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Asda Cheese Singles

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cheese

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    2 Reviews
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      25.09.2009 17:53
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      I do some a bit of Cheese. I prefer Edam and lighter coloured Cheeses instead of Orange Cheddars, and it is more Cheese Triangles I go for before Cheese Slices, but it was after a BBQ that we had some of these lying around. Yes, it isn't BBQ weather now, but there's always the George Foreman to cook a burger on, and this went on top of it!

      These are the normal Cheese Singles from Asda. You get the lighter choice ones, but I got these as some people prefer Cheese to be that bit stronger.

      The pack is a square pack and you rip the top open and the Cheese Slices are easy enough to get to. The ack is a green colour, which is different from the blues and yellow packs out there. As expected these are found in the chiller section next to the other Cheese products.

      You get 20 slices in the pack and these cost me 78p, which I though was alright value for money.

      The Cheese Slices are square and look like any other ones out there. They are individually wrapped and you peel them out of a cellophane wrapper. This is easy to get off, but I always find there is a slither of Cheese left in the corner of the cellophane part, which is annoying. I guess you can scrape this out with a knive or that, but i've never bothered about it in that way.

      The Cheese Silces are alright. They look a bit shiny and rubbery, and I know of someone who refers to Cheese Slices as Plastic Cheese, but I don't think I would call them that! They are tasty enough, and have the slight scent of Cheese. They taste a little Cheddary, but not that a strong taste. I think you can taste the Milk in these as well, and they are lovely while melted over a burger.

      I'm not so keen on putting one of these on a sandwich, as I do think they taste a little slimy and you don't get ther proper taste of them, but once they are on something warm, then I think they are a good staple to have in the fridge.

      Just as good as the more expensive ones.


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        21.09.2009 19:43
        Very helpful



        Tasty cheese!

        I do like slices of cheese. You know the type in appearance I mean they are ssuare and mostly slapped on burgers lol Well I love them like that or in sandwiches and I also love to place them op top of a pasta dish I've made myself and melt them under a grill. I'm not a cheesy person but cheese slices I do like!

        The Packaging:

        Light and dark green packet and I'm told on the front that they are Asda 20 (in my case) cheese singles and that they are made with real cheese 'a handy source of calcium' and that they are individually wrapped for freshness and that they are suitable for Vegetarians and the best before date is clearly stamped on there. On the back of the pack other information includes being given a list of ingredients and allergy advice is listed (contains milk oddly enough lol), a nutritional chart is shown, I'm given storage advice and finally contact details for Asda are given. A nice enough, informative pack this is.

        The cheese Slices:

        Well as promised each cheese slice is individually wrapped in a clear film that pulls off easily. The slices are bright yellow, glossy and square in shape and a bit limp cos they're rather moist.

        They have no real smell to them but wow I love these cheese!. Creamy and tasty these really are. Quite mild in flavour opposed to mature but they are tasty and very versatile. The moistness in these is due to a slightly greasy consistency and high water content though if you eat these cold you won't really detect that too much you'll think them moist but what is great is that these melt fast when heated giving a lovely gooey cheese that holds well and doesn't just go to mush either.

        A great quick calcium and cheesy fix these are and so handy and versatile too! Perfect for everything you want to use them for and I'm sure kids would love them too as they arnt too strong in flavour! Perfect and in my opinion as good as leading brands but far cheaper!

        Nutritional Information per 100g:

        Energy: 274Kcal
        Protein: 15.3g
        Carbohydrates: 6.0g
        of which sugars: 6.0g
        Fat: 21.0g
        of which saturates: 13.9g
        Fibre: Nil
        Sodium: 1.15g
        equivalent as salt: 2.9g

        Only available in Asda store costing about 79p a pack.


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