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The Laughing Cow Original Cheez Dippers

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4 Reviews

Brand: Laughing Cow / Type: Cheeses

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    4 Reviews
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      24.12.2011 19:33



      Not recommended

      Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers are not my most favourite cheese option to be honest. I think they are mainly marketed towards little kids. They come in a pack of five (stacked) dipper trays along with crunchy little bread sticks - just probably the right size for small fingers and hands.

      They cost £1.35 in Morrisons and Asda at the moment and I think they may appeal to kids because of the freaky looking (in my opnion) laughing cow on the outside of the packets.

      They are said to be a great source of calcium and a great way to get the kids to eat their cheese. They also contain no artificial flavours, colour or preservatives which is also good for kids' health.

      Speaking as an adult though, this stuff isn't great tasting. It's bland to the extreme, mild beyond belief and the colour of the cheese is just 'washed out' looking.

      Peel back the top of the little carton and there is no smell of cheese at all so not tempting. Then, with the colour looking so bland, this does nothing to whet the appetite.

      Taste wise they are a let down. Th only good thing is that the bread sticks are nice and light and crunchy but other than this, they are a let down.

      The only good thing is that once you've been let down, at least you know you didn't pay too much for them.

      They are a fair bit cheaper than the Dairlylea varierty, but to be honest, I don't really like them either.

      Not recommened by me personally I'm afraid.


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      21.08.2010 02:01
      Very helpful



      Overall a relativly cheap dippers product would recommend for cheese dipping fans

      I first stumbled across these dippers when looking at the offers dairylea dunkers had. The box is quite small so not the most noticeable thing on the cheese shelf. Having just over 100 calories in made this a good enough snack to have whilst dieting. I decided to buy them. On first taste I was impressed , the bread sticks were lovely and fresh and full of Italian bread stick flavor. The cheese was of nice consistency not to thick and not to runny easily sticking to the bread stick. You get around 6 bread sticks and enough cheese to dip the sticks into which is always handy. The actual individual packs inside the cheez dippers box are relatively small and convenient to pop in bags or lunch box's or to generally take on the run with you. I also was drawn to these when I saw they had a good source of calcium advertised on the front which is also a bonus. After eating a box full over a week I was converted and even my 5 year old Godson loves them. I would highly recommend these to people who enjoy dunker/dipper type snacks to have themselves or for children. I also work at a nursery and recently a lot of the children 18months and up have been bringing these in and thoroughly enjoying them.


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      15.06.2010 08:18
      Very helpful



      Good value price for good quality snack.

      I have been looking around for a lot of snacks for my grandson as he is getting a little older now and he is eating more solid foods and it is nice to see if he likes them or not and give him a variety of foods to snack on as a treat or just as a snack in between meals and also something healthy too along with the sweeter snacks.

      I saw these cheese dippers in Farm Foods recently and thought I would give them a try as they were only £1 for a pack of 5, which I thought was extremely good value for money and I have seen them at a slightly higher price from supermarkets for around £1.35 and even for the higher price I still think they are worth it.

      They come in a cardboard box and inside there are 5 individual packs, there are 2 compartments in each one, and the packet is a transparent bottom with a pull back foil top, on one side there is a rich, smooth, creamy cheese and in the other compartment there are 8 small bread sticks for the child or adult to just dip into the cheese and eat.

      The texture of the cream is nice and light for a small child to eat and the sticks are small enough for them to hold and just dip into the cheese.

      The cheese is like a cheese spread consistency and the flavour is a nice mild one and not too strong as some others can be.

      My grandson absolutely loves these and he enjoyed them as a snack and they can be kept in the fridge for when they want to eat them.

      On the box I bought it says the sell by date is beginning of August 2010, which is a very good length of time to keep in the fridge in my opinion and so they do not have to be eaten in a sooner time as some other products do.

      They are ideal for picnics or for a snack for when the children come home from school as that is the time they usually start to snack and they are ideal for larger families as for a £1 for the 5 I think they are extremely good value for money for families.

      They are also ideal for lunch boxes and are nice and healthy and filling for children, and it is often quite hard to find nice little snacks for lunches as I used to find when my children were at school.

      It is also a fun way to get a child used to eating more healthier snacks too in my opinion and I would highly recommend these for anyone to give a try as I think you certainly would not be disappointed with them at all.

      I am going to buy some more of these and when I take my grandson out for the day with my hubby I can place one in his bag and he can have a nice healthy snack too and I think they are absolutely lovely for snacks and well worth every penny.

      I give these a 5 star.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        27.05.2010 21:56
        Very helpful



        A nice snack

        ==Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers==

        Jack can be a little picker when it comes to food and I have told him countless times that "little pickers wear big knickers" which he finds totally amusing. However it is me who does the shopping and me who supplies him with his food so really it is down to me on how big his knickers end up!

        So with that in mind, I do always try and opt for things which are relatively healthy and also which he enjoys to eat. The cheese dippers are always a big hit and more often than not the Dairlea ones are on a special offer for £1 for 4 packs and we were often buying these to have one a week or so. However I worked out that these Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers were far nicer to eat and worked out better value for money and therefore will regularly opt for this variety over the more advertised Diarylea variety.

        ==Price and Availability==

        The Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers are available in almost all large supermarkets. I have not seen them in the smaller shops where I will often see the Dairylea ones for a much higher price as these can be expensive when they are not on offer.

        The Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers are priced at £1.33 pence in Tesco's and around the same price in Morrison's which is very good when you get five of the dipper per pack as this works out to around 27 pence per packet. The Diarylea Dunkers however at their RRP are around £1 more expensive than this and you get 1 packet less!


        The packaging is very simple and the five individual Cheese Dippers come stacked upon one another in a recyclable cardboard box which is not too big and fits in the fridge nicely. It has the Laughing Cow head on and shows an illustration of the dippers on the front. It does state that they are a "Good source of Calcium". It also states that there are no added colours, preservatives or artificial flavours which is another added bonus when opting for this product over others.

        The box does a good job of giving all the right information in a clear and concise manner and also keeps all the individual packs together nicely. I like the fact that there is not an excessive amount of waste packaging when buying this product as even the packets inside are small which make them perfect for little hands.

        The use by date on the product is always a good couple of months or so. It is not a product that can be kept an especially long amount of time but again because it is cheese this is really what you would expect and it does make me think that there are less additives in the cheese to make it last longer. I have had the pack I currently have in the fridge for a couple of weeks and the best before date is the 26/7/10 but I think these will certainly be eaten up by that date as there is only 1 packet left!

        ==Look and Smell==

        Each pack inside the main box is made from clear plastic which allows the bread sticks and the cheese to be seen from the underside. The top of the pack is sealed with a sort of foil cover which needs peeling back before you can get eating the dippers. The bread sticks and the cheese are in a separate sections of the pack which means the bread sticks stay nice and fresh. The cheese is a lovely white/creamy colour and the bread sticks are golden brown. The bread sticks are a bit thinner and smaller than the Dairylea variety but there are eight of the bread sticks per packet and this always seems like a good amount and at the right size for little Jack to eat.

        There is not too much of a smell when opening the packet but of course the cheese has a bit of a cheesy whiff to it and smells just like all the other Laughing Cow Cheese that I have ever eaten. There is a good amount of cheese to go with all the bread sticks and I would say more often than not there is cheese left over as Jack doesn't overload the bread sticks with the cheese.

        ==Taste and Texture==

        Of course there are times when I open one of these packets for Jack and he will have one or two of the bread sticks dunked in the cheese and then decide he doesn't want them. So like any mother I have to eat up his left overs for fear of waste! This is how I have found myself sneaking a pack out of the box of an evening when Jack is in bed as I have gotten quite an addiction to these little dunker's.

        The cheese that comes with the pack is very creamy and although not overly strong in cheese taste does have a nice mild cheese taste that works really well together with the crunchiness of the bread sticks. The cheese is not too salty which I always find the problem with most soft cheese such as this and the same goes for the bread sticks which don't have the slightest hint of salt t my palette.

        The bread sticks are probably a fair bit crunchier than the Dairylea version but this aspect doesn't seem to bother either myself or little Jack when it comes to eating them. For my mouth I find the thinner and shorter shape of these bread sticks much preferable than the Dairylea ones. To eat the bread sticks on their own I find them rather dry and they really do need just a little bit of cheese dipped onto them but of course the cheese being so tasty means that the more cheese the merrier!

        ==Nutritional Information and Ingredients==

        Per tub of this Laughing Cow cheese Dippers, you are looking at taking in 101 calories, 3.8 grams of protein, 8.8 grams of carbohydrates, 2.1 grams of which are sugars, 5.6 grams of fat and 3.9 grams of that is saturated. There is also 0.7 grams of fibre and 200 mg of sodium (but it doesn't state what this equates to in salt terms). The calcium content of a pack gives 203 mg which is 25% of your RDA.

        The cheese which makes up 71.4% of the overall product is made from; skimmed milk, cheeses, butter, emulsifying salts: calcium phosphate, sodium polyphosphates, citrates, diphosphates and phosphates and milk proteins.
        The bread sticks make up 28.6% of the pack are made from: soft wheat flour, palm oil, malt, salt and yeast.

        The packaging states that it may contain trace of peanut.

        ==Overall Opinion==

        On the whole I have got to say that I would always opt for this version of the cheese dippers over all others. They represent good value for money whilst still being very tasty and perfect for lunch boxes or to take to work. They are good for children, and adults alike and on the whole not overly bad for you.

        The cheese is creamy and cheesy as it should be and the bread sticks are crunchy and bread like as you would want them to be. I personally cannot find any fault with the product in the slightest and for that reason they have to be awarded a five out of five star rating and given and given a very high recommendation.

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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