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Cathedral City Mini Mature

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Brand: Cathedral City / Type: Cheese

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2010 21:51
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      Yummy Cathedral City In Small Blocks

      These mini blocks of Cathedral City are quite new and most of the supermarkets have had them on special offer for £1.00 a bag, they come in a net bag like Mini Babybel and you get about 6 individual wrapped rectangles of cheese. The over all weight of the bag is 120g so if there ARE 6 like I think there are then each one will weigh 20g.

      They're yummy, normal Cathedral City Mature cheese that's been chopped into these little blocks. The size of them makes them good for a quick snack and also means you can put them into lunch boxes without going to the stress of cutting from the big block and wrapping them up tight enough that the cheese doesn't go crusty by dinner time.

      The cheese is lovely and moist, it's got a smooth creamy flavour that you normally get with mild cheese not mature. The cheese is mega tasty and has got a wicked texture that is creamy and soft. I know from experience that Cathedral City melts good so if you're out of big blocks then you'll have no problems slicing one of these up to put on some toast.

      These minis are a nice size to grate and even though you don't get a massive amount of cheese out of them it's enough to sprinkle over a jacket potato.

      You've got a bonus with this cheese and it's that you can eat one of these and know you're getting a normal sized portion, cheese is too easy to eat and if you're watching the calories like I am at the minute then you can find yourself cutting bigger and bigger pieces off the block. At least with these you can munch one and KNOW you're only having a 20g portion instead of 3 times the amount without realising it.

      The only thing is that this is a majorly expensive way to buy cheese, the normal price is about £1.50 but a full sized block isn't far off that price! I'll buy them again for when I'm out and about but will probably buy the bigger block more often.

      Recommended.... but expensive!!!


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