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Wilko Meaty Feast with Chicken

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Type: Wilko / Type: Cat Food

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2012 10:01
      Very helpful



      An ok food I am happy to serve Myrty occasionally

      My beautiful half ragdoll kitten Myrtle is the fussiest eater I know and that includes out of human folk I know as well. I struggle to get her to eat anything at all, she wont eat any treats whatsoever and feeding time is an on going battle in our home and one I usually don't win lol.

      After recently getting concerned over the amount Myrtle eats I took her to the vets and the food I had been giving her was kitten food of varying brands and flavours and he told me that like babies some wean quicker than others and to try giving Myrtle an adult food but to mash it up a bit. I'm not entirely happy with that as I would prefer her to be on kitten food a bit longer as its so much more enriched in vitamins and minerals however she has to eat something as she wasn't gaining weight so now she has a more varied diet of kitten and adult food sometimes mixed sometimes served on their own.

      The Packaging:

      The can of this one is labelled in white and yellow with a photograph of a cat on the front of it and we are told what it is and who it is by and so on and then on the back of the can other infomation listed includes being told a bit about the product, the ingredients used, feeding advice is given, the size of the can is stated which is a large 400g size and contact details for Wilkinsons are given. There is a handy ring pull to the top of it as well and all in all the can is informative enough and easy to open and standard can covers do cover this well.

      The Food:

      This food is in jelly and moist and not one bit wet or sloppy. The chunks are large and a pinkish colour and you have to dig the food out of the can to serve it and there is a lot of jelly within this. I mash up this meaty smelling food quite small which is simple to do and feed Myrtle it throughout the day.

      Myrtle will eat this though like the fishy feast flavour this also comes in it isn't her favourite and one thing I've learnt about Myrt is that she prefers food on the whole with gravy on it rather than jelly but like I say she will eat some but she has never eaten a full can of this even over a couple of days and she certainly doesn't love it.

      Priced at 27p a can I think think is a decent quality product and it is only available from Wilkinsons and Wilkisonsplus.com


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