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Asda CD Micro System

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2013 16:00
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      A good little micro system

      I was giving this as a christmas present by my parents to go with the new ipod touch they had just bought me, about 3 years ago. It is sadly no longer available to buy from Asda. I believe at the time it was only about £30 on offer.

      The micro system features a clock, CD player, fm/mw radio as well as the reason it was bought for me, an iPod docking station. It also has a small remote that I had forgotten about and found for this review.

      The clock
      This is a nice blue lcd, it only comes on when the machine is switched off, so is a function I have never used as I keep it unplugged when not in use. The display when the system is switched on is used by the various functions.

      Cd Player
      This is compatible with CD, CD-R and CD-RW. Again it is a function I don't use a lot as we have another hifi player, when I first put it on I was surprised to hear christmas music blast out, which gives you an idea when I last used it :) My husband has borrowed the machine a few times to play CDs as it is quite portable (through size not design) and he has never had any problems. For the purposes of this review I have tried a few CD's both homemade compilations and shop bought ones and it plays them well, with good sound quality. It displays the number of songs on the blue lcd, and the number of which one is playing.

      Fm / MW Radio
      This has one of those thin wires you attach to something for the antenna, I find these quite annoying as I never know what to do with them, it's not like I'm going to attach it to a wall. The radio works well you search for a station pressing the button in for about 2 seconds, it then goes through until it finds a station and plays it, it displays the fm number on the blue lcd, but not the radio station name. The radio can be fine tuned with a short press of the buttons for forwards or back.

      The Docking station
      This being the reason it was bought for me, it's the main function I use. To use it with my second generation iPod you have to use the white plastic adaptor, that was supplied with it. It's quite simple, though a bit fiddly you remove any hard cover you have on the iPod, then wiggle the bottom part into the attachment until it clicks into place. This is fiddly as you have to get the right angle. Once the micro system is switched on, and the function set to iPod you select the music you want on the iPod itself, press play on the iPod and then adjust the volume on the micro system. Adjusting the volume on the player is ok or you can also adjust it with the remote (assuming unlike me you remember it exists :) ) It also charges the iPod whilst it is playing, which is handy.

      The Remote
      This is a small thin black remote with no branding on, so that if like me you are forgetful, it will live with your other remotes for years until you remember what it is for. It takes a small flat round battery, and is very good on battery power as despite being neglected, when I went to use it, it still worked. It controls the power, functions, volume and radio stations.

      Sound Quality
      Now I'm no expert when it comes to sound quality, but to me it sounds clear and comparable to most other players I have used. It's not the loudest player in the world and only goes up to a volume level of 32. I don't think it's the best sound quality, but for the price it sounds good.

      Size and looks
      I find this quite attractive, it is black plastic, but is quite modern looking and slim. It's dimensions are 22cm tall x 25 cm long with a depth of just under 15 cm.

      In conclusion
      This is a nice player and is very convenient for playing music from the iPod. The main reason I don't use it a lot is that I live in a downstairs flat with teenage neighbours upstairs, my other hifi is much louder. With the micro system playing I can still hear normal household noise from upstairs, with my other hifi when I take a strop if they are playing loud music / arguing / whatever, I can deafen the whole building (my other neighbours are deaf :) ), childish I know! Therefore I mostly play this when they are out.


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