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Weight Watchers Cheese Spread with Roasted Onion

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    3 Reviews
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      12.07.2010 22:10
      Very helpful



      wont be buying this again

      I am a real lover of any soft cheeses or cheese spreads. They are one of my favourite things, particularly on toast. They are however often very high in fat and so a bit of a no no on a diet.

      There are of course lot's of low fat spreads available now and some of them are ok. As a weightwatchers member is was natural that I would try this one, but I really wish I hadn't!

      The flavour is way too strong, you can't really taste any cheese, just onion, so god knows what it must make your breath smell like!

      The other thing I didn't like was that it left a funny feeling and taste in my mouth, I felt like I had scum on the back of my teeth - sorry, not very nice. I have had this before with other cheesespreads when they are very low in fat, it seems to change the texture into more of a curdled cheese, which I dont like. I would rather use up more of my points allowance and have a nicer texture.

      I also felt it was quite expensive compared to a lot of similar products at over £1 for quite a small tub.

      I brought this just once and that was enough for me - I wont be buying it again!


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      01.10.2008 13:47
      Very helpful



      Cheese spread for dieters.

      After making the decision to return to Weight Watchers I needed to stock my fridge and cupboards with some healthier alternatives to the food I have been eating in recent months. One such addition is the Weight Watchers Cheese Spread with Roasted Onion which I found in the chiller in Tesco a couple of days ago.

      I am not a huge fan of cheese spread, but as I am making an effort to eat more pasta and crispbread type foods I bought a tub because it is less points that Dairylea and it gives me a much needed change for lunchtime as there are only so many salads I can eat in this increasingly cold weather!

      This lunchtime I got my Ryvita out and set about spreading some of this cheese spread on them. A serving is 50g and this will 'cost' me 1 point on the Weight Watchers programme, I found that 50g will allow me to have a generous layer spread on four Ryvitas which isn't bad at all and was surprisingly filling.

      The cheese spread is a very pale colour, almost white, and looks thick and creamy as I spread it onto my crispbreads. I was disappointed to see there were no chunks of onion in it, but the smell of the cheese spread reassured me that onion is in fact present, and quite a lot of it judging by the smell!

      I was very impressed with the taste of this cheese spread. It is subtly cheesy and more like Philadelphia than, say, Dairylea. The onion flavouring is just perfect, and upon eating I can tell you that there are very small pieces of onion mixed in with the spread. These are tiny flakes which aren't very noticeable as I chewed but on close inspection they are definitely there. There is a generous scattering of chives in the spread too and I think it was probably these which hid the little pieces of onion from me at first glance.

      It has quite a strong onion taste, so if you're not a fan of onion then this probably is not the cheese spread for you. I love onion so that was fine for me and I thought it enhanced the cheese flavour beautifully. The spread is thick and creamy to eat, again with a very similar texture to Philadelphia. It felt very cool on the Ryvita and made my lunchtime much more interesting than usual. I am going to have some on a jacket potato tomorrow because it has the texture which makes me think it will melt well into the potato, and I think it would work equally well stirred through some pasta.

      The 200g tub cost me 87p from Tesco and I think that was definitely money well spent as it will last me for around a week (there are four 50g servings in each tub) and helps me stick to my diet because it is so flavoursome and will keep my tastebuds more satisfied than if I ate the rather bland and dull Philadelphia Light. For those of you who are not following the points system, 50g contains 48 calories and 1.3g of fat.


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        23.02.2006 16:44
        Very helpful



        Aid to weight loss, low in fat, the healthy option,


        It was a few months ago that I first saw this spread in Tesco Supermarket, well, I just had to try it, I like weight watchers cheese spread and I like the taste of onion, so the two combined should taste yummy.

        ~~ The Look ~~

        Most people are now aware of the packaging for Weight Watchers with its blue and white logo, this comes in a small plastic tub about 5" x 3" and it contains 150g of cheese spread with roasted onion. It has a plastic fitted lid over a foil cover with a picture of cheese spread, lettuce and tomato on crisp bread, and of course the WW logo.

        You peel back the foil lid and you have this lovely creamy colour spread which is very smooth and flat until you attack it that is, now for some reason there is a oily film on the top. Also on first look you cannot see the onions on the top, so I will have to give it a little stir, and hey presto there they are small little lumps with must be the onion.

        ~~ Taste, Texture and Smell ~~

        I have opened it up and I am now sniffing away, the first thing that hits me is the smell of onion. Whilst I was writing all about the description, I stirred the contents up, so I have now gone back to smell it again. The onion smell is no longer the prominent smell, I feel that, as it was sealed up previously and the onion being predominantly a stronger smelling vegetable it pounced on me, when opening the foil lid. But now, as it has escaped, the cheese fragrance is coming through nicely, mixing well with the onion.

        The texture is very creamy, but not very thick, let me try to describe it for you. Imagine driving down the road on a clear day (this is a clear consistency), now the mist has come down and visibility has got less (now we are getting slightly thicker in density), now it is getting foggy and you can only see 3 cars ahead of you, then finally where it is really thick is when you can only just see in front of you but can still move. With all that in mind, then the texture of this spread is at the point where the fog is not too thick and you can move easily through it. I will also say at this point that it is not as thick as other cheese spreads that I have tried.

        Now the bit you have all been waiting for the taste test. Well, you are going to have to really like onions to enjoy this one, on my first taste I noticed the cheesy taste, which was very mild and then the onion hit me as I swallowed it and boy did it kick in, every bite since the onion has been the dominant flavour, overpowering any other taste.

        Ok lets' be fair. Let me give this a chance, a slurp of water to clear my taste buds and I will try it again. I have closed my eyes and have a big dollop of it on a small piece of bread, the creamy texture hits my mouth, it is cold (ha, its just come out of the fridge), soft on my mouth, yes I can taste the onion, mingling in with the taste of the cheese, but the cheese seems to be matching it on the flavour stakes, they don't seem to be competing against each other (yum, I am so glad I cleansed my palate before trying this again). I am left with the cheese lingering on my taste buds for longer than the onion on this mouthful, it's a nice flavour, a sort of a farmhouse cheese taste, not full strength bite the back of your throat taste, no it is more mellow and gently caresses your throat, kissing it on it way down. Nice.

        I have just cleansed my pallet and done the whole experiment again and on this occasion whilst in my mouth the onion grabbed me again, nicely I may add, because I like onion. It is not a strong onion like Spanish onion and not sweet like a red onion, more the strength on a cooking onion (now who said pickled onion, go to the back of the class now- lol). The cheese taste is still there kissing the back of my throat as an aftertaste.

        After trying a few samples, I realise that it taste varies from bite to bite, depending on whether you get a bit of onion or not, to how the flavours work, but they do work well together overall.

        ~~ How Do You Eat Yours ~~

        Ok, so I nicked the title from Cadbury's Cream Eggs, but I thought I would just mention some ways I like to eat mine.

        On Crackerbread or Crisp Breads, the spread goes nice with tomatoes and lettuce.

        In a sandwich, my favourite being the spread with tomatoes.

        It goes lovely on toast, forget the butter just put this spread on.

        ~~ All Other Info ~~

        Weight Watchers says that this 150g holds 3 portions at 1 point per portions, well I have to say that this seems a large portion, as I usually get more than 3 servings per tub.

        So for those of you that are following weight watchers 50g = 1point,

        I bought this tub in January 2006 and its best before date (unopened) is May 2006, once opened though eat within 7 days and keep refrigerated.

        It contains skimmed milk, so no good if you are milk intolerant,

        It is suitable for vegetarians

        It does not appear to contain nuts or wheat (it does not have any warnings on it).

        It cost me 98p from Tesco, I have not seen it sold anywhere else as yet.

        Well I think I have covered everything, hope you have enjoyed reading this.

        Would I recommend this product, well I cannot say either way to be honest, yes it tastes ok and yes it is low fat and I have to eat low fat. I seriously would not rave about it, but if you like cheese and onion then you should enjoy this. My daughter says it will go nice as a dip with bread sticks. We give it marks 3/5.


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