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Bradbury & Son Grated Monterey Jack Cheddar

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Brand: Bradbury & Son / Type: Cheese

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2010 20:03
      Very helpful



      Wicked Cheese, Love It!!!

      I'd never heard of Monterey Jack cheese so deffo didn't know you could buy a grated version until I was mooching around in Asda and saw the bright orange pack in the fridge.

      It was £1.49 for a 180g bag and I reckon that's pretty good value because with it being grated it will last for ages because you're not constantly cutting bits off.

      It's quite pale looking and has got a bit of a softer texture than other Cheddars, it's like a cross between cheddar and Edam I reckon and the cheese has got a proper buttery feel as you're eating it. It's grated nice and feels natural as if I've grated my own cheese up not in weird sized bits like some other grated cheese.

      The taste of the cheese is delish, it's a mild cheddar that has got a faint but yummy taste. You can't taste the fat in it like you can some other cheese and it just tastes like a proper nice mild cheese.

      The best thing is that this cheese melts real good, I've had it on jacket potatoes and for cheese on toast and love it that it melts even so you don't end up with a bit lump of half melted cheese on your toast. Another thing is that when it melts you don't get a load of fat come out of the cheese, the other day I had a Sainsburys own brand cheese and the fat that come out of it when it was under the grill was disgusting.

      Whether your having this cheese hot or cold it's mega creamy tasting and also FEELS creamy while you're eating it. If you like a proper strong tasting cheese I don't reckon you'll think much of Monterey Jack because of how mild it tastes. I actually think it's got a bit of a milky flavour and I love that but not everyone will like that taste about it, if you're having it melted the milky flavour disappears anyway so don't let it worry you.

      I'm making pizzas again with my sisters tomorrow and am going to sprinkle this cheese on the top with the mozzerella for a bit of a change, from the taste of it I reckon it'll go proper nice with the tomato sauce and the rest of the toppings.

      Recommended..... Yummy!!!


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