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Manufacturer: Kity / Product Type: Table Saws

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2014 22:06
      Very helpful



      Great Table Saw

      Having worked as a professional with circular saws, I looked for a reasonable priced basic saw for my home workshop when I retired. Having read numerous reviews I opted for thi one. It arrived swiftly and took little time to assemble, however time spent fine tuning the fence and rift knife improves performance. At the end of the day it is basically a motor with a blade attached mounted in a case. It does the jobs well enough and the motor has coped with everything I've thrown at so far. The case and fittings are also reasonable quality. Great for DIY and home workshop use.The guides have a small amount of play, this can lead to cuts very slightly off the angle you were expecting, which means when you're creating joins in wood and expecting for example a 90 degree corner, it could be a touch off

      There is only one groove either side of the blade for guiding the sliding mitre fence. The mitre fence itself however can be adjusted to move it more left or right but I find you have to have it either extreme left or extreme right depending which side of the blade you're on or it will run straight into the blade. I think it would be more useful to have a second set of grooves to allow you to move it a bit further out.

      The blade guard is very good, and reveals very little of the blade itself, but it can be a little cumbersome to use particularly when using the blade at an angle. On occasion I've found myself removing it in this circumstance as it won't lift properly when sliding the wood towards the blade

      When cutting wood along the length so that you are still feeding the wood as the first part of it reaches the rear of the blade, sometimes it catches on the riving knife at and comes to a stop. The automatic reaction is to apply a bit of force to move it on which is a very bad idea when feeding wood into the blade, so instead you have to manoeuvre it slightly until it moves again, but this in itself can result in slight notches in the wood where it's sitting against the edge of the blade when you move it
      Great table saw for home projects, would recommend it if you're thinking of getting something like this and don't need to cut anything over 73mm.


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  • Product Details

    Superior cast iron saw table for professional and serious woodworkers / Cuts standard and heavy timber secions with ease and handles large sheet materials with no loss of accuracy / Features 4100rpm rotation speed and rip fence with micro-adjustment and magnifier / Blade tilts by means of wheels with precise 0-45 graduation / Features: 2.5kW / 3.5hp Induction Motor; Steel & Cast Iron Construction; Max. Cut Depth 90mm at 90° 1400mm Max. X Cut Capacity; 890mm Max. Cutting Width; 40-Tooth TCT Blade; Blade Brake; Dust Extraction Facility; Fine-Adjust Parallel Fence; Mitre Fence / Specifications: Disc diameter 280mm x 30mm bore / Bevel cuts 0-45 / Overall length 1000mm / Weight 160kg.

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