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McCulloch 338

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Brand: McCulloch / Fuel Type: Petrol

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2007 18:02
      Very helpful



      Good lightweight chainsaw for light to medium garden and field work

      I bought my new chainsaw in May...and then it started to rain...until August, isn't the British Summer fun :o)

      Anyway, I'd been considering buying a chainsaw for quite some time, several years in fact, we have wood burning open fires at home, and as a Medieval reenactor we go through loads of wood duringthe season. A chainsaw would allow me to process trees and branches into fuel.

      I was after something portable, so not electric, something lightweight, and something not too expensive.

      After deciding in May to finally buy one I went on a search of the local Garden Centres and came accross the McCulloch 338 Petrol Chainsaw, made by Electrolux.

      ~~Technical Specification~~

      ~ Engine
      Capacity 38cc
      Stroke 32mm
      Idle Speed 3000rpm
      Max speed 13000rpm
      Power 1.6kW (2.15hp)

      ~ Ignition
      Manufacturer Walboro
      Type of ignition CD
      Spark plug Champion
      Electrode Gap 5mm

      Unleaded Petrol mixed 40:1 with 2-stroke engine oil
      Capacty 0.38 litres

      Max 111DbA (as loud as a very loud Nightclub get those earplugs in!!!)

      4.7Kg (trust me that is very light for a chainsaw)

      ~Chain Bar
      Length 14" (36cm)

      As with all chainsaws it is essential to wear full protective equpment, and be aware of others around you. You should wear

      Safety Hard Hat with Face shield
      Safety Googles
      Ear plugs/Ear Defenders
      Snug Tight Fitting Clothing
      Safety Footware with steel toecaps and non-slip soles.
      Heavy Duty Rigger Gloves
      Leg Chaps

      NOne of these are supplied withthe saw, and it would be very unusual for a saw to come with them...you may be lucky though if the retailer has an offer on.

      You should ensure that no-one, or any animals is within 10 metres of you when you work.

      And if you haven't used a chainsaw before, get trained in how to use one first. Luckily for me I am already trained.

      It is essential to plan your work in advance, and to not be fatigued in anyway when using a chainsaw.

      ~~My Experience~~

      Well I chose this particular Chainsaw in the end based against several other similar models on it's light weight, because I suffer from Arthritis, and so even when using the saw it will only be for a short period. I will be training my wife to use it.

      Fuelling the Saw is simple, Mix the Petrol (kept in a plastic container fit for fuel storage) with the 2 stroke oil in a ratio of 40:1, in a seprate container, and pour into the fuel tank of the saw, just a simple screw cap for the fuel tank on the side of the saw.

      Starting the Saw requires the carburetor to be primed, there is a simple to operate priming button, that has to be pressed 6 times for this purpose, then on full choke the starting handle is pulled 5 times, the choke is put back to halfway, and a single pul starts the saws engine.

      Once the saw engine is running you start the chain , by depressing the twin Trigger system on the handle, and off you go...In my case it was used to take down a pear tree of about 8" diameter trunk, having removed all the smaller branched by hand, it went throught the wood of the trunk quickly and smoothly and the tree was down using a 3 cut method in about 20 seconds.

      3 cut method is to cut a wedge on the side you want the tree to fall about 1/3 of the way throughthe trunk, follwed by a single straight cut parallel to the ground to the apex of the wedge, this ensures control of the direction the tree will fall.

      I then used the sawe to make short work of cutting the trunk into managable logs it's light weight makes this very easy and the integral toohed grip at the base of the blade ensures a good true cut.

      shutting down the saw is simply done by flicking the fuel cut-off switch to the off position.

      When stored the saw comes with a Blade cover to prevent accidental injury or damage.

      I paid £129.99 for the saw at Homebase but it is available widely from many stores.


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    • Product Details

      Bar Length: 14in

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