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Unmatured smoked cheese made from milk and buttermilk

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2002 12:52
      Very helpful



      To start off with I am just going to let you all know that the cheese I am going to review is not a Fynbo, and I know, knowing you guys that I will probably get a lot of stick for putting this review into this category, but let me explain why, so instead of stick you can just give me a poor rating, I am prepared for that. I am NOT putting the review into this category because it is extremely popular or anything... actually it is a very quiet category. I have been dying to review this great danish smoked cheese for sometime and requested a new category 3 weeks ago, but nothing have happened... so, what can I do? I really want to let you all know about this wonderful smoked cheese. The reason why I chosen the Fynbo section is because that the cheese I am gonna review is from Funen (Fyn) and a person from Fyn is called a Fynbo (translated Funen Home)... anyway, by know you have probably already click on rating "not useful", but please don't ... let me finish and then it is up to you to let me know what you think. No hard feelings! Smoked Cheese (Rygeost) is a very delicious unmatured smoked cheese made from milk and buttermilk. Midsummer in Scandanavia is much celebrated and this naturally smoked cheese is always eaten on Midsummers Night around a bonfire along with prodigous quantities of beer and radishes. The cheeses are smoked over a straw and nettle fire and coated with, yes you guessed, caraway seed! The cheese can be eaten in many ways, but my personal preference is on a piece of rye bread with mayonaise. It is popular to have the smoked cheese with caraway seeds, but I prefer it without. The cheese can also be made into a smoked cheese salad where it is mixed with maynoaise and cut radishes - very delicious. Some people enjoy the smoked cheese on top of salami - I can vouch for that one. Basically, there is a million and one ways to prepare and enjoy this fantastic cheese. It is extremely healthy (fat free) and it tast
      es extremely good. I only know of people who have tried it who likes it. It is rare to get hold of this cheese in othe countries than Denmark and even just away from Funen it is seen more as a delicatessen that an everyday product. I would recommend you to try and make the cheese yourself, it is best when it is freshly made and just comes off the fire. Recipe: 4 pints of milk 1 pint of butter milk 2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon caraway seed (on top if you like it) Mix milk and buttermilk in an oven proof flat bowl. Leave it at 75 fahrenheit (20 celsius) for 24 hours. Warm the mix in the oven for 3 1/2 hours at 120 fahrenheit (50 celsius). Put a piece of cloth in the bottom of a metail drainer. Put the salt and the milk mix in the drainer. Put the mix in the fridge for 24 hours. Take a metal bucket and fill it with straws, let it burn until the straws are half burnt, then stop the fire with water. Put a lid on the bucket to let the smoke accumulate. The put the metal drainer (without the cloth) on the top of the bucket and let the cheese sit there for 5 minutes. It is delicious ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


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