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Morrisons Nappy Bags

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Nappy Disposal / Type: Changing Bags

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    2 Reviews
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      19.09.2012 13:09
      Very helpful
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      Great for picking up puppy mess.

      Another baby based review, despite the fact that my youngest is 12, I have started to buy nappy bags again as I have a puppy who leaves me interesting parcels to clean up each day.

      I spotted these nappy bags in Morrisons for the super cheap price of 12p, I promptly threw them in my basket with nothing to lose, and I planned on reviewing them and gaining back my 12p plus a little bit extra.

      The nappy bags come in a small, white, plastic packet with a purple cow on the front; they look quite cheerful for the cheap price. The packet contains 100 bags and again the packaging is not recyclable, tut tut Morisons, on the back of the pack we are given directions for traditional use, to place soiled nappy and wipes in bag, tie handles and dispose of with household waste. As with all plastics they must be kept away from babies, small children and pets due to the danger of suffocation, the bags are fragranced so pose a small risk for allergic reactions and use should be discontinued if this occurs. The bags should not be used for carrying food.

      The plastic packet has a small perforated section for easier opening, I did not notice that bit till I had torn a hole into the packaging, oh well.

      The bags are a very pale blue and extremely thin, the bags are about the size of a small sandwich bag and have two handles for tying once the bag has been used. The scent of the bags is quite floral and powdery, not a particularly nice smell, but not an offensive one either. The bags open like traditional plastic bags, just rub the top together till it crinkles and pull apart.

      I personally use these little bags for picking up and disposing of my puppies' daily parcels, and I happily pop a few in my pocket before setting off for a walk. As the bags are very thin they do not really shield me from the squishy warmth of what my dog can do, but they prevent it from getting on my hands and enable me to pick it up and carry it to the nearest dog poo bin.

      Due to the thin nature of the nappy bags I would not happily recommend them for picking up anything larger than a puppy's or small dogs mess, I don't think they would be large enough or strong enough or anything bigger. There are bags specifically made for the task of cleaning up dog mess and I would advise these for larger dogs.

      Would I use these for disposing of nappies? Only if I were at home and knew I could put the bag straight into my wheelie bin, I would not trust them on a day out where I may have to cart used nappies around with me in a changing bag. Would I buy these again for puppy poop? Yes, they are good enough and for 12p I am happy.

      Thank you for reading.


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        17.03.2009 11:48
        Very helpful



        A great product to store in case of emergencies!

        Of late I have wrote a few reviews to do with baby products. Having no babies you could be left wondering what do I know? Well enough to put me off having kids for sure lol. The main offending reason is because I'm sure I'm allergic to nappy times! I hate it with such a passion lol.

        My friend of late has needed me to take her little un's off her hands to help her out. I'm woken up by her pelting hell out of my front door with 2 kids under 2 kicking off and her saying I won't be long I promise I gotta nip into work or something lol I love the children so it isn't a problem and we got a little routine going on now!

        She does supply everything her kids need of course and as most of you Mothers are is very organised indeed to be fair! Me, I'm a dab hand now at taking care of them too! However after a day of looking after them last week I dumped dirty disposable nappies in the bin and thought nothing of it. Till my Mum moaned like hell at the smell! I never thought about that and for a week we had to put up with out wheelie bin smelling of manure! So when me and my Mum was out shopping in Morrisons and I saw these nappy bags priced at 25p for 100 of them and it seemed a good solution to get some stocked in my home for in the future!

        The Packaging....

        The nappy bags come in a flat turquoise and white plastic bag. On the front in yellow and black writing there is a Morrison's branding (The M in the square) and then I am told they are Bettabuy '100 Nappy Bags'. On the back (all in black writing) I'm told the size per bag (285 x 310mm including handles), directions for use are given, warnings are listed, contact details for Morrisons are given, and finally there is a bar-code on there. Economy packaging this is but it's ok and looks functional enough!

        Directions For Use....

        Place soiled nappy in the bag with any wipes or cotton wool. Tie handles together and dispose of with normal household waste. Do not flush down the toilet.


        To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this product away from babies, children and pets.
        This product contains a fragrance. If any allergic reaction develops, discontinue use. Do not use for carrying food.

        Using Them....

        Well the outer bag is opened at the top with a perforated line. Problem here is though you always seem to pull more than one bag out at a time so have one scruffy one poking out the top! Also the bag isn't reseable so if you shove them in say a baby bag these may fragrance other items you keep in there or get dirty and bits on them!

        The bags themselves are quite thin and not robust so when using them you do have to be gentle and watch what your fingernails are doing (not that I'm sure you Mothers have long talons lol). They are almost see through, light green with lots of tiny dots integrated into the plastic. The bag forms the most part of the overall size and the handles are integrated into said bag and quite small and not flexible.

        Fragrance wise well they have a very slight floral smell to them. Perfectly pleasant though not strong and at least it isn't a cheap and nasty smell or anything.

        Filling the bag isn't a problem and my friends son uses junior nappies which are quite large and there's loads of room for one of them, wipes and cotton wool an anything else I use as well. The bag is strong enough to house those things though I do need to be careful (as I have already pointed out) and when done I do have to be careful pulling the handles together to tie them up.

        Smell wise the fragrance counteracts urine but as for a pooey nappy they are quite simply rubbish! Yes my friend's son's poo is toxic to be fair but slinging his soiled nappy in one and then into a dustbin, within a couple of hours the bag and bin stink all over again!

        They are cheap but great if your having an emergency and to be fair I haven't found them to rip or tear on me but as I say I am very careful using them.

        Although not able to disguise severe nasty niffs they are great for smaller jobs and they do of course have multiple uses! I have been using them for my own personal use as well and when I have removed nail varnish on cotton wool I chuck my rubbish in one of these bags and then in my bedroom dustbin and it really does minimise the strong polish odour. Great for used sanitary products and I even used a bag to remove some of my dogs poo (a Yorkie) out of the garden. So they have multiple use and I like using them for them jobs!

        I'm sure they are not the best nappy bags on the market but they are so so! As long as they don't break, to me that's the main issue but I would prefer a tad more fragrance to deodorise things but their main issue is not being able to disguise the smell of baby poo! Everything else (they are not designed for, they do a good job at... typical eh?! lol).

        Only available in Morrisons.


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