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Sainsbury's Mozzarella & Cream Cheese Bites

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cheese

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2010 13:59
      Very helpful



      A good buy for a party, but not great.

      These are part of the sainsburys party food range which is found in the freezer aisle. I'm not sure if you can buy them fresh, as I have always purchased them from the freezer section.

      The party food, always seems to be on offer at 3 boxes for £5.00, but this box on it's own costs £2.00 which I think is actually quite expensive for what it is.

      In the box are two plastic bags, one is the mozzarella bites and one is the cream cheese bites.

      Mozzarella bites.
      These are basically mozzarella covered in breadcrumbs. These are the nicest of the two snacks in my opinion. I love mozzarella anyway so I really like these. After cooking in the oven they are really tasty, the mozzarella is quite stringy and doesn't have a huge amount of flavour but not many mozzarellas do, it's more about the texture. The only downside with these is that, as soon as they start to cool, the mozzarella goes back to being quite rubbery and hard, so you have to eat them while they are warm. Also as they are a bit bland I would suggest serving them with some sort of dip. These are great as a snack and as a party food if you can serve them while they're still hot.

      Cream Cheese Bites
      These are the worst of the two snacks. They are basically breadcrumbs with a cream cheese filling, and whilst they have a stronger taste than the mozzarella bites, I find them really weird. Cream cheese is a bit strange warm, and the particular type they use inside these bites is very thick, so I found them quite sickly, and not all that pleasant, they are edible but for me they were just too much, especially with the batter on the outside too. This may be down to personal preference, but I just didn't really like them. It says on the box that they have garlic in the cream cheese, but I couldn't taste any.

      The box also says that each of these bites has 3.2g of fat in them, which is to be expected as they are cheese, but that is pretty high, so I wouldn't recommend eating them on a regular basis.

      A good buy for a party, but nothing too special.


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