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    1 Review
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      30.11.2012 23:07
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      excellent radio/cd player

      Bush Z-113-DX CD Micro System

      For my 21st birthday, my friend asked what I would like from her. I knew I wanted a small CD player, So I asked her if she could look around for one for me, Just something small I could keep in the kitchen. When I opened the present on my birthday, she had bought me the Bush Z-113-DX CD Micro System which she bought from argos for £24.99. It was the perfect size for sitting ontop of my kitchen cabinets. The main reason for me wanting this was when I am cooking, I want to be able to listen to some music as it gets quite quiet in the kitchen on your own, so something compact and small was perfect for doing that. I decided to set it up and check it out before I placed it on the cabinets.

      Setting it up:
      To set it up, I just needed to open the box and see the main CD player section and two speakers. The speakers needed plugging in to the back of the CD player and then when placed where you want it to go, they sit either side of the player. The CD goes into the top of the player and you lift the lid and place the CD inside then close it again. I found my favourite album and decided to test out how well the speakers worked. Sometimes cheaper CD players can sound like a speaker in a baked bean tin but I was thoroughly surprised with this player. The sound is excellent and is on par with high end CD players.

      I read the instructions to find out what features it had and to see what I could do with it. It has a built in radio and a tuning dial so you can listen to the radio if you prefer to. I tested the radio out and the signal from the wire ariel at the back of the box was excellent. I didn't need to stand there waving it around trying to get a good signal as it was such a good quality sound already. Tuning it into radio 1 was easy as the LCD screen lets you know which FM number you are tuning when doing it. The second dial on the player is the volume. It can go very loud and with a bass booster feature it will play all types of music really well.
      I placed the CD player where I wanted it to go, and put the speakers either side of the main box and it looked great. It was small and discreet and looked great sitting up on top of my kitchen cupboard. Only problem is, If I want to change the CD I have to stand on a chair!

      The design is basic yet very stylish. It looks great and looks expensive with it. The silver colour is dark and shiny and looks great against the black features and the LCD screen. The LCD is small and lights up a blue/green colour. It will tell you which track you are on with CDs and which radio station FM you are on with the Radio.

      How well it plays and works:
      The first CD I put inside the player was Zero 7. Their music is pretty chilled out and perfect for cooking in the kitchen. The sound was excellent. Zero 7 doesn't have huge bass or loud instruments so it sounded great coming through these speakers. The second CD I put inside was Elbow where in some of their songs, they have orchestras and others they have drums and bass. The sound was excellent on both genres of music and I am still completely happy with the sound a year and a half on.

      I feel this CD player would be excellent for anyone. It's basic front would be easy to navigate for people who aren't up to date with their technology knowledge and are looking for something easy, or for people who want something on a low budget. The price my friend paid was brilliant. The CD player on the argos website has 4/5 stars. This is a great rating for such a low priced item.
      This player doesn't accept MP3 cd's so if you are burning a CD to play in this player, make sure the songs aren't in MP3 format or it won't read the songs. I tried this before with an MP3 CD my dad had made for me with 3 albums on, but it just wouldn't read it.

      My views:
      I am very happy with this CD player. The functions on it are just what I needed with CD player and a radio. I didn't want something expensive or full of gadgets and buttons as I will be using it whilst cleaning or cooking and this player system has a small amount of buttons and it's been kept very simple.
      My friend said she read reviews before she chose the player as the price was a bit too good to be true and she said she reviews were what sold her on her purchasing it for me. I was really happy that she bought such a great CD player which didn't cost her the earth. I have since tried out lots of different genres of music on this player and it plays them all very well. I would definitely reccommend this player to everyone. It would be very good to purchase for children as it's not overly complicated for them to use and it wouldn't take up too much space around the room.

      My personal rating for this product would be 5/5 stars as I can't fault it anywhere and it's lasting me well. It's on once or twice a day and doesn't get upset with my constant changing on CD's or turning it on and off.
      Thanks for reading my review



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