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Asda Grated Cheese - Mature

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3 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Cheese

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    3 Reviews
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      15.02.2010 17:16
      Very helpful



      Creamy Melted Cheese, Saves Using All Your Cheese Up In One Go

      We use quite a bit of cheese but my mum always moans that we go over the top while grating and end up using the cheese too quick! lol She brought this grated cheese from Asda to use last week when we knew we was going to be needing cheese for a lasagne and baked potatoes.

      This costs £1.67 for a 250g bag and Asda do all sorts of varieties in this range. The cheese I'm writing about it the Medium but Dooyoo have told me to write it in this category because of the products being so similar.

      It's grated quite nice, I think the cheese has got a bit of a dusty texture but that's the same will all shop brought grated cheese and I reckon it must be something to do with how the cheese is grated by machine. The cheese has got a nice pale yellow colour and when you open the bag it smells like proper cheese.

      The cheese is grated to the same size as would come out of our cheese grater at home, not like the grated Cathedral City because that is grated that thick that it doesn't feel like you're even eating grated cheese.

      On it's own it's quite a creamy cheese but I can't see any reason why you'd need to eat this on it's own because it's not as nice as Cathedral City and other cheese that come in blocks. It's wicked on hot food though because when it melts it's got a gorgeous, you have to watch it because it melts dead quick so if you're having it under the grill on cheese on toast you need to keep an eye on it.

      I've had this on cheese on toast, jacket potatoes, on top of pasta or spaghetti bolognese and in loads of different ways now and I think it's wicked cheese. It's got a lovely creamy taste and doesn't go majorly greasy when it's melted, I reckon it would be nice sprinkled on a pizza as well because of how good it melts.



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      18.01.2010 22:12
      Very helpful
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      I prefer a stronger cheddar

      **PLEASE NOTE**

      Asda Medium Grated Cheddar

      Isn't cheese on toast just the perfect comfort food on a cold wet winter's night?

      We get through a fair amount of cheese in our household in various dishes and I do get a bit sick of scraping my knuckles on the grater and recently decided to experiment with pre-grated cheese. We have tried various brands and this Asda effort is the latest. The 250g bag cost me £1.84. They are currently on a multibuy offer at 2 for £3.00.

      The cheese is labelled at 3 for medium strength, but generally I like cheese to be extra mature. Not really sure why I picked this one up to be honest.

      It was okay in taste, a little to 'medium' for our liking but certainly would be a good choice if 'Seriously Farmy' just isn't for you.

      I found that having pre-grated cheese was really useful. It is also of a similar price to the same weight in a solid block so it was not necessarily bad value for money for convenience.

      I think I will try the mature next time to see if that has more of a kick to it.


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        13.08.2009 14:06
        Very helpful



        Nothing special

        On a Friday as a ritual in my house we always have spaghetti bolognaise my mum cooks. My Stepfather loves it! However my mum gets totally fed up about us all consuming a block of cheese on it and produced this last week and said that's your lot! Never before had a pre packed grated cheddar come through our front door and so I didn't know what to expect lol.

        The Packaging,....

        See-through plastic bag with red and blue sections of colour on in and a picture of the grated cheese on what looks to be shepards pie! In white writing on the front I'm told it is Asda Grated Cheddar 'Mature' which is 'Rich and creamy cheddar melts easily, so great for cooking', the size is stated which is 250g, I'm told it is a resealable pack, strength 4 and suitable for Vegetarians. On the back of the pack (this time all in black writing) I'm told the ingredients and given allergy advice, nutritional information is given as is storage advice, the size is again stated as are contact details for Asda, the best before and use by date are stamped on and I'm told to keep it refrigerated and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough packaging and I do like the way this is a resealable packet.

        The Cheese Itself...

        Well it's pale yellow in colour and grated into really smell flecks. They are quite hard to the touch and a little dried, particularly when you've stored them for a bit however if you use the cheese as soon as purchased they are of course not so dry.

        So they smell of cheese and well...they taste of it too really. This cheese doesn't clump up into a lump so you can grab a handful out of the bag and sprinkle away on to things with ease. It felt weird at first as it isn't so moist as cheese you grate yourself and certainly not as big as what I would grate it as.

        However it does taste nice enough. It is mature cheese and has a bit of ompf to it however I found it didn't really melt and I felt this was because of it's lack of moistness though I did expect it to because of its' small appearance! It simply held well, didn't have a greasy consistency (again like normal cheese always does that comes in my home!) but it tasted nice enough.


        I had some in a sarnie and on top me spag bol and although I think it tasted ok it was a bit too hard textured for me (and that was when it was fresh). After a couple of days of it being stored in the fridge it just got harder! Not really for me but if you like cheese already grated that does taste mature and is a little bit hard you could adore this! No one in my house raved about it though!

        Allergy Advice:
        Contains Milk

        Nutritional Information: Per 25g Serving:

        Energy: 106 Kcal
        Protein: 6.4g
        Carbohydrate: 0.4g
        of which is sugars: Trace
        Fat: 8.7g
        of which is saturates: 5.4g
        Fibre: Nil
        Sodium: 0.18g
        Equivalent as salt: 0.5g

        Only available in Asda Stores priced at £1.97 a pack.


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