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Superdrug Nappy Bags

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Brand: Superdrug Type: Nappy Bags / Type: Changing Bags

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    2 Reviews
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      31.12.2012 03:39



      Worth a try.

      Due to having a cat and a litter tray to attend to I always have nappy sacks in the house as they are handy for bagging up any 'deposits'! I also use them for when friends and family members visit with their young children as they seem to have a habit of forgetting nappy sacks for their smelly nappies!
      As these sacks were so cheap and were only about £1.00 for 300 I thought I'd give them a try. They come in a little plastic bag/cover, which to be quite honest didn't last five minutes! You only have to pull one out quick or catch it and it opens pasts its slit. The actual nappy bags, however, are decent enough for such a cheap price. They smell nice and do the job. The handles are also long enough so you can tie the bag up quickly if you need too. I have never had any handles snap but have found after one quite large deposit by my friends youngest, the handles did stretch quite a bit and I did tie it especially quickly, but they didn't actual snap.
      I would recommend giving them ago but perhaps just by one packet to start with and see if you like them.


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      07.09.2012 10:21
      Very helpful
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      I wouldn't hunt them out to buy them again but they worked quite well.. MOST of the time..

      * INFO - WHY DID I BUY? *

      I have bought nappy sacks and nappy bags countless times over the years, as I find them a handy item to keep around the home. The amount of times I have purchased these items has increased greatly since the birth of my young nephew and my friend's baby daughter however, as they are both regular visitors to my home and so I often have to dispose of their dirty nappies in a hygienic and convenient manner.


      It was whilst I was shopping in a local branch of Superdrug recently that my eye caught a white-coloured package of "Superdrug Essential Fragranced Nappy Bags" displayed among other baby care items and toiletries. Remembering that I was running out of nappy sacks at home, I decided to purchase the Superdrug pack for use in my home.

      I was impressed to note that the large package offered excellent value for money costing only around £1 for around 300 individual sacks. To be fair, there are very few packs of nappy sacks that are expensive in my experience, although I did think the quantity of 300 bags was more than generous. It is true to say that other brands - especially those that are marketed as being 'budget' brands - perform slightly better in terms of value for money, but I don't think anybody could grumble at the price of only £1 for such a large quantity of nappy sacks.

      The packaging for the bags is rather basic and uninspiring, I must admit. Comprising of a large square-shaped package made of thin white plastic, there is nothing remotely attractive or even eye-catching about the packaging overall. To be fair though, I think this could be said of most other brands of nappy bags and sacks that I buy regularly, and it is certainly not an important enough point to deter me from repurchasing a particular product again in the future.

      There is an opening at the top of the outer packaging that is shaped like a semi-circle, and the bags can be pulled through this opening when required. The opening has a perforated design so it can be torn easily, and I found its size was ample to allow the bags to be pulled through without any fuss.

      Each of the nappy bags is approx 21cm x 29cm in size, including the handles. I find that this size is pretty standard, and is certainly on a par with most other brands of budget nappy bags that I buy regularly.


      The small bags are fragranced which, again, is common practice with all similar products that I buy regularly, and I find that the smell used on the Superdrug bags is pretty similar to all other brands that I buy regularly, being a sort of talcum-like smell. Even though I don't particularly like the usual scents and aromas that are carried on the thin polythene bags, I find that the scent does go some way to helping avoid a build up of nasty smells in the bin or waste container and I think that the light, powdery fragrance carried on the bags does help to give the impression of 'freshening up' the bin into which you have disposed of your soiled nappy. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the fragrance on the bags completely covers or 'masks' the used-nappy smell altogether, but I find that every little helps in these situations!

      The bags are made of a thin polythene type plastic, being a peachy orange colour, and I have found they are fairly robust. I have been using the Superdrug bags for well over six weeks or so and I think I have only ever had two bags burst on me - probably down to their contents being too heavy for them to manage. I have to be honest here and say that although I feel the Superdrug bags are quite robust, I do not feel they have performed as well as other brands such as the Tesco Value bags which I don't recall ever bursting or splitting during use, even though they are just as thin as the Superdrug alternative. It is fair to say that the Superdrug bags have coped well, even when bulky or heavy items - such as soiled nappies - are placed within, but I do feel that rival bags have performed slightly better, so I feel it necessary to deduct a star from the overall product rating for this discovery.

      On the plus side, I find the handles on the Superdrug bags are long and wide enough to enable the bags to be tied up easily and quickly - essential if the bag is containing a particularly whiffy nappy!

      I have found the Superdrug Fragranced Nappy Bags come in handy for other reasons aside from disposing of soiled nappies however, and in particular I find they are helpful - and hygienic - when it comes to disposing of my pets' waste. I often walk my friend's small dogs and one thing I cannot stand is to witness a dog-owner allowing their pet to foul on a pavement or in a park, then simply walk off and ignore the mess left behind. I personally think this is a highly discourteous act, and would be horrified if one of my beloved "pooch-nephews" made a mess and I was unable to clean it up afterwards. Therefore, when walking the little guys, I always have my pockets bulging with essentials. This includes some treats (naturally!), as well as their ball, and a generous handful of nappy bags for any little "droppings" that might appear during our walk. I find it takes all of two seconds to use a couple of the bags over my hand and scoop up the mess. I can then dispose of it in an additional bag and tie up the ends before putting the whole lot in the bin. Easy peasy! There is absolutely NO excuse for dog owners who do not clean up after their pet in my opinion.

      Similarly, my beloved girl is very much a house cat, and does not get outdoors at all which means she uses her litter trays indoors to do the toilet. I have recently been using the Superdrug nappy bags in the same way as with my doggy-friends, and am able to scoop out her droppings hygienically and quickly. I find the bags offer a fuss free method of removing - and disposing - of her waste, and the Superdrug bags have performed just as well as any other brand in coping with my cat's toilet 'hygiene needs' in this way.

      It should be noted that the bags are not suitable for food use, nor are they suitable to be flushed down the toilet. As with all plastic bags, they should be kept away from babies and children to avoid risk of suffocation.

      In summary, I am happy enough with the Superdrug Nappy Bags and think they offered good value for money. I think it is fair to say that I do not find they are as robust as other brands of nappy bags that I purchase regularly however, as I have witnessed them splitting and bursting on a couple of occasions and this has led to me feeling cautious once or twice when dealing with a particularly messy situation..! As a result of this lack in confidence, I can't honestly say that I would hunt out this particular brand of Nappy Bags to purchase them again in the future, preferring other brands instead.


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    • Product Details

      A package of 300 nappy bags from the Superdrug brand.

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