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Kenwood DPF-2030

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2004 10:52
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      I own a Sony TA-FE 370 140w amplifier (reviewed here on dooyoo) which is excellent, and I was looking for a well-priced Hi-Fi separate CD player to go alongside it. I was excited when I found that a friend of mine was selling his. Turns out it was the Kenwood DPF-2030. >Value< ---------- The DPF-2030 is one of Kenwood's budget CD players, but it still offers good performance for the money. The unit is currently selling for around the ~£100 mark online, but I think it has been replaced by equivalent models now. Still, if you can spot one for a bargain price (like I did) then go for it! Bear in mind that, although you are paying a small premium for what is essentially a budget CD player, you are getting Kenwood's expertise and experience in manufacturing home audio products, which is priceless. I will tell you how much I got mine for at the end of the review...a bargain that will make you green with envy :) >Aesthetics (looks) and Ergonomics< ------------------------------------------- For starters, the player looks very smart. Like many of Kenwood's separates, this unit sports a minimalist look, rather than lots of glowing lights or shiny bits. The unit is fashioned entirely from black plastic, save for the silver Kenwood insignia and the simple, white font for the controls. Personally, I prefer this look in 'proper' hi-fi equipment, although some may feel the player looks a little bland. Still, this simple approach means that all buttons and necessary functions are laid out in an easy-to-access manner. All the neccessary CD playback controls, as well as the various playback modes (program, shuffle, etc) are included on the facia. Other functions, however, such as volume adjustment (the CD
      ; player has its own volume control, which saves fiddling with the amplifier) are conducted using the included IR remote control. This control uses a similar minimalist approach, which although perhaps a little bland serves to give excellent usability. Additionally, the remote is very nice and compact, which is refreshing compared to the bulky slab-like remotes dished out by some other companies. Finally, we come to the display. Although more expensive models may feature flashy back-lit LCD displays, this player sports a simple light blue digital display (like an alarm clock) on a black background. However, I find this type of display offers excellent readability, even from the other side of the room, and is very functional. >Ease of Use< ----------------- As already stated, the controls on both the unit and the remote are laid out in an extremely logical and convenient manner. Therefore, for anyone who has used a CD player before (who hasn't?) it should be a doddle. There are a few advanced options, but these are covered adequately in the instructions and should not prove any problem. This is one of the most easy-to-use electronic devices I have ever encountered. In day to day use, the minimalist approach is definitely preferable to flashy extras. >Connectivity< ------------------ As far as connectivity goes, the unit also sports a Digital Optical connection, as well as the standard phono connectors. This is great for anyone who has a spare Digital Optical input on their amplifier - and is especially good for anyone with a minidisc recorder who wants to back up their music in perfect digital quality. Minidisk recorders often use this type of connection - so this is a useful feature for those of you that own one = although you may have to by the cable separately. >Sound Quali
      ty< -------------------- Sound quality through my Sony amplifier is very good, as would be expected from Kenwood equipment. Anyone migrating from a simple mid-range 'one piece' Hi-Fi to seperates will not be dissapointed. However, you get what you pay for with Hi-Fi equipment, and this unit will obviously be trounced by more expensive kit (like my grandad's Denon). Bass response is good, although high frequencies can tend to sound a little harsh and brittle sometimes. Audiophiles with money to burn should no doubt look elsewhere, but for those looking for a great unit on a budget, you cannot go wrong here. I am a discerning listener (a guitarist and music student) and with my restricted funds I am very happy with this purchase. >Overall< ------------ Overall, this unit is a great all-rounder. It looks smart and sleek in black, it offers great value for money (at £100 for a Kenwood HiFi separate); AND it is easy to use with a simple and compact remote. Finally and most importantly, this unit offers good sound for the price. All this from a respected name in home audio. Highly recommended :) Dave. PS I got mine in perfect condition, with a very good OxygenFreeCopper phono cable for £30 from a friend :) The cable was worth £20...


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