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Cheese String Light

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Brand: Golden Vale / Type: Cheese

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2008 15:37
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      A nice mild cheese with wierd texture which is stranegly100% cheese

      These are a very good cheese in my opinion.

      OK, to be straight, they are not for the cheese connoisseur- there is no really strong aged taste and the texture is quite original, but they are 100% natural and they are low in calories.

      Per cheese string, there is 54 calories. This makes it a good idea for getting in your protein and calcium and keeping down your calorie intake.

      They are quite weird, kids like to tear them apart as you can do that with these, they will easily tear into strips the length of the actual cheese string. Very odd. But for those of use who dnt like to make a scene while eating, you can just open the plastic coating and eat straight in bites.

      The packaging for these is very much aimed at children, with a cartoon cheese string character on the front. There are a few varieties so try to look for the correct type- labelled 'Light'. They come in packs of 4 for £1.40 and packs of 8 for £2.54.

      These are also good for children, they fit into pack lunch boxes as they are not very wide but long and thin (though not so long they don't fit into a box!). They also come in a plastic sealed wrapper which is snipped at the top for ease of use/opening.

      They are not sickly at all, they are quite a firm cheese and the texture is quite firm- the colder it is, the more firm to bite. Be careful as it is easy to eat one after the other with these as they aren't sickly.

      I like these cheeses, I don't know why, its odd, I don't mind that I like them as they are sold in portions so its easier to control how much I have, and they are also 100% cheese. No additives or colourings. They have a very good website which takes you through the whole thing- how they are made, what happens, quite interesting if you want to know where your food really comes from.

      I would eat these alone or following an apple and a gym session, they are good for protein, calcium and perking up your taste buds. They would appeal to children as they are very cartoon in style, they also are mild in taste and low in fat. They would also appeal to those who are trying to watch their calorie and fat intake. Not only are they portioned out, they are low in calories- around the same amount or slightly less then an apple. (An apple has around 65 calories.) They are quite high in salt for such a small product- with 0.4 grams of salt per 21 gram portion (one cheese string) which is the equivalent of 0.2grams of sodium per portion. So don't eat an 8 pack in one go! It would be a rough quarter of your daily intake, perhaps slightly more. The fat is one third of that for regular cheese strings.

      Not to be eaten with wine after dinner though!


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    • Product Details

      "Cheestrings were first available as in 1996 but are now available in a wide selection; Original, Twister, a mild and creamy White Cheddar Variety and Light which is made from semi - skimmed milk so contains 1/3 less fat. You can buy them in 4’s, 8’s, 12’s and 16’s."

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