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Dewalt DC390N

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Manufacturer: Dewalt / Product Type: Circular Saws

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    1 Review
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      28.06.2012 18:01
      Very helpful



      It could almost be mistaken for a bacon slicer... but you can't use it as one... trust me

      I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to finding quality tools that can help me in my DIY jobs, making what could be a tricky job as simple as breathing.
      But finding the right tool is a bit of a task in itself, as I well know as I've bought both good and bad tools during my DIY life, with some tools costing the earth and being as reliable as a politicians promise, whilst some cheaper, pound shop type tools have lasted longer than they should have really.
      But when it comes to power tools I have learnt a lesson after having many many things go wrong with certain power tools I have used, leaving me sometimes having to do more work than I originally started with.
      So, I now tend to spend that few extra pounds, seeing it more of an investment than a purchase, if you know what I mean.

      One particular power tool that I bought, nay, invested in was an electric saw that can be recognised by the colour of the tool before you actually see the name, that colour being Yellow and Black with the name being...

      So what does this one look like then..?

      Well, as I said, it's the usual yellow and black DeWalt colouring so that you know exactly what brand this is.
      The handle is at the top of the machine with the trigger being well situated for the trigger finger to get at, with the lock switch being in easy reach of the thumb.
      Then, in front of the handle, the there's the second handle which his used more for steadying the saw on those longer cuts.
      The battery slots into the back of the unit, behind the handle, sort of, well out of reach of any moving parts so that it can't get damaged .
      The motor is on the left, below the handles, so that even when it does get a little on the hot side the heat create goes no where near your hands.
      It has a dust extractor nozzle sat above the blade itself which, when you attach a hose to it, will take away all the debris created by the blade as it cuts through it's victim, (I mean work).

      Is it up to the Job..?

      In one word, yes, without a doubt... hang on, that's more than one word...
      Anyway, it cuts through most material without hesitation, although this depends on the blade and the material in question. What I mean by that is that you may struggle cutting through a sheet of wood if the blades teeth are as blunt as Jame's voice.
      But put in a sharp blade and you'll be flying away, but do be careful on landing.
      The motor is a 390 watt beasts which is quite remarkably powerful considering it runs off an 18 volt battery.
      It's a good size, being 406mm long by 260mm high and 120mm wide, (although the width is extendable), and as it weighs in at a 'manly' 4.2kg.

      It has a load speed of 3700 rpm which spins the 165mm diameter blade fast enough to rip through most material with no trouble at all.
      It has a maximum cutting depth of 55mm on a normal upright cut and 42mm on a 45° angle, (although it can angle to 50°) there's very little cutting this one can't do.

      The motor is fan cooled so that when it's doing what it's supposed to be doing it should never over heat, and for additional safety it offers an electronic brake system for faster stopping.
      The shoe itself if sturdy, made of what they like to boast to be magnesium, and the bevel itself is adjusted via a keyless motion and as the

      What else do you get with this saw then..?

      You get a hex key with this so that you can change the position of the blade and also the blade itself. Plus, you get a 165mm carbide blade to get you started.
      And that's all you need to get cutting.

      Are there any safety features..?

      The main one is that the blade has a semi circular guard covering the top, with a movable guard below it so that the blade is only exposed when it is actually cutting through something, which protects the user from accidents.
      Another features, as I have mentioned, is the braking system which brings the blade to a stop quicker than many other circular saws on the market.
      Then there's the dust extraction filtration connector, although I don't know if that can be classed as a safety feature.

      My opinion...

      For me this is a cracking investment and a tool that I have used many times since getting my hands on it. I've used it on jobs such as decking, flooring, post cutting, fence slicing and much more, in fact, if I think it needs cutting then this is the tool I'll reach for, and as it's a bright yellow colour it's easy to spot too.

      The power to weight ratio is remarkable, weighing in at almost next to nothing so that I don't struggle with it in one hand, knowing that it has the power to rip through what ever I put in front of it. Then, for extra stability, there's the second handle on the front, just in case my one hand starts to ache a little.

      I particularly like the way the blade covers slowly pushes back, revealing the spinning teeth of the blade itself, as I push it into the material I've cutting, making the saw look and feel as safe to use as a fountain pen. Although I do advice that when using this, and any other power tool, show them some respect as one wrong, silly move and you could be cutting through more than that sheet of wood.

      I also like the easy way that you get it to cut at angles, being a matter of pulling a plastic 'lever', which frees up the 'shoe', then push the 'lever' back into position... job done, and there's a few angles to choose from. And even though the plastic lever is, well, plastic, it doesn't suddenly release the shoe so that the saw moves of target, possibly putting you in danger.

      As I mentioned you can use this with either one hand or two, depending on the severity of the material you're cutting, but what ever you choose your hands are well away from the blade so there's no danger losing a digit or two.

      So, know for the price of this saw that makes all other saws look like butter knives... almost. Well, it's not cheap, selling around the £100 - £120 region, but fro me it's money well spent, especially if you have a lot of sheet cutting to do.

      In all, if it's a straight cut you want over and over and over again then it's a circular saw you want, and this one is well worth looking at as it is not only powerful and easy to use, it is also robust and almost a joy to use.

      I have seen many places, especially online, selling this product for around £80.00, but please be aware that many of these saws at this prices are sold without the battery, or a bare unit as it is technically called, so do check the small print before thinking that 80 quid is a bargain.
      The batteries themselves can be bought for around the £35.00 region in some places if you do get a Bare unit

      ©Blissman70 2012


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  • Product Details

    Powerful Dewalt fan cooled motor with replaceable brushes delivers up to 3700 rotation per minute for fast cutting action Ultra thin kerf 165 mm, 16 tooth carbide tipped blade allows for efficient run-time and fast, smooth cut finish at maximum 55 mm depth of cut Extremely durable design offering a cast magnesium shoe and full metal guarding to withstand rough job site conditions Keyless bevel angle and depth of cut adjustment with easy to read scale for maximum cordless versatility Handle s

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