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Tesco Halloumi

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cheese

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    1 Review
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      03.06.2010 13:41
      Very helpful



      My new favourite cheese!

      My friend and flatmate really likes halloumi cheese, and after seeing her eat it one day I decided to buy it myself, as I really liked the look of it. Cheese in general is something I buy more of in the summer, usually to go on lunchtime salads, and as I'm a vegetarian it's a good way of getting enough protein. Normally I go for feta, or a 'salad cheese' variation, so I decided this would be a nice change.

      Halloumi is apparently a 'classic Cypriot cheese'. I bought my 250g pack from Tesco for £2.32. This is slightly more than I normally pay for cheese, but I was willing to give it a try. The cheese comes with added mint: I couldn't see much evidence for this except for the odd speck in the pack (and I don't think it really made any difference to the flavour).

      The packet bears the name of the product - Tesco Halloumi - and a picture of some halloumi and vegetable kebabs by way of a serving suggestion. I thought this was an interesting and potentially very tasty idea and it's certainly something I'd consider as a veggie option at a barbecue. It also made the packet a lot more colourful than if they'd just put a picture of a white blob of cheese on the cover!

      I opened the packet - which required a knife to get into the plastic - and found a white lump that rather resembled mozzarella. The cheese was surrounded by water, presumably to keep it fresh.

      I cut off a chunk and proceeded to chop it up to put on my salad. It was very easy to cut, it wasn't rubbery like mozzarella and it was possible to break it up with your hands, however it wasn't crumbly or brittle like feta. There wasn't much of a smell, just a general 'fresh cheese smell' , if that makes any sense!

      I couldn't resist trying a bit of the cheese before putting it on my salad. Oh wow. Halloumi is quite possibly the nicest cheese I've ever tasted. It is a bit like a cross between feta and mozzarella - the brittleness of feta tempered with the slight rubberiness (is that even a word?) of mozzarella. The cheese tastes very fresh and salty - much like feta in this respect.

      I put it on my salad that day, but I also tried it grilled as the pack suggests, and it was lovely warm and slightly melted. This is a cheese I'm definitely going to buy again. The only bad thing really is the calorie content - 30g provides 100 calories which means a pack is about 800 calories!!! Having said that, if I eat it with a salad then the salad itself does not provide many calories, and I found that a salad made with this cheese left me fuller for longer, so I didn't snack until teatime. I don't know if it was the cheese itself that did this or just eating protein in general - my lunches are generally full of carbs so I'm not sure about this!

      Overall, I absolutely love this cheese and wholeheartedly recommend it - just keep the calorie content in mind! I can see myself buying this a lot over the summer to add to my salads!


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