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Golden Vale Attack a Snak Chicken Wrap Cheestrings

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Cheese snacks.

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2008 20:55
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      A novel snack to encourage variety in my daughets diet.

      My daughter has a real penchant for cheese, the favourite at the moment are cheese strings, which are the perfect size for her lunch box.

      On one of my many treks around my local Asda she noticed that there was an offer on her other favourite "stackables", hence how I get round to the product I will now review.

      The product I will now review is "Attack a snack - chicken wrap".

      My daughter normally goes for anything that contains cheese and/or ham, but as she is a little older and seems to be growing out of the "picky eating" stage, she surprised me by choosing this for her first day back at school.

      The snack comes in a thick plastic tray covered with a plastic peel off lid, on the lid there is a picture of two chicken wraps with the "attack a snack" name and the "golden vale" logo above.
      I didn't notice until getting home that the clincher may have been the fact that this snack contains a cheese string, one of my daughters fav's!

      As these were on offer at the time and retailing at just £1.00 each, I allowed her to purchase two, I know, I know I ruin her! LOL

      I think the novelty content of this product far out ways the actual food. Once the lid has been peeled away from the tray you are presented with two segmented sections. In the larger of the two there is the two small round wraps, a smaller than usual cheese string and a small sachet of tomato ketchup. In the other smaller section there is some round slices of chicken roll. The child then has to sit and make up there desired wrap, my daughter loved this, she methodically laid out the wraps, then the slices of chicken roll, next she practically shredded a cheese string to place on the top and liberally doused them both with ketchup, ok with the size of the sachet and my daughters penchant for it she had to get the big bottle from the cupboard. By the time she had finished it looked like a bloodbath, but she seemed to enjoy it!

      I was more than happy for my daughter to eat this, there is calcium to be had from the cheese and protein from the meat and fibre from the wraps. I'd like to say there is also fruit from the ketchup but feel I maybe pushing it just a little!

      As I mentioned earlier these were purchased, on offer, for the sum of £1.00, at normal prices they are available around the £1.70, which at full price is not worth it at all. These managed to fill my daughter up sufficiently for around an hour, but not much more.

      For more information on this and other products available visit - www.goldenvale.com

      Thanks for reading x


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