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Clippasafe Child View Mirror

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Manufacturer: Clippasafe / Type: Car Seat

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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2012 21:47
      Very helpful



      The idea is good but the product isn't

      When I had my first child I was like all first time mum's and needed and wanted every available gadget that claimed to keep my baby safe.

      One of those gadgets was a mirror that I could place in the front of the car so that I could see my baby while I was driving.

      I found one online that only cost a few pounds and immediately sent off for it. The mirror I chose was the Clippasafe Child View Mirror. This mirror is still widely available online and in many stores. The item is usually priced at between £3 and £10 depending on the amount of shipping being charged.

      The clippasafe child view mirror is a mirror a bit smaller than your rear view mirror that has a large suction cup on the back. You use the suction cup to fix the clippasafe mirror to your windscreen and this allows you to see into the rear seats without having to turn round.

      The idea of this is great in theory and I'm sure that there are child view mirrors that work very well but I was quite disappointed with the clippasafe version that I bought.

      Firstly the suction cup does not work very well and constantly falls off. This can be dangerous if it falls into the driver's foot well and gets under your feet but it is also inconvenient because you have to keep re-applying the mirror. The second problem is with the design of the pivoting head of the mirror. While this is great because you can adjust the angle of the mirror to suit your height and see more of the back seat it also means that the movement of the vehicle causes the mirror to sort of droop down over time.
      I did spend quite a lot of time sticking the mirror back up or re-adjusting the angle so that I could see my daughter but at that time I felt that I had to be able to see her at all times. It is a new mum thing I think because as I had more children my need for the mirror lessened. I also found that trying to see two children in the back of the vehicle meant even more adjusting f the mirror which could easily cause an accident whilst driving.

      After about a year or so the suction cup refused to stick anymore so I would keep the mirror in the cup holder and just hold it up to see the children if I needed to.

      The clippasafe child view mirror can only help you to see a child in a forward facing car seat so is no good for newborns travelling in the rear seats.

      I wouldn't recommend this particular brand because I found it more problematic than helpful but I do think that having a mirror like this is a good idea when you have young children because it gives you a bit of peace of mind.

      The car than I now own has something called a conversation mirror that retracts into the roof of the vehicle. I find this very helpful for keeping an eye on my children but I also know that it won't fall down and can be pushed up out of the way if I don't need it.


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      31.08.2012 09:37
      Very helpful
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      child safety mirror

      One of the child safety products for the car that I have found has come in very good use is a child view mirror. Not all child safety products for the car are that good or useful and you do find you can waste your money on quite a few items but this is definitely a simple little gadget that I use all the time.

      My little girl rides in a forward facing car seat but my little ten month old boy still rides in a rear facing car seat. I think he is just about ready to go in a forward facing seat now as his weight is almost there but whilst he's been travelling in this rear facing seat this mirror has come in very handy.

      I sit in the opposite seat from him and so even if I turn around I cannot see him at all really. The car seat is quite low and is angled in such a way with quite high sides that it makes it impossible to see him. I found that I was forever asking my little girl what he was doing, was he asleep, has he finished his milk, had he been sick etc and being that she was not yet two years old when he was born she didn't really answer the question all the time so she was not the most reliable source.

      When you're driving you do worry about your kids in the back, it's a nervous time as a parent and turning around all the time to see if they are ok is fairly dangerous and could cause an accident if you're not careful so to be able to see them by just glancing ahead in a mirror is great.

      I think this mirror from Clippasafe is perfect as it just attaches to your window with a suction cup. At the moment as my little boy is facing backwards I have suctioned it to the back window so when I look in my rear view mirror I can then see this mirror and see him in the reflection. It was fairly easy to fit although it was quite comical putting it in as I say in the drivers seat, my husband was at the back taking instructions from me as to where to put it, (up a little, to the right, no, my right, not your right) and my little boy was watching us, giggling all the time at how silly his parents were.

      The mirror is big enough to see him in but small enough to not get in the way and block a view out of the window. I like that we didn't have to permanently attach it anywhere as once he does move into a forward facing seat I can then move it to the front although I may not need it then as I don't seem to need one for my little girl.

      The mirror has been great in terms of seeing what he is doing with his bottle of milk as we have a new car and technically one of our rules was no drinks in the car. It keeps him quiet though but once he has finished it or has fallen asleep or worse is just playing with it and squirting it all over our new upholstery, I can either get my little girl to reach over and grab it or get out of the car myself and take it away before my hubbie finds a big wet smelly milk stain.

      For less than a fiver this is one child safety product I definitely recommend.


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    • Product Details

      It's not easy trying to keep an eye on your child in the back seat of the car as you drive, especially as they get restless on a long journey. It can often result in having to pull over, or worse still, take your eyes off the road for a few seconds while you check they are settled, putting both passengers and yourself in danger. The Child View Mirror provides a clear reflection of the back seat, allowing you to check on your youngster and know exactly what they are up to. It is easily attached to the windscreen using a suction cup, meaning you are able to keep your full attention on the road ahead. Features - Easily attaches to windscreen using a suction cup - Provides a clear reflection of the back seat - Suitable for front facing seats

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