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Uni Garden BG45.18

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Manufacturer: Uni Garden / Product Type: Chainsaws

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    1 Review
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      01.03.2012 18:10
      Very helpful



      A great Saw that gets the job done with minimum fuss!

      With the New Year now well underway, I decided it was about time I got rid of some dead and untidy trees that have been living at the end of my garden for some time. Knowing that I had my work cut out for me and not prepared to pay somebody to do it for me when I could do it myself, I looked around for the best price for a decent saw I could use to chop up and take down the trees without making too much more work for me. After much research, this was the saw I settled on....

      The Uni Garden Saw is a lightweight model of Chainsaw that weighs in at only 5kg or thereabouts and has a comfortable grip that is essential when handling such a powerful and dangerous peice of equipment. At a cool £199, buying this also won't break the bank!

      It has a 45.9 cc engine and comes equipped with a fuel-primer that means even when it's cold, starting this baby up causes no problem. This is an advantage because I remember my dad's old Chainsaw he used to use for his garden many years back could always be a pain in the bottom to start once the winter started setting in. Another great modern addition to this handy model of Chainsaw is an electronic ignition meaning that there is no starter-rope to be wrestling with. This again makes life much easier though anybody wanting to re-enact The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (not recommended by the way ~ a Chainsaw is NOT a toy!!!!) may feel a little disappointed!

      Of course, when using a chainsaw saftey is paramount so one thing you will have to figure into your budget when considering buying this is all the proper safety equipment that goes with it such as Gloves, Goggles and a safety helmet and there are cheaper models out there that may be more appropriate to your budget. But what you get here is a good quality piece of kit that will certainly last you and does its job perfectly well so really there is no alternative if you are looking to get good value for money!

      Just remember: Safety comes first so if you have no experience of handling this sort of equipment then you should probably leave any tree-felling etc to the professionals or at the very least make sure you have all the right safety equipment nessecary before you start but if you know what you are doing, you can't go far wrong with this very tasty model!


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    • Product Details

      The Uni Garden BG45.18 offers huge amounts of power, outstanding build-quality and very easy handling, all at an incredibly low price / Its high-performance 45.9cc (2.54hp) engine is equipped with a fuel-primer, which makes it easy to start from cold; while an electronic ignition means you won't have to wrestle with a starter-rope to get the saw going / Great for lopping larger branches and medium-scale felling, this easy to use machine weighs just 5.1kg.

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