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Mothercare Messenger Change Bag

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mothercare / Type: Changing Bag

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    2 Reviews
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      18.11.2013 15:42
      Very helpful



      I am very happy with my changing bag and think I will keep it for a long time

      WHAT IS IT?

      A changing bag for your baby's items when you are out.


      This bag is from Mothercare and it has got a nice basic design that I like very much. There is a lot of room inside the bag for all my daughters things and I can be organised also because there are different pockets that are all sorts of sizes and a pocket where I can put her bottle.

      The inside of the bag is wipe clean and that is very useful. There is a small bag included inside that is for you to put your babys dirty things in and a thin changing mat that I have not used very much. These things are kept in the external pockets and that is good because it keeps them away from all of the clean items that are being kept in the big part of the bag.

      I like the handle because I can put it on my shoulder when I am walking and this is good now that my daughter can walk a little bit of distance on her own because the bag is not bulky for carrying. It still fits on my pram and I can change the length of the handle also to make sure it hangs comfortable for when I am walking.


      I have been happy with this changing bag and am glad I bought this one instead of a bag that was a lot more expensive. It is the right size for everything I need and I can carry a lot, I use it every day and have never had a single problem with it.

      My changing bag is black but they had it in white also when I bought mine, I liked the white very much but I did not buy that one because I thought it would get dirty quick. I have used mine for nearly one year now and it is still in very good condition, I wash it in the washing machine and dry it in the air if it is starting to look dirty but that is not very often and most of the time I have only to wipe it with a cloth.

      I like the way that the bag flaps over to close because it makes it look very modern but I wish that there was a zip so that I could close it properly because it does not feel very safe to carry things in sometimes and I think a thief could put his hand inside my bag with the way it is.


      My changing bag cost £30 and I am very happy with that price because it is an effective bag for all my daughters things and it looks very nice also.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      30.03.2013 09:53
      Very helpful



      A great bag at a great price

      I really wanted to buy a practical bag to use for my daughter's things when she was born so I looked at a fair few trying to find the perfect bag. I eventually chose this Mothercare bag because out of all the ones I looked at, it seemed the most practical and the best value for money. At £39.99, it was one of the cheaper ones on offer in the baby stores (and still wasn't exactly very cheap!) - some of them were around £100, branded names and didn't really offer much more. I didn't even realise until then that there was such a thing as a 'branded' changing bag! I didn't see the need to pay so much for an average bag that happened to have a little label sewn in.

      The bag I bought came in a dark blue/grey denim colour and is a messenger style bag. It is also available in cream and in black, although the cream one I thought would start looking dirty very quickly. One of the reasons I chose the denim one was because of it's colour and style. I thought that my husband wouldn't feel embarrassed using it when he was out with our daughter on his own. Some in the shop were bright pink and I don't think he'd have thought that was a good look!

      Along with the bag, there is also a small changing mat included and a mess bag which are very handy to have because I find there's always so much to think about when planning a trip out, it's good to know that they're always just there in the bag ready to use and two less things to think about when packing it!

      The strap on the bag is adjustable and can be worn over the shoulder as there is padding on the strap for it to rest on the shoulder comfortably. I do use it like this sometimes, but most of the time I place the strap over the handle of our pram because it gets a bit awkward on my shoulder while trying to push the pram along too. It fits into our pram basket as the bag is quite deceptive - it fits lots of items in and only measures 45 x 31 x 15cm. The material is quite flexible so it can expand a bit as it get filled to make a little more room if needed.

      The storage in this bag is fantastic - there are so many pockets and places to put things in that I find there's always somewhere to store whatever I need to take with me. Babies have a lot of baggage but there's never been a time where I've had to squeeze things into the bag as it is so roomy.

      The outer part of the bag has two pockets - one on the front and one on the back - the one on the back is where the mat is kept and is slightly bigger so there's also plenty of room in it for other things too. There's a bottle pocket on the side of the bag but that's not something I use. Being on the outer part, I've always been a bit worried that the bottle is going to be knocked out as there's not really much to secure it in place and the top of the bottle is clearly visible and sticking out of the pocket. It is insulated though so is designed to keep a bottle fairly warm or cool. The outer part of the bag also has a zip towards the top that can be opened so that you can get into the main part of the bag without opening it up completely but I personally don't see the point of this, I find it just as easy to open the bag. Obviously though these are just preferences of mine - the bottle part and the zip features may be very useful to other users.

      There is no real fastening on the bag and this is the only real thing that lets it down a little - there is a magnetised part to the bag to hold it closed when not in use but I don't really notice that it's there as it's not very strong. I've never noticed anything look like it wants to fall out though and if it did have a proper fastening I assume it wouldn't then be so flexible when filling up.

      Inside the bag, there are two main sections - I use one for spare clothes and bibs and the other for bottles and milk. There's also smaller pockets within the bag where there is plenty of room for storing smaller items. In ours I have hand gel, baby wipes, nappies, nappy bags, nappy cream, plasters, teething rings and everything fits with space left. The bag is deep as are all of the pockets so it's easy to take out several changes of clothes for my daughter and don't feel limited as to what to pack for a full day out. One of the pockets inside has a mesh lining but it's also not something I use for anything special - I just use this pocket in the same way as I use all of the others.

      The bag is easily wiped inside as it has a smooth, easy wipe lining for the most part. This is also very useful to have as I've often found that some milk has spilled a little bit inside and it's never been a problem to just wipe up. The lining has an antibacterial quality - this is just something though that I remember reading in the shop description and I don't actually know how effective this is.

      We've had this bag for 9 months now and it's still just as good now as it was then. It's worn very well and it's been out with us so many times I've lost count. I'm confident that it will definitely last until we don't need to take so much stuff on our trips out so I feel we'll have had our money's worth from it. They are all so expensive for what they are essentially but I reckon this does the job just as well as dearer ones.

      I give the Mothercare messenger bag 5 stars as it's been a super bag that's really helped in making everyday life easier with a baby and her accessories!

      Thanks for reading :o)


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance The Mothercare Messenger Change Bag is a classic, ultra-functional unisex bag. Featuring a zip-top opening which provides quick and easy access, it is an ideal way to carry baby essentials when you are on the go. Features and benefits for Mothercare Messenger Change Bag The Mothercare Messenger Change Bag features an insulated bottle chamber to help you keep baby's drinks warm or cool The adjustable shoulder strap is padded for maximum comfort The black Mothercare Essential Change Bag comes with a padded changing mat and messy bag so that you can change baby on a soft, clean mat wherever you are and keep wet items stored away Microban antibacterial protection will help you keep the bag free from germs. Mothercare loves...??the microban antibacterial protection to help keep the bag germ free and the messy bag for keeping any wet items stored away safely from everything else.Want to know more?The Mothercare Messenger Change Bag is a practical, structured bag roomy enough for all of baby's essentials, with plenty of pockets to help keep everything organised. It has a clever design and comes with an insulated bottle chamber and padded changing mat, so that you can be ready for any eventuality.Microban antibacterial protection will help you keep the bag free from germsDon't forget:.Mothercare have a great range of pushchair and travel toys to keep baby entertained while on the move. What's in the box: 1 x Mothercare Essential Change Bag 1 x Changing mat 1 x Messy bag

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