that each set of three foils joined together has a picture of a cat on the front with the name of the product and the words 'the treat your cat will love'. Ain't that the truth?!!

        There is some information on the back of the packet about how these are made and of course there is a list of ingredients which includes the less than specific 'meat and animal derivatives'.

        The sticks are quite soft and have ridges at intervals along the length so that they can easily be broken into about eight small pieces which in turn make them easy to eat for Mew.

        What I tend to do is give one to Mew if he has been especially good or if he has been outside and got soaking wet and I think that he needs a treat to cheer him up. Yes, I know, I'm daft!!

        It also means that, when I want Mew to go into his room so that I can go out, I just open the drawer where his treats are stored and rustle the wrapping of the treats; he hears the noise and comes straight into his room - job done!

        By the way just in case you are thinking that we have built Mew some kind of cat extension I will explain. The house had a little sun room on the side next to the kitchen through which there is access to the back garden so we had a cat flap put in the back door and set up Mew's bed, litter tray and food in there.

        So in conclusion Mew would like you to know that he thoroughly recommends these treats and suggests that you might like to get some for your cat - he says that if you do, your cat will love you even more than he does already!


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