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Ryobi RCS-4450C 50cm

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Brand: Ryobi / Fuel Type: Petrol

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2011 22:52
      Very helpful



      Macho time!

      In our back garden we have a huge hollybush that had to go. It sits meanly in the middle of the hedge its slowly sucking the life out of. The hedge separates our gardens and the Holly tree blocks out the sunlight to the patio, ours and next doors. As soon as the new people moved in they wanted it gone, not just for the sun block but the irritant of the prickly holly leaves everywhere, always a prick in your heel waiting for you if you get the washing in wearing your socks. If is not the slugs going squelch it's your foot going yelp!

      Now we all know about the curse of the Leylandii trees and the taller they are the more your neighbours seem to not want to know you. We had noticed they hadn't cut their side of the hedge to leave this Mohican effect and so maybe they didn't approve of us. So to stop any risk of that nonsense with our neighbours we agreed to go halves on a chainsaw and get stuck in to the Holly tree. This is a 20ft tree and so very hard work to take it on with a normal wood saw, let alone the time spent picking spikes out of your eyeballs! We could have hired a chainsaw but we have a spinney of pine trees that run the length of the road in the top of our back gardens and they are edging their sell by dates, one falling over every year, and so needed to buy a new chainsaw this summer. Pines die of old age and become very brittle and one good October storm and they crash down, usually through our shed roofs. You need one of these for some Leatherface husbandry to make sure they don't.

      I'm afraid this style of blade is one for the boys, and tough ones at that, hard on the forearms weighing in at six kilograms. How long can you hold three bags of sugar before your arm slackens? And if your arm does a blade like this will slice through it. These are very dangerous things and designed to cut through anything they touch and so you have to be careful and so that means the correct guards on the model. The Front and rear guards are critical and so kit like the Ryobi RCS is what you should be buying. It's a petrol saw and the reasons for preferring that method are practical. One: they are more powerful than electrical cutters and the bigger the CC (450cc here) of the engine the larger and harder the trunk and branches you can tackle and get through - and quicker. Blades can get hot cutting all day and if you have more power the job is done quicker and so less ware on the chain and blade. The second reason is most trees and shrubs are nowhere near a plug or power source. You would look very silly with 400m of flex on it.

      So, with goggles on and protective gloves in place I was first up for my Leatherface moment, tearing into the holly tree outer branches, not a good idea. Chainsaws are designed to cut chunky stuff and so shrubbery quickly gets in the chainsaws teeth like spinach does after an expensive meal. So I deployed my new Bosch trimmer I reviewed last week to give the Holly tree a haircut so to be able to get into the branches and the target trunk. Once that was done I pulled the string and away we went, taking out the bigger trunk branches like tapping icicles from the house roof. Once you have the stump in sight the chainsaw is proper tested. Its best to secure you ladder when you are up the tree as it really is hard on the arms and you will also need to rest your arm every few minutes. Make sure there is no one below when you swing the saw down and NEVER rest it in the tree. If it falls that chain blade will do serious damage, whether it's running or not. You can buy special braces to hang them off branches safely.

      It cuts through branches nicely and the blade didn't feel like it was 'grabbing' and ran smoothly, cutting through the smaller branches quickly with just a kiss of the blade. We then cut the trunk away from top to bottom and again it did most of the work for us. The drier wood trees would not stand a chance against this baby and much easier to cut than a younger growing tree. The sap is the thing that makes tree cutting tricky. Pines have a lot of that and they scream when you tear into them.

      So with the shirt off and my muscle rippling in this glorious weather the tree has now gone and the sun is back on our yard, a BBQ to celebrate to which you were all invited but I forget to invite you so I drank all your booze. As there were other old branches from the pines to be chopped up while the blade was running we now have tons of wood for November 5th and no doubt a couple of hundred quid's worth of Holly for the florists.

      On the whole these things are good value for their £ 80-100 asking price and as safe as they can be for the kit you have purchased. Your petrol is not too expensive and if you are short you can always siphon of your next door neighbors 4 Star. The tank isn't that big as you would imagine so best to just keep it half-full to keep the weight down whilst you cut and so keep a jerry can full in the garage to top it up.
      Maintenance wise the chain will need replacing although I have no idea when from new. You also have to keep this as oiled as you would a bicycle chain. As you rarely use them they tend to rust in damp sheds all alone so wrap it up warm with a cloth to keep the spiders out. Noise wise they are all about the same and the petrol smell is not too overpowering and so you hopefully won't keel over and fall out of the tree for a gruesome death, Final Destination style.


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    • Product Details

      Powerful Chainsaw for home garden use with a wide range of features including full crank engine, ignition module, primer bulb, choke system and fast acting inertia chain brake / Also includes 'Zip Start' recoil system, reducing engine compression to minimise the effort usually required to start machines with 'rope pull' recoil system

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