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Whiskas Adult Chicken

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Brand: Whiskas / Type: Cat Food

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2013 23:51
      Very helpful



      A really nice, tasty, crunchy cat food that Myrty loves

      Being the proud owner of my lovely cat Myrtle Rose one of the tasks that I find the hardest is to buy and feed her. She goes through phases of liking a particular brand and/or flavour and its usually wet food that I buy her however I do buy in dried food as well, as a back up so I never run out of grub to give her and I bought our box in a local convenience store on offer from almost £2.00 down to just 99p and so I thought that they had to be worth a go at that price.

      The Packaging:

      The food mainly comes in a bright pink box and on the front of it we are clearly told that it is Whiskers 'With Chicken' 100% Complete Nutrition and that it has no artificial colours or artificial flavours and offers dental protection and that the box I bought is 375g in weight (other sizes of this are also available at varying prices by the way as well as in different flavours) and there's a photograph shown of a lovely contented looking cat and of the food itself then other information on the sides and on the back of the box include being given lots of information about the food and how it can be good for a cats general well being, feeding advice is clearly given with the aid of diagrams, the composition of the product is clearly listed and contact details for the manufacturer are given. To one side of the box there is a flap style opening, easy to open and close and of course helps to keep the food fresh inside and all in all I find that this box is informative enough, important to me cos when it comes to my beauty I check everything is ok for her!

      The Food Itself:

      Like I stated earlier in this review this is a dried, kibble/biscuit style of food and the pieces are different shapes such as crosses, squares and circles, all are small pieces and very light and of course dry and they have a meaty fragrance to them which at least isn't disgusting tomy nostrils!. They kibbles are varying shades of brown with a few rust coloured kibbles in there and my Myrty finds these very tasty indeed, I only have to open the box to give her some and she comes running and really crunches on them and makes quick work of eating them.

      The feeding guide is very useful that is displayed on the box, me though I put a small portion out usually in the morning (I hate the smell of wet food first thing!) and let her eat those before I move on to other foods throughout the day, she certainly isn't greedy with these though seems to be very contented with what I give her though they do make her thirsty so she gets through a lot of fresh water when consuming these.

      They are made up mainly of cereal and fats of all kinds plus 4% chicken, she appreciates them and a box lasts me ages and I can be assured that these can help to keep her heart healthy, help with her sight and to help keep her teeth clean and healthy and her digestive system healthy as well as help to keep her already glossy black coat really glossy....and I have to admit I have noticed a difference in her hair since she has been having a few of these daily for a while now...she really is in good shape all round as well as having shiny hair I would give anything for (though don't anyone suggest me nibbling on these to cos its never gonna happen lol!!!!).

      These are a great buy for us, reasonably priced even if not on offer, me baby loves them and they don't make a mess or stink my flat out as wet cat food does......and well I do think her poo isn't as smelly after nibbling these but then that's another story you'll be glad to hear!

      Thumbs up for me and the Myrty on these and me, she'll be happy to know will continue to buy them when I see them!


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    • Product Details

      Whiskas cat food with a meaty filling exquisite chicken flavour specifically for adult cats. Dental Protection Plus and delicious nuggets in one

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