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Koo-Di Wetec Seat Protector

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Brand: Prince Lionheart / Car Seat Type: Seat Protector

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    3 Reviews
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      07.10.2010 07:54
      Very helpful



      Seat protector for car seats

      After getting a new car seat for my daughter this year I was concerned about the level of dirt that she could accumulate in these car seats in such a short space of time and I didnt want her new seat looking worn too qucikly so when I saw this seat protector online I knew it was essential! 
      We live in a rural area so when we do take trips in the car they can be half an hour or more. I like to keep snacks in the car for my daughter because it keeps her quiet and happy. Unfortunately she loves Tuc biscuits which easily break apart and end up all over her and her seat. 
      I was really sick of having to take out her seat every week to wash it and thought this seat protector could help ease the burden. The seat protector cost me 6 euro on eBay which wasnt bad as I saw something similar in Mothercare for 15 euro! I got mine in a charcoal colour which matched my car seat perfectly.
      The seat protector is basically a piece of fabric that is absorbant so if you have a toddler who is potty training or a clumsy eater then this will soak it up like a sponge. It sits on the bottom of the seat and it would be nicer if it covered the seat a bit more because my daughter gets the arms of the chair dirty too but it does stop crumbs from falling into the edges.

      The fabric is well made and is soft to touch. The back in layered in pvc material so there is no chance of leakage. It has gone through the wash many times now and hasnt frayed at the seams and the quality is still holding strong.
      This is very easy to remove and I usually throw it into the wash every week as it doesnt take up as much room as the whole seat cover! It is very convenient even though it could be improved. I would still recommend it as its a great idea and can save a lot of back seat troubles.


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        21.07.2010 15:53
        Very helpful



        A great product to help with accidents whilst potty traing on the move

        Why this product
        When we starting potty training our son a little while ago one of my concerns was him going nappy free in his car seat and the risk of accidents. This is especially true as he often will have a nap on a drive and we were going away on holiday which would mean a long drive. I was worried about the car seat cover getting wet and the impact lots of washes would have on it. At the time I thought really using a towel was going to be my only option but I hadn't banked on how creative some companies are in thinking of solutions to this type of problem. An internet site I am a member of was running some potty diaries to follow some little ones on their potty training journey and they were offering the chance to try the car seat liner to a few people. I was one of the lucky ones to get one of these to trial and I have to say it would now be on my must have list as a potty training aid.

        What is it?
        The cover is designed with an effective absorbent filling and a PVC backing to prevent car seats and pushchairs getting wet. It is made of cotton and polyester mix on the outside and the inside is pure cotton.. There is several slots cut into the fabric to help put buckles and straps through and there is a cut way section at the front for it to go over the main seat buckle. The whole thing is machine washable at 40 degrees.

        Our experience
        When this arrived in the post I was a bit childishly excited really and looking forward to testing it I have to admit. Now on opening the package I did have several blonde moments as I tired to figure out how the heck I put this on to the child seat and which way round it should go. Now I have to admit for the first week or so and really until the first accident on it I got this wrong way round! This really is my only criticism of the product on the packaging they should have an idiots guide for people like me to show how it should be attached. The first time I had it with the car seat buckle through one of the slots in the main body of the liner and the hole cut about bit to the back. I foolishly thought this was right and thought this work. My son sat on it comfortably when he had his first accident the bit where the hole was at the back let a lot of the wetness go through so the back of the car seat got wet. Once I have switched this around so it was on the other way there has been no leakage through to the car seat and cover and it fits well and is still comfortable for my son to sit on.

        Washing this product is very simple and it generally just goes into the washing machine alongside the wet clothes and gets hung out or on a clothes horse to dry. It still looks good after several washes and the washing doesn't appear to of reduced its absorption abilities. Whilst away on holiday I washed this by hand in a sink as a washing machine wasn't available and one of the things I have to say this made me notice was how much water it absorbed. I was very impressed as during this time it absorbed at least half a hand washing sink basin full of water. This has reassured me even more about its abilities to absorbs when accidents occur. Hand washing the liner was simple and though it took a little longer to dry than when it's been through the washing machine it was still dry by the next morning and to be used again.

        Overall and recommendation
        I am totally impressed by this liner and would definitely recommend it to other families going though the potty training phase. It has helped give me the confidence to take my son out and about in the car on journeys without putting a nappy on and this helped him learn quicker potty training. It can be used with both car seats and pushchairs though we have only used it with the car seat. The only thing that would improve this would be for it to have an idiots guide for people like myself to show how to attach it. I think we will be keeping this on the seat even once we have no accidents as it is also good for mopping up any drinks spills.

        Where from
        This is available from the likes of John Lewis, Amazon for between £6.95 and £8.95


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          05.08.2009 18:28
          Very helpful



          Anything that makes potty training easier is a plus for me!

          I never thought I would be intrested in products like this, let alone reviewing them but when children arrive you find all these fabulous products to make your life a little easier, or save you a precious morsel of time and these seat protectors definitely fall in to that category!

          I have a 2 1/2 year old and a month or so after her 2nd birthday I resigned myself to the fact it was time to start potty training! The method I was going to attempt suggested not putting a nappy on once you'd started (apart from at bed time) and so I was concerned about how we'd manage on car journeys etc! After recommendation from a friend I went searching on line for a 'piddle pad' as products like these have affectionately become known!

          Koo-Di wetec seat protectors are seat liners aimed to keep the seat dry when babys bottom is wet! The top of the product is soft fabric and there is a PVC backing with absorbent filling between the two which keeps any leaks locked safely away!

          You just hook the buckle of the car seat through the space at the front and thats it fitted. I haven't got the exact measurements but the standard size easily fits the group of car seat a potty training toddler would be in, they are however also available in large (for a booster seat I gather) and also complete seat covering. They are available in a variety of colours.

          I found this product fantastic! We didnt only use it in the car seat, but in the early days also in the high chair, the pushchair and on seats when we were out visiting friends etc. You have complete confidence that even if there is an potty training accident it is going to be easily contained and therefore much easier to deal with, saving copious amounts of washing! Always a bonus!
          The protectors are washable and I found they wash well at 40 degrees (a little fading of the colour but nothing major) and dry quickly even with the filling in the middle. Personally I brought 2, one to use and one to wash and have put them aside ready to be used with the next one (not that Im pregnant yet!) They have also been borrowed by friends proving they are very durable!

          They retail for around £6 each from the majority of baby websites aswell as other retailers (kiddicare, amazon etc) but looking on e-bay you can get better deals, you can even buy 2nd hand ones and I think knowing what I do now I would have done this initially.
          Some peope have said to me they used plastic bags or towels and these were much cheaper, maybe so but plastic bags can't be comfortable for the child, especially in the summer, wheras the protector is lovely and soft. Also towels if thoroughly sodden will still get the seat wet but the PVC backing on the pad prevent this.

          Koo-di website states this product isn't aimed solely for potty training but even from birth to protect the car seat from nappy leaks. Personally I didnt try this and dont think I would as my daughters car seat had a pink flower design which would have been blocked out by the pad (is that vain?!) but I guess if your seat cover was a block colour then it might be handy

          There is now also a similar product available called buppy pads which from what I can gather basically are the same but come with fleece or cotton toppings. I havent seen or tried these so cant really comment but might be worth comparing the two if youre thinking of making a purchase.

          In summary I am so glad I found this product and think its a definite laundry saving device which can only be a good thing!


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