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JML Exakt Saw

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Brand: JML / Product Type: Other Powersaws

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    3 Reviews
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      06.01.2012 15:47
      Very helpful



      Excellent for small DIY projects around the home and model making

      Recently my husband bought an Exakt Saw and this is his reveiw.
      For the past 15 years I have been making dolls houses and am always on the look out for small tools that will cut wood for me. When I first saw the advert for the Exakt Saw I thought was this yet another tool I would buy only to find that it did not deliver. I bit the bullet and bought it and was very suprised. It did every thing the advert said.
      I only really needed it for wood and MDF but i have also cut tiles and small bolts.
      On wood it's great it cuts very easily and to a very precise depth.

      For new buyers I would like to point out that the saw is very powerful and when you start it up it does kick in your hands so you have to hold it very firm to the wood. Also there are two switches you have to depress or push in in order to cut and until you get used to it it can be awkward.

      I think that the saw would be better if it had a soft start so it would give you time to control it before you cut. Also speed control as is on a router so that you can use different speeds for different materials.

      A notch at the back end would also be handy so that it would slot into the cut and steady the rear of the saw so that you can concentrate on keeping the front of the saw on the line.

      As I have said there are two switches, one to start the saw and another to allow you to depress it into the wood. This is awkward to opperate especially when you are plunging down into wood so if this could be adressed then it would make this tool a stunner.

      Even though these points might prove a problem until you get used to them I would still recomend to anyone who does DIY to get this saw.

      To finish I have also used this saw to cut out mortice and tennon joints on small projects.


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      29.10.2011 14:48
      Very helpful



      Over all a handy little tool for some jobs

      Exact saw
      This is a very handy tool for certain diy projects.
      There are three blades that came with the one I bought, metal/plastic, wood and one for tiles.
      The blades are very easy to change.

      The tile blade came in very handy for cutting curves in stone tiles which can prove difficult with a normal electric tile cutter. This one I found the most useful.
      Each blade cuts a depth of 12mm. The only problem is most of the materials that I work with are around 15mm up to 25mm thick.
      However I Recently used the wood blade on a sheet of 12mm mdf and it cut the panel with ease. I needed to make some boxing in around some pipe work. Its times like this that the exakt saw comes in very handy, as I'd usually use a circular saw which is much bigger, and not as easy to use as the exakt saw.

      It also came with a v shaped plastic device/guide that will help you to cut through pipes. The pipe sits into the v shaped plastic device to guide the cutter.

      Reason for purchasing was to cut a flimsy plastic bath panel, which it did quite a good job. The only thing is the metal/plastic bit that I used was covered in melted plastic by the end. The next job I had to do was to cut an aluminium chimney .The metal blade could not cut through the 1-2 mm aluminium that I was trying to cut and it will not cut through some other metals. This was possibly due to the plastic that was attached to it from cutting the bath panel.

      I usually use professional tools which are very robust and last for years. I don't think the exakt saw is a really robust tool .I'm concerned it may break after allot of use.
      When cutting a hole out of a timber panel it's difficult to see where to stop cutting, as it has a guard that covers the blade for safety. This is a bit annoying as you have to keep stopping to see where you have got to.
      On the plus side this saw will be fantastic for certain jobs such as flooring (up to 12mm thick). And also tiles.

      Where to buy and price.

      I bought the exakt saw direct from jml for £89. I think it has come down in price now so check it out. Ive also seen it in markets for allot less.
      The tool Came with a case (that I paid extra for) which came in a very nice looking chrome finish. The problem is it didn't fit all the contents in, such as the hose for vacuum extraction.
      Over all a handy little tool for the tool collection but I don't think its practical for all the jobs its meant for as its quicker to just get out a hand saw for certain jobs.


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      20.10.2009 20:22
      Very helpful



      The saw that will make all other saws obsolete

      I have been going through a few of my tools lately, reviewing a handful of them as I go, so I when I came across this particular tool I wanted to tell the world, or at least those who read on this site, all about it.
      The tool in question is, in my opinion, a must for all DIYers, or even if you're in the trade, and is one genius invention which has changed the world of sawing for ever. The name of this brilliant piece of equipment is in fact the JML 'Exakt' saw, and when they say 'Exakt' they really mean exact.

      This saw almost makes most other saws obsolete, giving a straighter cut than a jigsaw, a more precise cut than a circular saw and a quicker cut than the good old handsaw.
      The 'Exakt' saw is designed to be safe and very very versatile, giving the user 4000 rpm of power which will cut through most materials up to a depth of 12mm, such as wood, tiles, plastic, slate, metal and even laminate flooring (dependant of blade fitted). The bonus of the 'Exakt' saw being that you can cut the material whilst it is in position as the saw has a remarkably precise depth guide, thus eliminating the error of cutting to deep or to shallow.

      The boffins who thought of the 'Exakt' saw really concentrated on safety as they sat around the table tapping their pencils in unison, coming up with the most ingenious safety guard I have seen in a long time on such a small device, the spinning blade will only come into sight when the guard is pressed down onto the cutting surface which stops any chance of fingers becoming entangled in the teeth of the blade.
      Then, to protect your eyes and lungs from excess dust particles, there is an added bonus of a rather brilliant dust extractor hose which connects to almost any vacuum cleaner.

      Apart from the 'Exakt' saw you also get...

      3 patented cutting blades,
      * A diamond-edge blade for tiles and ceramics.
      * A 60 tooth HSS blade for laminate flooring, plastics and thin metals such as aluminium.
      * 18 tooth TCT blade for wood, such as ply, chipboard and Medium density fibre (MDF).

      The spare blades themselves can cost around £16.00 each but as they can tend to last for quite some time it is money well spent.

      You also get...
      * A couple of 'allen' keys to change the blades
      * An extraction hose which will fit into most vacuum cleaners.

      And all this comes in a rigid grey case which everything fits snugly into, the hose circling around the saw like a snake protecting its eggs.

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      It may not look like an attractive piece of art, with its green body and black patches, but then again it is not supposed to be a fashion accessory, more a useful tool.
      The little black knob on the top sets the depth guide whilst the square black base helps slide the well guarded blade in a perfectly straight line.

      I have used this for so many time in the short period I have actually owned it and I do feel that I have had my monies worth at least twice over.
      The jobs I have tackled with this little green box of magic have been numerous, including the usual cutting of wood, metal and rigid plastics, up to some fine cutting on laminate flooring, even whilst the flooring is in position as the depth guide is so precise. And with this little beauty leaving the finished cut with very little 'burr', (rough edges after cutting), so the finished product needs little after care before fitting into position.
      I have even used the 'Exakt' saw for removing old grout around tiles and I was very happy with the ease and the cleanliness of how the job went, especially as I had attached the hose to my vacuum, taking away the dust even before it had a chance to fall from between the tiles.

      Even though the saw looks a bit of a weird looking shape, being a little on the square side, the handle fits quite comfortably in your hand, allowing you to make a cut with the minimum of effort, the black box protecting the spinning blade does its job with some brilliance, saving any finger losing accidents.

      Changing the blades is so simple, using the easy to follow instructions and the 'allen keys' (which are supplied), and after a few changes you'll be able to do it blind folded, although I wouldn't recommend it.

      Personally, I am amazed just how much time I have saved when using this brilliant saw, I no longer have to cart that piece of wood into another room to place onto my worktop before finding a hand saw to cut it to size. I can now cut that piece of wood 'on site' so to speak, using the depth guard to avoid any mistakes.
      But the main time saver is the clever little hose which can be attached to almost any vacuum cleaner by the 'pyramid' type bung on the end, this saves a lot of time at the end of a job as you don't have to clean all them little pieces of dust and mess up.

      In all, a rather ingenious little invention which has to be one of the safest saws on the market to date. Its ability to cut most material with ease, leaving such a neat and tidy finish is so impressive that you'll no doubt be using the 'Exakt' saw for ALL your DIY jobs around the home. (Although maybe not to hammer a nail into a wall...).
      And with the three blades supplied this saw will soon become the only one you'll ever need.

      The price for the 'Exakt' saw is around the £90.00 region, but for this you get a few extras and you will soon realise that it is money well spent.


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    • Product Details

      Includes: 3 patented cutting blades / carry case

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