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Whiskas Dry Adult Dental Protection Plus with Tuna

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    3 Reviews
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      09.03.2015 15:57
      Very helpful


      • "Nutritionally balanced "
      • "Cat loves it "
      • "Great value "


      • "Nothing "

      Tinks biscuit!

      My cat has a sensitive tummy and as much as I always intended on feeding her a dry diet this didn’t go to plan. Too much biscuit upsets Tink’s tummy so she has wet food with a small sprinkle of dry food with her evening feed to give her a little variety in taste and texture and to help protect her teeth. I normally purchase this Whiskas dry complete food which comes in chicken or this tuna flavour.
      This Whiskas dry food is available to be purchased from Sainsbury’s priced at just £1.00 for a 340g box. One of these boxes will last me about 3 weeks as I only feed Tink a small amount per day but if it was her sole diet I would be using around a box per week.

      The food comes packaged in a cardboard box which has a small flap opening which can be pressed back shut. On the box you can find all the detailed product information including feeding guidelines and nutritional information. It states that this food contains taurine to helps support a health hear, oils for a shiny coat, vitamin A for good eye sight and has a special ingredient to help to keep your cats teeth clean and healthy. It also claims to be gentle on cats urinary tract as dried food is known to potentially cause problems for cats water works if fed as the sole diet.

      The food itself is made up of small biscuits which are different shapes and colours. My cat isn’t fussy at all with this food and eats all of the different biscuits and most importantly seems to really enjoy them. I can even feed my cat a few pieces of this food as treats as she enjoys it that much. I do always make sure that my cat has plenty of fresh water down but this is especially important for a dried diet, as my cat certainly seems to drink more when she has had some dried food.

      Overall my cat really enjoys this dried tuna flavoured food from Whiskas. I am also happy with it as it is good value and claims to have all the necessary vitamins and nutritional components my cat needs. 5 stars from me and Tink


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      08.12.2013 19:27
      Very helpful



      A great quality brand that I trust and that my furry baby loves!

      My cat Myrtle Rose is a very fussy little thing! She likes both wet and dry food so weekly I buy allsorts in for her consumption and delight. Because she is so fussy though I regularly think that she likes a certain brand and/or flavour of food and I stock up for her to suddenly decide she doesn't like it after-all! Due to this fact my Mums neighbours cat is now waddling!

      Whiskas though is brand that I find very hit and miss for my girl. The wet food she doesn't seem all that keen on from the range but most of the dried food we do have success with, me I'm glad about that because the range consists of good quality 'kibbles' in lots of different flavours and there are a few different dried foods in the range that are deemed to give a cat certain benefits. These are no different these are meant to be good for a cats teeth and to even offer dental protection. I appreciate that for my girl as you only get one set of 'adult' teeth after-all!

      The Packaging:

      The box is fuchsia pink, blue and white in colour with a little side opening tab that opens and closes with ease and on the front of it we are told that it is Whiskas 'Dental Protection' With Tuna '100% Complete Nutrition and that it contains no artificial colours or flavours and there is a picture of a cat on the front along with a couple of photographs of the food and finally the size is stated which in this case is 375g and then on the back and on the sides of the box we are told yet more information about the food, a feeding guide is given as are the ingredients used and a nutritional chart and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly given. I feel that the packaging of the food is nice enough and highly informative which I really do appreciate so that I can choose the best food I can for my beauty.

      The 'Kibbles':

      The dried cat food (kibbles) are small in various shapes like circles, pellets and crosses and in various shades of browns, creams and an orange shade. They are very dry to my touch and appear baked and not one bit greasy. This flavour does have a slightly fishy aroma to it mixed in with cereals however I can only smell these if I've handled them or sniff out of the box which is rare thing for me to do to be honest!

      The size of these is great cos they are small enough for my dainty girl to handle, they don't make a mess as she eats them and they sound really crunchy as she goes.

      These are meant to contain Taurine to help to support a healthy heart, some natural oils to help give a shiny coat, Vitamin A to help keep the eyesight good and this variety of kibbles is meant to help to give a healthy urinary tract. I can't say it these help her heart and/or eyes what I can say is my cat is in excellent health and a very happy and contented cat indeed! She has an impeccable shiny coat people do comment on (I'm very proud of this in fact lol) and her wee wee seems fine to be albeit smelly but then it always is to be perfectly honest with you! lol.

      I wouldn't normally opt to give Myrtle fishy flavoured food as in the past she has walked away from most things fishy and not thanked me for it however she really does like this one and heartily tucks into it!

      The feeding advice is clearly given on the box however I feed my Myrtle on demand as she doesn't eat very much at all although not underweight and I don't just feed her these all day long anyway, she gets a few kibbles a day and then wet food as well so I just measure a small cup out per meal and see how she gets on and throw away what she leaves.

      For us these are a perfect food for her. The most important thing for me is that she likes them and then that they stay fresh for a good length of time in the box due to her not eating them all that often and the fact that they are a healthy option is an added bonus. Healthy or not, if she didn't like them she wouldn't be bought them....its that's simple.

      Whilst Myrtle seems to love these I will continue to buy them time and time again and at around £1.39 a box (if not on offer) they are a purse friendly option for me, great quality and a well know brand too!

      Available from all good supermarkets and pet stores and I got our box in a Tesco store and on offer for a pound a box a couple of weeks ago.


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      02.07.2012 17:05
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Worth switching for the health benefits

      I saw this cat food on offer a little while ago, and decided to try it (well, let my cat try it!) to see if he liked it. Although I'm not a fan of chopping and changing my cat's food, I like to give him a bit of variety, and if this is coupled with me saving a bit of money at the same time, then everyone's a winner. I try to stick to the brands when it comes to cat food, just because I am very soft and like most pet owners our cat is a highly valued member of the household, and as such eats better quality food than we do.

      The food is from Whiskas, and comes in a couple of different flavours including chicken and vegetables. My little chap has tried both flavours, but his favourite thing in the world is tuna, so I try to get this one if I can. The idea is that these biscuits are a complete pet food for cats, so rather than using them to top up their other meals, these can be given as a meal replacement. I prefer to give my cat biscuits because not only does it avoid the smell and mess of meat in jelly (eugh!) but my vet told me it's better for them as biscuits contain less salt and sugar. These offer 100% complete nutrition, so you don't feel like your cat is missing out by just having biscuits.

      The formula for this cat food was developed in conjunction with nutritionists and vets which gives confidence that it is good for your cat's health. It has the following benefits in terms of health:

      * Teeth - These biscuits are designed to help keep your cat's teeth healthy, by gently cleaning the teeth as they eat. This is due to the texture of the biscuits.
      * No artificial colours or flavours
      * Contains natural oils for a shiny coat
      * Contains taurine to help support a healthy heart
      * Contains balanced minerals for your cat's urinary tract health
      * Vitamin A - to help their eyesight

      ==My Thoughts==

      I had no doubt that my cat would love these biscuits, especially as he is a big fan of tuna or anything fish-related. I've not gone so far as to try the food myself (my commitment to reviewing has *some* limits thankfully!), but the fact he looks forward to meal times and shovels these down his neck very quickly is enough to convince me that they are tasty.

      I'm not one to go into detail over packaging unless it's relevant, but the bag this comes in has a re-sealable zip style pouch on the front, so once you've opened it you can just close it shut each time. This helps to keep the food fresh which is something that annoys me about other cat foods because lets face it, why would a cat want to eat biscuits which have gone soft? This is a nice feature, and not only does it keep the food fresh, but also prevents spillages from the package.

      The thing I like about these biscuits, as a crazy-cat-loving-woman, is that I feel I am providing my cat with a balanced diet. The biscuits are all different shapes (circles, triangles, rectangules), and colours (ranging from brown to almost green), so I am of the opinion that as far as my cat is concerned, these are a little more interesting to eat than those biscuits which are all identical. I also like the fact that they are good for his health, although he is a little overweight, his fur, eyes and teeth are in good condition, and although this may not be attributable to his food, I like to think it's all helping to keep my cat healthy.

      For a 2 kg bag of this, you can expect to pay around £4 - £5, which is pretty good value as it provides a complete meal solution and lasts about a month in our household with one cat eating it. Although there are cheaper alternatives out there, in the grand scheme of things I don't think there's much point scrimping on something which is potentially contributing to your cat's overall health.

      (This review may also be posted on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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