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Mamu Car Seat

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Mamu / Type: Infant Seat & Booster / Design: Forward facing / Features: 5 point harness / Converts into a booster seat

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    2 Reviews
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      04.05.2011 19:58



      All in all, a fabulous bargain of a buy that I would highly recommend others buying. Built to last!

      What a TOTAL bargain from ARgos! We managed to get this seat for just £32.99 down from £100!! I actually bought it well in advance of needing it because it was such a bargain.

      I think just the picture of the seat describes it well. As you can see, it's in 3 parts and converts right down to just a booster seat. This is definately built and designed to last! My son is 23 months (we bought it when he was 12 months). It's very sturdy, not too heavy though, comfortable, stylish and I think the main thing to be known is, is my son finds it very comfortable. He's happy as larry sat in it.

      The only disadvantage really I think is, it's slightly toooo upright. It does tilt back, but once it's on the carseat and is belted in, it's still pretty upright. When my son nods off in it, whoever is in the back with him has to pop his head back or to the side. It's not a major problem though, and if I faff around with it, I could probably get it to tilt back that little bit more.

      I feel this is a very safe and secure child seat for my child and it's fab that it's going to last until he is much older!


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        07.08.2010 19:33
        Very helpful



        Worth getting instead of just a group 1!

        ==Mamu G123 Car Seat==

        After getting Jack on the scales in the bathroom and finding out he is over 18kg I realised that this must mean he is no longer suitable for his group 1 car seat. We have only had this a couple of years and goodness knows why we didn't buy a car seat which, like this one, is suitable for groups 1,2 and 3!

        The car seat grouping is pretty simple and when a child is newborn, it needs a group 0 car seat which is what we had with our first buggy. This grouping is suitable for up to around 15 months of age or in Jacks case less as he is a heavy boy and it also goes on weight up to 13kg. The next stage is a group 1 which is suitable from 9 months to 4 years or in weight from 9kg to 18 kg. The nest stage is a 2 and 3 group which is for children from 4 to 12 years and weighing from 15kg to 36 kg. There is a grouping in the middle which is what this car seat is and it is adjustable from a group 1 to a 2 and then on to a 3. The age range for this is from 9 months to 12 years meaning it is suitable for children weighing 9kg to 36kg depending on how you install the seat in your car.

        We didn't have to actually spend any money when buying this as I chose to use up my Goldfish credit card points which converted into £50 of Argos card vouchers. At the time this car seat was on a half price offer of £49.99p so it would usually cost £100 however having just looked on the Argos site, I can see it is once again on a special at £32.99p which is a very good price when comparing it to others.

        The seat came covered in a plastic wrapper and only had a small instruction booklet with it. However I found it completely easy to install into the car even if Himself still hasn't quite mastered it. Needing it only for a group 2 we have taken out the internal harnesses that the car seat came with and this means it does really need fixing into the car all the time. It literally sits loose on the back seat with the belt held in place by clipping it into a simple red belt guide up by the child's shoulders. Other than this the seat belt really works in the same way as it would do with an adult and just has to be clipped in the main seat buckle and under the car seats arm rest.

        The instillation for how we need it is simple and effective to raise Jack up in his seat and make him safe and comfortable for any journey.

        Because this car seat can be used for a booster seat too it means that when Jack is old enough we only have to follow the simple steps to taking the car seat apart to revealing the booster and slipping this in place with the seat belt lock. The instruction booklet maybe small but it gives the information needed in a clear and easy to follow manner.

        I wish we had purchased this car seat instead of the previous one as it would have lasted us throughout Jacks car seat years and saved us a bit of money. It seems just as simple to use as any other seat and possibly even easier than our last one. The internal harness that this Mamu child seat comes with clips the child in safely to the car seat which should have been already fastened into the car following the instructions is the manual.

        Not only was the seat easy to install and easy to use, but it also looks pretty good to. It has a nice grey colouring that is sure to go with any car interior and isn't a horrible bold colour that I would soon tire of. Jack seems to look rather comfy in it and even dozes off from time to tie when we are out in the car.

        I think I have to say that for the price of the car seat, it is well worth the money and I would strongly suggest anyone who is planning to move from a Group 0 baby carrier up to the group 1 to buy this Mamu group 1,2 and 3 seat and save themselves time and money in having to keep upgrading. Having all three groups in one for this price is brilliant value for money.

        It has to be top marks of 5 stars out of 5 and a very high recommendation!

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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