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Kiddicare.com Maxi SP Car Seat

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Manufacturer: Kiddicare / Type: Car Seat

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    1 Review
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      01.06.2012 23:40
      Very helpful



      an ideal buy for new parents looking for a sturdy and reliable car seat for their newborns

      When I bought my first car in September 2010 I was super excited to finally have my own run around car, which of course the main purpose was to be a mummy taxi! I was still at university at the time and so did not have an extended budget, so seeing as kiddicare.com was my favourite website for purchasing little madam's bit's and pieces I had a look on there for a stylish, practical and long lasting car seat that wasn't too pricey. I came across this Midi SP Car seat for £39.99 and considering the features and benefits I decided to go for it, a decision I am happy I made!

      Some seem to think for good quality you need to spend out hundreds of pounds for a car seat. Normally I would agree, but after spending extensive amounts buying me daughter 3 different pushchairs (who didn't buy a pram, then a more customisable pushchair after realising the first one was more aesthetic and costly than it was practical, then a stroller for when their little one got bigger?!) I told myself I didn't need to shell out a fortune for a decent car seat and I totally agree. This purchase is one of those basic, yet gets the job done kind of necessities.

      - Purchasing -

      I purchased this product on kiddicare.com for £39.99 and I am amazed that even with inflation, it is still selling at the same price almost 2 years on! The amazing thing is delivery for items over £29.99 is free and for the next day! I was super impressed as of course I couldn't wait to get out on the road with my little monster, and start cruising the streets of London! The item came the next day as expected in a very large box that did require a signature I might add. Although this is expected for such a large product, as there would be nowhere to leave it outside to find! I have to give kiddicare 10/10 for service in this respect as the payment was swift and easy and the delivery was simple and straightforward.

      - Specifications of the car seat -

      The main reason I purchased this car seat was the fact it had a lot of multi-purposes and for the price I paid it has a lot of features which I could benefit from.

      1. It is suitable from birth to 4 years. When I bought this for my daughter she was only 13 months and she is now almost 3 and she still has a lot more use and growing room with this car seat.

      2. The car seat can be both forward facing and rear facing. It is suitable to be rear facing from birth to 9kg and front facing from 9-18kg. When my daughter was younger, she had a maxi-cosi baby car seat and we of course had her rear facing when in dad's car. Now, since I got this when she was 13 months (I apologise I don't remember her weight at that time!) she has always since sat in this car seat forward facing and has sat perfectly comfortably and with no danger.

      3. It has an adjustable seat which is perfect for the little one when she falls asleep. It reclines completely and can also be in the upright position. There is a lever under the seat, which when pulled the seat can be reclined to different levels. It doesn't just have upright or totally reclined, but I am able to do in the middle so can customise it to however she feels comfortable. It should be noted that it can be reclined when forward facing or rear facing so it really is completely optional and easy to facilitate.

      4. This car seat has a removable cover for washing, shoulder pad protectors and padded head and back support cushion. I like this feature as I wanted my daughter to feel snug and cushioned so to protect from any impact should the worse happen.

      - Features and Safety -

      1. This car seat comes in 2 colours; grey and pink. At the time I believe the pink was sold out, and as I really couldn't wait (I know, patience is a virtue!) I bought it in grey, so who knows if I have any more in future it can be used again if I have a boy, ahaha! But on a serious note, the colour is a simple grey, which I appreciate and fits well in the look of my car which isn't overtly girly anyway.

      2. The seat weighs 3.8 kg (Approx) and has dimensions of H:51 x W:45 x L: 50 cm (Approx).

      3. As with all car seats which may be positioned in the passenger seat at the front, it is vital to ensure the airbag is switched off. I have this available on mine, although I have to confess she can from time to time wriggle around at the front, and I can't have childlock on the front passenger door so she now resides in the back behind the passenger where I can keep my beady eyes on her!

      4. This car seat has a 5 point safety harness, extremely important for any children's car seat. The five-point harness is preferred as a safety mechanism for its high amount of safety compared to other designs. The five-point harness consists of five straps, Two are located at the shoulders, two at the hips, and one at the crotch that all come to connect to a buckle release mechanism. This way of buckling up holds the driver's body tight in the seat, which in turn protects the upper body from injury. After reading this safety perspective, it made me feel at ease to buy this for my daughter as I knew that as a young and newly qualified driver I wanted to take all kinds of precaution necessary and touch wood, we haven't run into any incidents yet :)

      - Packaging -

      The car seat came in a large cardboard box with a picture of the item on the outside and inside it was stuffed with polystyrene which of course would protect it from damage throughout transportation. Inside the box was simple instructions which were perfectly straightforward (and in plain English as I have had some instructions in every other language except English and seems to be a nightmare!) and I found I could easily understand them myself!

      - Assembly -

      To be honest the product requires almost no assembly at all! The car seat arrives as a whole in the box, and putting the car seat in the car was simple enough, simply use the seatbelt of the car to pull through 2 levers at the base which when secured in the socket doesn't budge at all. Ensure the seatbelt is pulled to it's maximum capacity to ensure the car seat is strapped down 100% and the car seat shouldn't rock from side to side or back to front as it has a base which sits flat on the seat in the car.

      I wish to point since I have not used it in the rear facing position I cannot comment on the ease of putting it in the car that way, but I imagine it to be no more complicated than when the car seat is forward facing.

      - My personal opinion and personal use -

      At first installment the car seat stayed in absolutely perfectly and was an amazing addition to my car! My daughter was always excited to sit in it and couldn't wait to go for a drive! Probably after about 4 months we needed to take it out to put in my mums car to go for a long drive and I have to admit I couldn't remember how to take it out! After A LOT of fiddling around, I found it absolutely easy to remove, and re-install later, it literally takes about 10 seconds! So sometimes, things can look more complicated than they actually are! I think with this car seat, practice makes perfect and it is a lot more straightforward than other car seats I have seen out there!

      In terms of the 5 point harness it is safe but slightly fiddly. Of course I have had this car seat for almost 2 years now so my daughter is growing with it, and I find adjusting the straps seems to be quite tough and requires a lot of elbow grease. She is also quite a free spirit and never seems to enjoy putting her arms through her harness, so I often have to trick her to do it without her noticing!

      The reclining feature is my absolute favourite. As soon as she falls asleep, I am able to recline her seat with literally 2 fingers on the lever and she can be laying down so she doesn't get any neck pain and has a more comfortable sleeping experience, especially if I am driving long journeys.

      The cover of this car seat is easily removed, although it does get in the way of the straps which have to be undone to take the entire cover off. As I am quite lazy I have to confess I don't do this awfully often! It is sturdy and secure and doesn't require constant re-fitting, once it's in place, it doesn't budge!

      For the price of a mere £40 and the fact that my daughter is probably going to get another 2 years service out of this (I am going on the weight guide and not the age of 4 years) I can't fault this product one bit! It is stylish, comfortable and most importantly it is safe. I would 100% recommend it to all and I will be sad the day my daughter grows out of it!


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    • Product Details

      The Kiddicare.com brand offers affordable, yet stylish products that would fit nicely in the home. Our range consists of cotbeds, starter beds, changers, pushchairs, travel cots, to name a few, and is continuing to grow! The Kiddicare.com Maxi SP car seat offers great value for money as it is suitable from birth - 6 years ( 0 - 25kgs ). The seat comes with soft covers which are easily removable and washable. Also the seat offers great side impact protection. This car seat is easily fixed inside the vehicle using the cars 3 point seat belt - reward facing 0 - 10kgs, and the forward facing from 10kgs - 25kgs. FEATURES Fixes into the car reward facing from birth - 10kgs Fixes into the car forward facing from 10kgs - 25kgs 5 point safety harness to offer the child extra which is easily adjusted Removable padded cushion and shoulder pads Extra deep side wings for increased side protection Removable washable covers Carseat weight 5kg

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