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Graco Logico L High Back Booster Seat

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Graco / Type: Booster

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    4 Reviews
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      29.12.2011 12:07
      Very helpful



      A definite best buy that will last you for ages!

      When we needed to upgrade from our previous car-seat because our daughter was starting to grow, myself and my wife found ourselves in a bit of a quandry. What to buy? The market for this kind of product has been absolutely flooded in the last few years and now there is an abundance of similar products available from which to choose from. Suddenly, it's not quite that easy to just buy a car seat/ booster anymore as they all promise different things and claim to be "the safest on the market." Well, they can't all be right surely?

      Thankfully my wife often visits the Bounty page on Facebook and talks to lots of mums with children of a similar age to our own. Many of the mums were very quick to recommend this product and, as we are extremely pleased ourselves with our purchase, I thought it high time I shared my own praise and opinions on the Booster we finally settled on.

      For starters, the seat is much higher and thicker than most other car seat/ boosters! Not only does my daughter settle in it easily but it also looks incredibly comfortable with its more than ample padding. It looks so comfortable in fact, that I even asked the guy at Halfords if they did one in adult size! Yeah, those were excactly the kind of looks I got from him too!!

      Though the guy at Halfords offered to help fit it into our car, I decided I wasn't prepared to pay extra for this service. But that was okay because the instrucions that accompany this seat are easy to follow and it took no more than a couple of minutes for me to attach this into the back of our car. The seatbelt threads through a pair of red loops at the top of the seat and secures well across the child's shoulder leaving them safe and tightly strapped in. It has two arm-rests either side and is height adjustable so that it should last for a good few years and, like I say, is extremely well padded. There are also a pair of cup-holders so if your child wants a drink within easy reach, there is somewhere for them to put it without fear of spillage! I will say that the drinks holder nearest the car door will not open fully when the car seat is attached because of lack of room but that is okay because my daughter uses that as her "secret place" in which to store acorns she has collected or small toys she wants to bring but keep hidden from mum and dad. One mnore advantage to this Booster seat....it is extremely lightweight and a lot easier to carry than it looks! In fact, there is nothing to it! I was really surprised at how versatile and easy to transport from one car to another this is and it is much easier to movev about than her previous car-seat!!

      Overall, this is as near a perfect product as you are likely to find and even now, writing this review, I struggle to find any negative things to say about it! My wife loves it, I love it and, more importantly, my daughter loves it and reallly feels like a "big girl" when sitting in it on car journeys! And what is more, it really does live up to its marketing and reputation as one of the safest and most comfortable car seat/ boosters on the market, coming as it does with side impact protection for optimum safety in the unfortunate and hopefully unlikely occasion of an impact!

      Currently selling at a little under £50 from Halfords, this ertainly is a must-by if you are looking to upgrade your child's car seat and is suitable for children aged 4-12 up to a weight of approx 36 kg. The fact that the back can be removed to make this into a group 3 Booster cushion only makes this an even better buy!


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      11.10.2011 15:31



      Good quality - recommended

      I bought this seat recently for my 5 year old girl as we have a long car journey coming up and I really want her to sleep through most of it! Her current booster seat does not have a back, so she has nowhere to rest her head.

      Initially, I thought the seat seemed rather flimsy, but as it relies on the seat of the car to give support and shape, it actually makes the seat more versatile and comfortable. It is really easy to assemble and can be put together without any tools.

      The design is quite stylish, and my daughter loves the cup holders - not only for drinks, but also for hiding tiny treasures in. The seatbelt loops are placed in just the right location, meaning that the belt is comfortable and does not cut into her tummy or shoulder while she is in the car.

      The seat is designed for 3 - 12 year olds, or 15 - 36 kg. The child must be between 96 and 150 cm in height. It must be used with a three point seatbelt, not a lap belt.


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      02.08.2010 23:16
      Very helpful



      Graco Group 2-3 Carseat


      My daughter was 3 years and 6 months when we bought this car seat for her. She was looking quite cramped in her old Group 1car seat, which we had been using since she was about 10 months old, and even though the recommended age for this Graco seat is 4 - 12 years, the weight range is approx 15-35kg, which was acceptable for us because she was just over 15kg when we bought the seat. Despite her looking cramped for some time, we did wait until she weighed enough before upgrading, we did after all have her safety in mind! I have known many other people put their children in this stage car seat before they hit age 4, and I have even known some people to use them on their 2 year old (not something I would personally recommend).

      We chose this particular seat because it was a decent price at the time (half price from £79.00); we paid just under £40 from Mothercare. Unfortunately, these are not actually on offer anymore! We also chose it because the seat part (where your child's bottom will be parked) was padded, and many other seats within this price range seemed unusually hard, and I could not imagine my daughter being comfortable on a long journey sitting on a piece of plastic covered with material. We had her comfort in mind, this one was nicely padded and this was the main pulling point for both my husband and I.

      Other plus points included foam padding around the entire seat, on the head supports, arm rests etc, it is height adjustable, so can grow as your child grows, and the arm rests are also adjustable. And it has two retractable cup holders! Not sure why one child would need two drinks on a car journey, and we have yet to use this feature for drinks, my daughter likes to store little toys in there, so it is handy, although they are quite stiff to open and close, so I have to help her, but still it's a novelty for her.

      The car seat itself is more of a support rather than a restraint, it does not have the 5 point harness as you get with seats for babies and younger children; it is just the seat belt from the car which hooks around to restrain your child. The car seat just provides support around the head, seat, and sides, it also has arm rests. It is surprisingly lightweight and very simple to install because it does not need to be fixed into position in your car, it just sits on the back seat (or front seat if you prefer) and the weight of your child plus seat belt holds the seat securely. And obviously if the worst was to happen, the car seatbelt would lock into position and child and seat would be suitably restrained. I was quite surprised at this because we have spent the last 3 plus years fiddling with feeding seatbelts around the back of car seats and locking into position with clips and hooks...this just seemed ludicrously simple. But it all made sense to me once I thought about it.

      As soon as we sat her in the seat, it was immediately obvious that she was a lot more comfortable, had more room to move her arms and legs, and looked visibly more relaxed. She was also sat more upright with legs and arms free to move, rather than in a slightly reclined position with legs in the air, as with her old seat. I was really happy that we chose to upgrade her seat at this stage; it was the right time for her and she was definitely ready to move up to this stage seat.

      She was also visibly pleased with her new 'big girl's' seat, because it meant that she was set apart from her baby sister as they were not in identical seats anymore, and she looked much more grown up. It is easier for her to climb into the car onto this seat because it is much lower down and she can get herself into position very easily. Once in, the seat belt has to be fed through a red clip just above her shoulder, which aids in keeping the belt from chaffing against her neck and it rests really nicely across hers chest. The red clip can also be adjusted to correspond with your child's height.

      Since using this new car seat, we have been on several journeys, including a holiday, and she has never complained about being uncomfortable. To be honest we don't use the car regularly so car journeys are often a novelty, however, long distance is usually a trial, but we had no complaints on a recent 2 hour jaunt, so it's obviously a comfortable seat.

      My daughter does not tend to sleep on car journeys either, so we have yet to use the recline function (apparently it has 2 recline positions), but saying that, she has actually had 1 sleep in this car seat and the head supports were adequate enough to ensure that she didn't get much head roll and she slept quite comfortably in the upright position!

      We will never have to buy another car seat for my daughter now because this one converts into a booster seat, the high back section just unhooks from the base. So we don't have to make any more car seat decisions for this little lady.

      I thoroughly recommend this car seat to anyone wanting to upgrade from a Group1 seat to a Group 2-3. It's relatively cheap, light weight, easy to install, comfortable, has good additional features and will last until they grow out of car seats! There really is no need to spend a large amount of money on this stage of carseat.

      A few specifications I may not have mentioned in my review:

      * Triple side impact protection

      * 2 recline postions

      * Suitable for 4 years to 12 years approx (15-35kg)

      * Luxury foam (Graco-pedic) on the head support, seat, sides and armrests

      * Raised seat and belt guides

      * Back can be removed to leave a group 3 booster

      * Dimensions L41 x W41 x H68-81cm

      * Weight 3.96kg

      Available from Mothercare, Halfords, and other online stores. Prices vary.


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        02.02.2010 21:07
        Very helpful



        a great car seat for the price

        As my youngest child fast approaches school age, the baby paraphernalia that has been a key feature of the past few years is being replaced by more grown up items. It will be a while before she is ready to forgo the support of a car seat, now legally required up to age 12 or until she is 135cm.

        We bought this car seat a couple of months ago to replace her stage 2 seat, booster seats of this type being suitable from around 3 years, until a seat is no longer required. I had intended to buy a maxi-cosi rodi for her, which I will compare to this seat later on, as that was the seat we already owned and had experience of, but having seen this on sale at Mothercare for £39.99 (rrp around £80), I opted for this seat as being a good value choice.

        The booster suits comes in two parts, the back is easily attached to the seat. For older children the seat can be used as a booster by itself, but younger children will need the support of the back and the added safety of the head rest which offers side protection. The seat comes with quite comprehensive instructions which show you how to install the seat safely, there is also a helpline if you are unsure how to fit the seat, which in actual fact is a pretty simple affair.

        There is no base to this seat, it fits onto the car seat directly and the seat belt threads through the red guides. The head rest is fully adjustable so you can be sure to have the seat belt at the right height, just above the child's shoulders. I'm happy that my child is secure and comfortable being held in by the seat belt, but this seat does not have a 5 point harness, which may be an option to consider if you feel your child is likely to try to "escape" the seat.

        I particularly like the fact that the seat height adjusts by an inlaid handle at its top, with ease. For me this is a great feature as I end up transporting my children's friends quite often in my car (the mum taxi is fully up and running already), so it is good to be able to quickly adjust the seat for maximum safety. The arm rests are height adjustable too for comfort - which is not a feature I have seen on other seats.

        I do feel that my child is quite comfortable in this seat, it seems to be well padded and the upholstery is of fairly good quality, if a little synthetic to the touch. She loves the two retractable cup holders; I have to say I am less keen on this feature as being a little anti anything that encourages more mess in my car which is battle-zone like at the best of times, but I suppose they are quite handy though quite why two are needed I am not sure. The upholstery is removable for washing at 30 degrees, which given the nature of children and travel is probably a good thing, so far we have only had to sponge clean the seat but it is handy to know it can be cleaned. There is nothing very exciting about the upholstery colour but bar rather too many logos and stickers and the like, which I would have forgone in all honesty, I find it fairly innocuous, and there is a pink colour way available if that is your thing. In any case comfort and safety here are the main priority as far as I am concerned.

        There is no recline feature on this seat, but I don't actually think the recline features on stage 3 seats are very effective , from my experience of other seats - if my child does want to nap her head is fairly well supported by the head rest. Another good feature is the restraint that fits from the seat to the built, this ensures safety for the driver in the event of a collision and the seat being empty. Even if you forget to fasten the seatbelt to secure the seat whilst empty, the restraint will make sure the seat stays in place.

        I'm actually quite impressed with this seat compared to the maxi-cosi rodi, a more expensive choice, as mentioned earlier, which is of a similar design. I think it holds its own well, and actually the upholstery is wearing somewhat better thus far, so would say that this seat is just a good a choice as its more expensive rival. Some of the Graco booster seats seem a little meanly padded and upholstered - not this one.

        Overall I highly recommend this seat, it is safe (I checked it was fine for my car with the fitter at Mothercare), comfortable, and for the price I paid I am delighted!


        Weight: 4.5 kg
        Length: 36cm
        Width: 42cm
        Height:68-82 cm

        For children of 15-37 kg

        Further info on the law regarding car seats:



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