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Graco Lyon Booster Seat

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Graco / Type: Car Seat

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    2 Reviews
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      10.01.2012 20:02



      A great value car seat that looks very smart and has cupholders!

      We bought this booster seat for our son when he had outgrown his baby car seat. We only paid £24 for it from Mothercare and we chose it because it is the same brand as the babyseat was and we trusted the name. There's nothing to do once you have bought and you can just fit it quite simply into the back of the car following the easy instructions that are included. The seat itself is a dark grey plastic with a red fabric cover and armrests. Another cool thing about this seat is that you can pop out a cup holder, which is perfect for holding the juice cup or packet of snacks.

      The beauty of this seat really is it's simplicity, but also the fact that you can use it for children aged from 4 years up to 11 years. That's quite an age range at at just £24 is a good investment. We also like the fact that it is a very easy to take in and out of the car, which means we can take it out and put it into someone elses car as and when we need to.

      Our son, also seems quite happy sitting in this car seat and likes having his own cup holder. As he grows we can adjust the armrests to fit him, by simply unscrewing and rescrewing the arms.

      All in all a great car seat that's made by a well known company and wasn't really that expensive, especially as it should last our son for a good few years yet.


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      27.09.2011 09:00
      Very helpful



      A good buy!

      When my husband and I split up I was left needing a car seat for my son which could be used in my mums car because I do not drive but knew there would be occasions when she would be driving us places and such like. We looked around and ordered a Graco lyon booster seat off the mothercare website because I had used a Graco travel system when my son was a baby and was familiar with the brand and also more importantly I trusted the brand too.

      The booster seat came packaged in a cardboard box but when we got it out of the box from memory I don't remember there being any assembly required because this booster seat is just a bog standard one rather than one of those with the back rests too. The actual car seat is a tough dark grey plastic which has a red material seat with the Graco name in black. The seat has two arm rests for the child as well as cup holders which you can pull out from the side of it.

      My mum fit the car seat in to her car with no problems at all. The instructions provided with the seat are quite simple to follow and feature illustrations too so if you do get mixed up you at least have an idea of what it is meant to look like! As this is a booster seat though it was quite a simple task of just placing the seat in position on the back seat and then attaching the red belt to the seat belt so that the belt would be in the correct position for the child when the car is moving. It is easy to remove the seat if needs be which is something that my sister does a lot when she has her friends in the car.

      The booster seat does have adjustable arm rests which is done by unscrewing a couple of screws at each side. This is a useful feature because the guidelines tell us that the booster seat is suitable for children aged from approximately four to eleven years which is obviously some range. The weight guidelines are 15kg to 36kg for anyone whom that makes more sense to! I bought this when my son was very nearly four years old and found it was fine for him from the onset. He is now six and we are still using the same booster in my mum's car. Touch wood we have never had an accident in the car but I feel safe in the knowledge that I am protecting my son the best I can by making sure he is on a booster seat and the seatbelt is in the appropriate position for him too.

      As I mentioned the seat does have two retractable cup holders which have come in handy for my son as he will sometimes put his drink in there or a small packet of sweets if we are on a longer journey so he knows they are safe in there. It is a very handy feature but what I have noticed is that when my mum had an older car the cup holders would sometimes develop little mould spots on them presumably from the damp. This was easily cleaned and I don't notice them now she has a new car but it is something to be mindful of. I always like to have a quick check of the car seat before putting my son in the car so I am sure you would notice this should it occur.

      My son seems happy enough sitting in this booster seat though says it isn't particularly comfortable! I have seen some boosters which do seem more cushioned on the bottom area which would perhaps be a better choice but my son is happy to sit in his seat and doesn't moan when we travel so I guess it can't be too bad!

      We bought the booster for around £28.00 I believe a couple of years ago. It is currently out of stock on the mothercare website but is selling for £22.00 which seems a reasonable price. I am happy with the product and can't say I will be looking to replace it any time soon so it has proved to be good value for money.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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