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1 Review
  • Available from local supermarkets
  • Delicious
  • More expensive than many cheeses
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    1 Review
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      10.08.2014 19:36
      Very helpful


      • "Available from local supermarkets"
      • Delicious


      • "More expensive than many cheeses"

      Creamy and delicious

      Do not be put off by the smell for Taleggio is by far one of the tastiest cheeses I have tried to date. For me Taleggio is a must have for any cheese plate or pizza. It has an extremely recognisable scent which could be described as pungent, however the taste could not be any more different, it is a mild and creamy cheese with a melt in your mouth texture.

      Taleggio is a cheese with a rind which, I am not a fan of, and therefore tend not to eat it however relatives tell me the rind is just as delectable as the cheese itself, just with an alternative texture. The rind tends to be a light salmon-y pink colour and the cheese itself anywhere in the spectrum between bright white and a pale yellow. The creamy texture of the cheese creates a melt in the mouth sensation when eating it and it slips down especially well with a nice glass of red wine.

      When cooking Taleggio it melts to a similar consistency of mozzarella therefore I often use it on pizza like dishes, such as flans and tarts. It works especially well on a pizza alongside spinach, new potatoes and parma ham with a side salad.

      The only complaint I have, other than the price, is that it can prove somewhat difficult to slice if it is even slightly too warm. Therefore I would advice bringing it out of the fridge minutes before it is going to be sliced and served to avoid this.


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