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Caudalie Divine Oil

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Brand: Caudalie / Contents: 50ml / Type: Face Oil / Subcategory: Serums & Boosters / What it does: Protects, Nourishes

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    3 Reviews
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      07.01.2014 17:37
      Very helpful
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      5 stars

      My daughter bought me this oil after she used it and found that her skin felt better after using it. I hadn't heard of the brand before and thought it must be expensive but it isn't too pricey, for a 50ml bottle it was £15 which I didn't think too much to pay especially now that I know it works very well.

      I use a variety of skin creams and lotions trying to keep my skin as young as it possibly can be, fighting an ever going battle with my age! I do often suffer dry skin and try to keep it as moisturised as possible. One thing that i noticed with this oil is that it uses combinations of oils to restore your natural oils and I like the sound of that. Anything that claims to work with nature is a good thing for me.

      Th ebottle is glass and has a spritzer dispenser. This is not something that I've come across before with an oil. Usually you have to pour them out and this can be messy as oil is so thin but this being a spray is a much more efficient and effective way to apply it. The spitzer sprays on nicely and very lightly. I then massage it into my skin. It can be used on the hair too but I don't like adding oil to my hair as it gets greasy enough as it is. I tend to apply this mainly to my arms and legs. My arms can get a little dry so I concentrate on my elbows quite a bit whilst applying this as that is where it is worse.

      It has a lovely, light floral smell which is really nice and reminds me of spring. It does feel oily, 60% of this is made up of 4 different oils so I wouldn't expect anything less, but it doesn't feel too much so. I've used other oils before that have left me feeling greasy but this isn't like that it seems much lighter.

      The different combinations of oils work towards helping get you lovely skin. Some help to stop you losing excess water from your skin others help to soften it.

      Has it worked? Well I like to think so yes! I don't use it on a daily basis so maybe I should but I do find that my skin feels nice and soft after using this. I find if I apply this at night then in the morning it seems to have done it's job as my skin does feeler softer and hopefully helps to keep my skin as young as possible.

      I really like this, the way you can spray it on is great as you don't really even need to rub it in if you are in a rush you can just give a quick spray and away you go!

      I am very pleased with this and have since bought more from them.


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        31.12.2013 15:46
        Very helpful



        Great multi purpose oil for bodies not engines!

        Caudalie Divine Oil

        I buy a lot of samples and get freebies through various different beauty sites that I write reviews for. My daughter also buys me subscriptions to different beauty boxes at different events such as mother's Day and birthdays during the year. I cannot remember where I got this from butas I recently finished it I thought I should review it.

        This is a rather unusual oil in that it can be used for many things. According to Caudalie this can be used on you face, body and even on your hair. You can apply it neat or pop it in the bath or use it to ask someone to give you a massage (chance would be a fine thing)

        I have recently had a few face oils from various sites and I use them all in the same way. The guys from lush told me that if you apply your oil, serum or even moisturiser after a spritz of your gentle toner then you use far less with the same result as it traps in the moisture as spreads more easily and evenly without dragging your skin at all.

        None of the face oils I have used have been cheap and this is no exception as it costs around £16 for 50ml . In fact this is cheaper than many of the others so in terms of value this is pretty good for an all round oil.

        According to Caudalie this oil:
        "Caudalie Divine Oil is a unique alchemy of exceptional oils (grape, argan, hibiscus and sesame) and to our patented anti-oxidant polyphenols "

        Using it on my face:

        I did exactly as I always do and applied a little after spraying with my lovely Lush toner. It left my face feeling soft and also not tight and in the minutes after the oil sank in and left my face not feeling greasy at all.

        On my body:

        Sadly no one offered to massage me so I did what I usually do with body oils and applied this as I got out of the shower or bath, I dripped off and dried myself a little and while still pretty damp I applied the oil to the dries parts of my body. This way I use a lot less as it traps in the moisture. I was a little more generous with my knees and legs as they seem to get very dry.

        I tended to do this at night so if any oil did get onto my clothes it was only night wear and it wouldn't matter too much. In the morning my skin felt nice and looked not at all parched.

        In the bath:
        I only did this once as it seemed a bit of a waste. It made the bath water quite pleasant and added a bit of a gentle scent but in truth I prefer bath melt for that kind of bath. It was okay but not terrible exciting or deeply scented.

        On my hair;

        I used this on my wet , towel dried hair as I do have quite dry hair. I like argan oil and have used a variety of hair oils. I found this made my hair feel soft and nice once dried but didn't add any scent like some do. It did a good job and I was happy to use it in this way.

        Cuticles and hands:
        I have my nails gelished once a month and so don't treat my hands to much in between but I do try and hand cream them and give my cuticles a bit of a treatment to keep them soft. I rubbed this oil into my cuticles every few days and it did keep them looking soft and supple. It also gave my hands a nice moisturising too as it spread as I rubbed it into my nails.

        I can't say what it smells of, it is pleasant and slightly sweet but very subtle. This is not one you would buy for its obvious scent and hence me not using it in the bath more than the once.

        Mine came in a glass bottle which is of course fully recyclable and also does not react with the oils inside as some plastics do but be very careful when using it on ceramic tiled floors as of course glass is breakable.


        Yes I would say it is a good all round oil and it is not a bad price compared to some others I have used. It seems to be a fairly natural based product though some ingredients have interesting names. The ingredients are all listed on websites so you can check for yourself.

        This is a good quality product. It kept my face and body well moisturised without being excessively greasy. It was great on my hands and knees too. I have had no adverse reaction after using it despite having sensitive skin.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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          19.06.2013 08:25
          Very helpful



          I loved this product and use it daily

          Receiving beauty items in a monthly subscription is possibly the highlight of my month and an event I look forward to. Since starting with Glossybox over a year ago I have been introduced to some new brands which I would never have tried or noticed even and Caudalie is one of those fabulous brands I have found. My hear soared when I saw a full sized Divine Oil in a recent box and I couldn't wait to get started with it.

          What is it?
          This is a multi tasking oil that can be used on the body, hair and face.

          In use
          I had a few sore bits around my nails so immediately used the product as a cuticle oil. As the bottle is a generous 15ml it will last a very long time used only in this capacity. I also added a few drops to a bath when I wasn't washing my hair (although it could be used on hair as well so it wouldn't matter) for the purpose of moisturising my skin and helping to fade a few stretch marks I've been left with after pregnancies. I've also used it directly on the skin, particularly arms and legs and it has been a consistent and long term moisturiser leaving my skin soft and lightly oiled without it being a problem for clothes transferal.

          A 50ml bottle costs £18 on the Look Fantastic website.

          My thoughts
          The only thing I haven't tried this with is hair, mainly because I don't really want to use a pure oil on my hair at the moment and I also have an Argan oil hair shampoo that I am using so I don't want to overload on oils. However, the main use has been on nails and for this purpose the product has worked a treat, nourishing both my nails and cuticles. I had a few sore bits (OK where I had been picking!) and the oil helped to heal them and also to stop me from further bothering the area. As a bath oil it is quite pleasant although there is a light fragrance it is not one I particularly pick up which is fine as I'm not really a fan of smelly bath oils.

          Final word
          I realise that this product may not be for everyone and may also be a step too far in the beauty regime. Oils seem to be very popular at the moment for hair and skin so it may be that Caudalie have hit the market at the right time with this product. If you are wondering whether Glossybox is something you might like to try, feel free to get in touch and I can give you some honest feedback on the boxes and their contents.

          I am a huge fan of this oil and think it is great value for money at the price above. The only criticism I have is that the glass bottle, whilst it looks lovely, is not ideal for using on the nail area as you are in risk of tipping out too much and wasting the product. A roller ball in the end (perhaps in a smaller sized bottle) would work well for the purpose of nails and direct application to skin.

          I have been delighted to discover this brand and product through the beauty box and it is one I would definitely consider repurchasing in the future if I ever get to the end of this bottle!


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        • Product Details

          Divine Oil / more than lives up to its saintly title / An elixir of life for dry, flaky skin; dull, lacklustre locks and spirits in need of uplifting, this golden oil restores both body and soul to a state of well-being / Perfect for a mood-enhancing morning bath, or relaxing massage at the end of the working week, the subtle scent of Moroccan and Bulgarian Roses, Pink Grapefruit and spicy Pink Pepper, helps banish the blues and leave your skin feeling velvety soft and cared for.