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    1 Review
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      02.10.2011 21:01
      Very helpful



      A good CD player

      I have to say, I'd never heard of the Onkyo DX 7355 before, until my husband moved one into our home some time ago, they're certainly not a well known brand. He's a sound engineer, and I have an interest in audio having worked previously in the industry. And I have to say - I don't think it's a bad little player for it's time.

      The Onkyo DX 7355 is silver in colour though it is plastic rather than metal and is on the larger size at 43 x 31 x 8 cm. It has rubber feet for stacking and is a front loader so you can mid stack it (unlike my much older Sony which is a top loader, you don't see many of those around!) The Onkyo comes complete with a decent white plastic remote control which seems to have a decent range, I can work it from across a very long room!

      The CD player will, and unusually for an older player, play written MP3 CDs without a hitch and the quality though my cheapish speakers is decent. You can play a CD through, shuffle tracks, or even program it, so you can just play your favourites from a selected CD (great for dinner parties so you don't have to keep getting up). In terms of the volume - well I've never had it at 'full whack', don't want to annoy the neighbours, but you won't be disappointed. The quality is very good, no loss, and other than a head clean every 6 months or so it requires nothing other than a dust, my husband never needed to use the 3 years warranty he had.

      It has a standard 14 watt power connector and there is no annoying buzz from the unit as sometimes you can get with the more obscure / cheaper brands.

      It has four ports on the back: -

      Line Out
      RCA Phono
      TOS Link
      2 x Remote

      and one on the front, a standard 6.25 jack headphone port which works well.

      I haven't seen this brand in the shops so it is something you'd need to buy online - currently you can buy it in black for £135.99. Would I recommend it at this price? Well to be honest it's not got any stand out features that would make me recommend this brand over say a Teac or a Pioneer, they all hang around the £110 - £140 price range and they are all very similar in terms of results so I'd say yes it is a good buy but not worth specifically hunting out for - there are lots of lower end decent quality CD players out there around the same price that give much the same results.

      This is a decent spec CD player which looks good, and sounds good. What more could you ask for?


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