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Somerfield Cheese Butterflies

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Brand: Somerfield / Type: Cheeses

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2009 17:29
      Very helpful



      A light and tasty snack

      PRICE: £1.19 for 100g (approx. 16 butterflies)


      Calories: 562
      Kj: 2345
      Protein: 15.0g
      Carbohydrate: 43.7g
      (of which sugars): 0.7g
      Fat: 36.4g
      (of which saturates): 23.7g
      Fibre: 0.3g
      Sodium: 1.00g
      Salt equivalent: 2.5g


      Wheatflour, butter, Gouda cheese, salt, Edam cheese, skimmed milk powder, E160 colouring


      Contains milk, wheat and gluten
      May contain traces of nuts, sesame, nut and sesame derivatives


      At certain times, I'm almost completely unable to resist a cheesy type snack, especially just before going to bed. I'm particularly fond of cheesy biscuits and pastry-style products, so was attracted to Somerfield Cheese Butterflies - I had to restrain myself and just opt for one packet, as I'm quite capable of eating (so long as they are nice) several tons of snacks of this nature.

      Somerfield Cheese Butterflies are to be found in the savoury biscuits section of the supermarket, and they come in a dull orange-coloured packet, showing a plate of the butterflies on the front, together with Somerfield's standard logo. The rear of the pack shows nutritional information, ingredients, allergy advice, storage advice and Somerfield's quality claim together with their contact details. There is no information on the box which advises that any part of the packaging is recyclable.

      The butterflies are arranged inside a sealed cellophane wrapper, and placed in a gold coloured fluted plastic tray. The little pastries are vaguely butterfly-shaped and are golden in colour, with little flecks of orange cheese dotted about here and there; their overall appearance is that of cheese straws, except sort of butterfly-shaped rather than straw-shaped.

      On removing the butterflies from the pack, quite a few flecks of pastry fall off, scattering everywhere, so I'd advise holding over a plate first. Each butterfly is approximately bite-sized, and they are a nice golden brown colour which compliments the orange flecks well.

      Sensing that these little snacks were very light due to the pieces of pastry becoming detached, I knew for sure that I'd eat the whole pack at one sitting - and hoped that they tasted good.

      A noticeable whiff of cheese rose up from the butterflies, and I picked one up, ready to do the taste test.

      Inside my mouth, I crunched gently. The consistency of the butterfly was light and flaky, very pleasing, and there was a nice sharp burst of cheese flavour. There was no under or after taste at all, and after the first one I crammed another into my mouth. As predicted, I ended up eating the whole packet, and was sad that I hadn't bought any more.

      The cheese flavour is strong and very noticeable, very moreish, and the pastry just melts in your mouth.

      The only thing which confuses me somewhat about this product, is the addition of E160 colouring, as I wonder why on earth it is needed. I'd have thought that pastry and cheese, once cooked/baked, make their own colour. Also, the cheese flecks in the pastry were too orange for Edam and Gouda, so I suspect the E160 is used to make the flecks orange - I see no reason to do that, but that's just my opinion.

      These little butterflies are delicious, and would make a great addition to a buffet table for a party, wedding or suchlike - but, be warned, they are extremely high in fat, calories and salt. I'd consider it extremely unlikely that most people with a savoury tooth could stop at just one or two of these heavenly little snacks, as they are very cheesy and tangy.

      One packet definitely isn't enough for one sitting, and bearing in mind they're £1.19 each, it could work out very expensive if you're a glutton like me, or if you make them a feature of a buffet. I recommend (even though I have little or none myself) to tap into your resources of willpower should you buy and eat Somerfield Cheese Butterflies - they are dreamy, light, tasty, flaky, tangy and utterly delicious.

      Thanks for reading!


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