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Wilko Meaty Feast

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Brand: Wilko / Type: Cat Food

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    1 Review
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      12.09.2012 09:15
      Very helpful



      Not for Myrtle so I won't be buying it again!

      I have quickly come to the conclusion that like me my kitten Myrtle is an odd bod! At 4 months old she is thriving, a cheeky so and so and knows what she likes and how to get it as I am truly wrapped round every one of her cheeky paws!

      The one thing I have struggled with the past couple of months since owning her is food though which has been worry to me. It's a big fight between us as she's the fussiest eater I have known and that includes out of the human folk I know as well let me tell you! Whatever I seem to buy isn't right for her and she has no issues in walking away after a very small nibble from almost everything. I bought this kitten/cat food in Wilkinson's costing me a pound for a 375g box of it and I bought it cos its suitable for cats 3 months upwards and seemed worth a go with my fussy girl anyway (I have taken her to the vets about her unwillingness to eat and he says physically she is fine!).

      The Packaging:

      Well the biscuits come in a white cardboard box and on the front of it there is a picture of a grey cat and a small photograph of the actual food you are getting and we are told that it is Wilko Meaty Feast Complete 'With delicious Duck, Rabbit, Chicken & Vegetables and that it helps to maintain teeth & bones, a shiny coat and helps with growth and that it is vitamin and mineral enriched and then other information on the box includes being told a bit about the meal, a comprehensive feeding guide chart is shown and ingredients and additives are listed, the size is stated (as I have listed already) and contact details for Wilkinson's are given. To one side of the box there is a pull back tab though it isn't resealable so if you want to make sure its fresh I'd do as I did and find yourself an airtight container to store it in.

      The Meal:

      Well this of course is a complete meal for kittens and cats and there is a chart on the back giving advice about the amount to give your pet including ones that are pregnant and nursing. For Myrtle she needs 40 -130g which is between ½ -1/1/2 capfuls though we are told in small pint that kittens should be allowed as much as they want and under 3 months old to moisten it with water and to feed it in small amounts during the day and that for older cats to feed it dry but again in small meals.

      What you get is lots and lots of small biscuits some in a dark red shade, some green pieces and some beige. It all smells to me of cereal in the main which of course this is with meat juices and the likes within it. Full of carbohydrate this should energise your kitten/cat, the protein should help maintain muscle development and the oils it contains should give a healthy coat as well as the crunch of the dried biscuits to keep teeth in optimum health. You can serve this alone, with water, gravy, canned food whatever you like. It looks nice, don't smell disgusting and that's that.

      Well it would be that if it wasn't for Myrtle! I've tried everything. I've mixed it with water, gravy and tried hiding it in wet foods but no Myrtle refuses to even look at it. There's nothing more I can do to entice her. I've left it down for ages, ignored the meowing and kicking off as she violently throws herself on the floor to let me know how disgusted she is but no the flies would prefer it more than her lol.

      I've never even seen her take a bit of this, I assume she doesn't like the look or aroma of it as there is just no way she will even contemplate it...its really odd though cos although she isn't over enthused with dried biscuit type foods as a rule anyway she will normally consume some....but this is a total no go for her!

      Only available from Wilkinsons.


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