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Kippan Kiss 2 Car Seat Rearfacing

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Manufacturer: Klippan / Type: Child Seats

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2013 23:41
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      Great seat that lasts a long time for the money

      I bought the Klippan Kiss 2 for my daughter when she grew out of her infant carrier. I had been researching the next stage car seats and was sure that I wanted to keep her rear facing for as long as possible for safety reasons.

      The Klippan Kiss 2 is one of very few rear facing car seats that is suitable from birth to 4 years as it has a newborn insert which can be removed once the child is over the correct weight limit. I bought the seat too late to use the newborn insert, but it is a moulded cushion that sits in the back of the seat and kind of hugs your baby.

      I chose the Klippan Kiss 2 because it is relatively small compared to some rear facing seats, and after checking online I was happy to learn that it was suitable for our car. It's not the most stylish seat out there, but that sort of thing doesn't really concern me, it's safe and that's the only thing I'm really bothered about.

      I chose the Isofix version, because our car has the fittings and it really is idiot proof. There are special markers on the Isofix base that click into place when it is installed correctly, so it is almost impossible to get wrong. There are no seatbelts to tighten using Isofix as the base is fixed into your car on metal rings down the back of the seat.

      To fit the seat into the base there is a guide arrow and a handle to pull. You need to rock the seat in an upward motion through the guide, whilst pulling the handle, which is then released to fix it in one of the 3 positions, 1 for babies under 1 year old, 2 for 2 year olds and 3 for over 3's. I have only used position 1 so far and it is reclined quite far back, so the baby is almost lying down. This has been great for me because it is practically guaranteed that my daughter will relax and fall asleep within a few minutes of being in the car if she is tired. The position of number one is such that you can see your baby from head to toe from the drivers seat if you look over your shoulder. I think this is brilliant now but it unnerved me slightly on our first journey using the seat because my daughter spent the whole time with her head tilted up peeping at me!

      The 5 point harness fastens with a reassuring click and is well padded on the chest area. The chest pads, and the rest of the covers can be removed for washing, which is useful for keeping the seat clean of drool and whatever else gets them so dirty!

      I find that removing the seat from the base isn't as easy with the child inside (and my husband finds it impossible with or without her in it). The pull handle is difficult to get to, and you need to pull it and swing the seat down towards the back of the car. It is quite a clunky motion and sure to wake a sleeping baby, coupled with pulling out the carry handles, so best avoided unless completely necessary. If you are lucky enough to do it without waking the baby, the seat has an extending handle and wheels so you can push or pull the seat along the floor. I have never used this feature, but I can imagine it might be useful for some.

      I have had a few strange looks from friends for keeping my daughter rear facing after 9 months, but it is the norm in some countries and I think that we are far far behind them in Britain in the safety stakes. Forward facing seats can be picked up for just £20 at supermarket baby events, whereas rear facing seats start from 10 times that and can be difficult to find unless you look online.

      Keeping your child rear facing is 5 times safer than putting them in a forward facing seat as soon as they grow out of their infant carrier. 5 times safer sounds a lot, it *is* a lot but I wasn't sure how much safer it actually was until I looked at some crash test videos on YouTube. In the forward facing seats the child is thrown around like a rag doll and their neck takes most of the strain in a head on collision. Considering how fragile a child's neck is, this is seriously bad news. In a rear facing seat the impact is spread across the whole of the childs upper body. If you're in any doubt please have a look yourself.

      The Klippan Kiss 2 (also sold as the Graco Duologic 2) can be picked up from around £300 and for that you get the Isofix base and the car seat. Separate bases can be purchased if you have 2 cars and just want to use the one seat.

      I have given the Klippan Kiss 2 four stars, it hasn't got five because it is not that easy to get out of the car due to the position of the pull handle. Other than that, I love this seat and I love that it goes from birth to 18kg / around 4 years.


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    • Product Details

      "Klippan Kiss 2 is a rearward facing child car seat suitable from birth to 4 years/18kg. The car seat is easy to install or transfer between cars as it has a pull out handle with wheels. The Kiss 2 can be installed via isofix, or the vehicles 3 point or 2 point belt. There is also a removable base that can be used to install the seat up until 10kg. When installed with isofix the latch system will significantly reduce the risk of incorrect fitting the the safety indicators confirming correct and safe installation.The Kiss 2 will provide safety and comfort whilst you child is travelling, with 3 recline positions, comfortable padding and a head support cushion.Click here for the Klippan user instruction Click here for the car seat fitting guide"

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