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Maxi-Cosi Priori XP Car Seat

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Maxi-Cosi / Type: Car Seat

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    4 Reviews
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      18.02.2014 11:10



      Great for after the maxi cosi cabriofix

      I would highly recommend this seat. It is essentially a larger version of the maxi cosi cabriofix but forward facing. It is still a bucket shape seat with a harness and can be tilted backwards if you child needs to sleep. Very comfortable and very sturdy as has a large isofix base. My children loved graduating to this size as it is high enough that they can see out of the window which helps to keep them entertained on long journeys. The disadvantage to the height and large base is that it means the child is positioned within kicking distance of the front seat in most cars. This model can be bought in a variety of colours - I would recommend doing some research on this as the price can vary depending on the colour. We got a discount for choosing brown rather than black. We kept our children in this seat for as longer as possible before moving up to the next type as it was far more comfortable and provided much more support for when they were sleeping. Highly recommended.


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      02.05.2013 00:19
      Very helpful



      Good quality car seat for my daughter, that proved to be sturdy, protective and comfortable.

      We bought the Maxi-Cosi Priori XP Car Seat when our daughter was about 9months - our daughter was (and still is!) tall for her age, so therefore quickly outgrew her carry-car-seat. Hence this purchase.

      We researched the front facing toddler car seats for a long time, looking at reviews in regards to both safety and comfort. We quickly decided we wanted to get a Maxi-Cosi seat - they had the most reliably consistent reviews and were proving to be a front leader on the car seat market. We ended up purchasing the particular Maxi-Cosi Priori XP Car Seat that we did, as we happened to catch it on offer on Amazon - reduced from around £140 down to £100.

      It arrived quickly and promptly - well packaged in a rather big box (to be expected - it's a sturdy car seat!). We had a quick look over the instructions which, although being images, were actually rather straightforward. Well to place in the car they were.

      The seat has several positions, changeable through a squeezy lever in the under middle of the car seat - this provides an upright position and a couple more levels down to a sleep position (which proved most useful on more than several occasions!). The sleep position setting is also the most valuable for when fitting the chair into a car too, as it allows you access to the inbetween area where the seatbelt fits and fastens. Under this area there are 2 red strong clips to feed the seatbelt into, to fasten once the belt is plugged in - getting these tight enough requires patience the first couple of times, but after a little practice, it becomes much quicker and easier, and your seat is safely secure in the car.

      The key points listed on Amazon for the car seat are;
      + Group 1 car seat, from 9 to 18 kg (9 months to around 3.5 years)
      + Installed using car's 3-point seat belt system, belt tensioning system ensures secure, rigid fit
      + Belt hooks keep harness out of the way when placing child into the seat
      + Side Protection System offers optimal protection against side impact
      + Four recline positions with easy one hand operation

      The straps for fastening your child in are height adjustable, so can be changed as your child gets older. These are reasonably straight forward to alter, but do require patience and small hands (otherwise it may prove tricky, as you have to slide your hand in the inner back of the car seat to alter them). As well as adjusting the height, the length can also be adjusted by one handy push button, which also tightens again when needed.

      Comfort wise - we have had no issues. Our daughter has always remained perfectly comfortable, using the sleep recline position when needed, as well as the upright position. Any complaints from our daughter has been limited to strict impatience at being strapped in! The straps securely fasten, 1 from each shoulder down to the one lower strap. I have always been confident that my child is safe in this car seat, and would recommend it to anyone. Yes, there may be certain faffy elements (namely the height adjusting of the shoulder straps) but they are worth working with, to ensure the safety of your child.

      It is also worth noting, that the seat cover is 100% polyester, which can be washed on a 30° handwash. It cannot be tumble dried.

      It is currently retailing on Mothercare for £150, or Amazon for £135.


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      17.02.2013 21:23
      Very helpful



      Great quality group 1 car seat from Maxi Cosi

      The change from rear facing to forward facing car seat was a big event for us. My twin girls are both small for their age and it seemed like they were never going to reach the minimum weight (9kg) for a Group 1 seat. They still easily fitted into their baby rear facing seats at their second birthday and were 26 months when they started using this Maxi Cosi Priori XP. I was looking forward to being able to see them when travelling in the car but didn't want to make the change until they were big enough as everything I read said that they were safer in the rear facing seats.

      Deciding on a car seat
      We decided on the Maxi-Cosi Priori XP after it was recommended by a friend and we liked everything about it. The girls had been using the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix since birth so we were familiar with the quality of this brand. The price came within the range we were willing to pay and although we had to buy 2 seats it was important to us that they were of a good quality. We regularly travel long distances to visit family and the girls can spend up to 4 hours in their car seats on these days so they need to be comfortable as well as safe.

      Things I like about this seat

      It's safe
      The seat has side impact protection and the 5 point harness means you can ensure your child is firmly in place. Should we be involved in an accident I hope that this seat would provide as much protection as possible.

      It's Comfortable
      This seat looks really comfortable with plenty of padding all over and there is lots of space for my girls to grow into them. The approximate age range for this seat is 9 months to 4 years (9-18kg) as my girls have only just gone into them I think they will last past their 4th birthday! The material is good quality and easy to wipe clean, our seats are black although they are available in other colours which I like as they look smart.
      The seat has a 5 point safety harness which is easy to do up, a strap at the front of the seat tightens the straps as you pull it. There are a choice of positions at the back of the seat to ensure the straps fit properly over your child's shoulders and it is easy to change the straps between the positions. The seat has clips on each side which you can use to keep the straps out the way when putting your child in, I find these particularly useful if one of the girls isn't keen on going in and is putting up a bit of a struggle!

      Easy to fit in the car
      My husband did this but it didn't take him long to fit both seats into the car using the seat belts. If we ever need to take them out to use the car with other passengers it is simple to do and not too much hassle.

      Good view for little ones
      These car seats have a plastic base to them which means that your child is sat up quite high in the car and has a similar view to that of an adult seating in the back. After being in rear facing seats for so long my girls love being able to see what is going on and can point out things outside. From the front passenger seat I can easily turn around to talk to them or check they are okay. When driving a glance in the rear view mirror allows me to see them, I didn't like it when they were in their rear facing seats and I couldn't see their faces.

      Reclines for sleeping
      If we are out over nap time then a handle at the front of the seat allows me to recline the seat into a position more comfortable for sleeping. It is quick and easy to do and has a choice of recline positions.

      ...and things I don't
      There is nothing I don't like, I've been really pleased with them and would choose them again.

      Price and Availability
      We purchased our seats from Halfords when they were on offer, they currently (February 2013) cost £119.99 at Halfords. They are slightly cheaper at Kiddicare costing £114.95. They were the upper end of our budget but I'm really pleased that we bought them.


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      28.04.2012 09:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A car seat we bought three times!

      This is a review of the car seat we bought for our daughter. A Maxi-Cosi Priori XP Car Seat in Black Reflection. At first, we used the baby carrier that came with the pram as a travel system but she soon outgrew that and we felt it would be better to have her as a forward facing seat so we could communicate better with her.
      She was a tall baby so was ready for the new style quite early on. We couldn't go for an isofix base system as we didn't have the right cars for it to go in.

      We paid £119 for this car seat but it is usually £149.99. We got ours from Toys R Us. In fact we bought three! One for each of our cars and one for Nanny's car too as it saved moving them all around. There are vouchers in the catalogue at the moment to save money off car seats so ask before you buy as the staff are usually helpful in pointing out discounts and vouchers. I have since seen the same seat in red at mothercare for £10 less so you can get a bargain.

      Fitting the chair
      The seat fits around the car's own seatbelt and clicks securely into place. This is easy to do following the diagrams on the actual seat. There is a lock which clamps the seat around the belt once everything is in place. It takes around five minutes to fit the seat into the car and even I managed to do it so it must be fairly easy. A lot of shops offer a trial fixing service so you can see how the car seat suits your car as not every seat is made for every car. At Toys R Us you can't take the car seat back once you have bought it (unless faulty) so they do recommend a fitting before purchase.

      In use
      The seat is an upright forward facing car seat. Recommended for 9 months plus. You can adjust the straps to your baby so they sit on their shoulders and the shop assistant advised that she would be in this style of seat until around 4 years old so that justifies the price I think. Once you are happy with the height of the straps, you can sit your baby in and fasten them in. The two straps meet at the clasp which you have to hold together and click into the main lock which is between their legs (and padded well). This is a little fiddly and there is definitely a knack to it. It took Nanny ages to work it out and she struggled a little as she has trouble with her thumbs. A little research showed that there is no easy solution to this, they are all a bit difficult to click together, made worse by a wriggly child.

      What helps is the hooks that you can use to keep the straps out of the way when you first sit the child in, then a little rummaging around the sides for the metal bits ensues!

      I think I am making this sound more difficult than it actually is. Put it this way, we wouldn't have bought it three times if it was that hard as the three purchases were made at different times.

      Another good feature is the slack mechanism, so you can make the straps nice and long whilst you fasten then and then tug on the excess strap the other side of the lock and tighten up the tension on the straps.

      Our daughter is like Houdini and can get out of any situations involving straps, whether this is in the pushchair, car seat or even in a harness (reins). She regularly wriggles out of the shoulder straps which means she is not secure in the seat should there be a crash. Difficult to put right on a motorway but I have pulled over to put her back in when driving locally and I pull the tension really tight then to try and stop her getting out! Only once has she completely climbed out and stood up in her seat whilst I was driving!

      My thoughts
      I do think this is a good universal car seat that is mid priced - you can get cheaper ones but you can pay a lot more too. We traded in a second hand seat we had been given for the first Maxi Cosi Priori to get some discount and it was a really old one that was hardly padded so this one must be a lot more comfy to sit in. It seems extravagant to buy three but we do use them all (but not at once) and will need two shortly anyway (ooh cryptic! Not really...) so it saves a little time swapping the seat from car to car. We decided that we might as well stick to the one we had been happy with and that's why we went again for this one. The colour black is a little boring but suits either sex and doesn't show up the dirt too much!

      Final word
      I would recommend this car seat to anyone seeking a stage two seat. It is relatively easy to install and easy to get your child in and out of, much better on the back than the stage one seats! They are costly but what price can you put on your child's safety?


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    • Product Details

      This seat has a secure harness system that extends for your growing child. Thanks to the special belt tensioner on the front of the car seat, the Priori XP can be installed securely in the car. With its versatility, safety and trendy design, the Priori XP is truly a car seat for todays parents. The Maxi-Cosi Priori XP is a forward facing group 1 child car seat suitable for children from 9-18kg (9mth-4yrs). The Maxi-Cosi has to be installed by using a 3-point car belt system. Features: Comfort: Side protection system offers optimal protection against side impact. Four comfortable positions, from suiting to sleeping. Optimum safety when fitted with a car seat belt. Ease Of Use: The height of the harness belt can be easily adjusted from the front. Belt tensioner to ensure extremely secure installation. Easy to install with a 3-point safety belt. Crotch pad hook and practical belt hooks keep the harness out of the way, when placing a child in the seat. Easy to adjust from a sitting to a sleeping position. Dimensions: Max seat width: 300 mm Seat depth: 310 mm Height of seat 580 mm External width of seat: 440 mm External depth of seat: 520 mm External height of seat: 690 mm Weight: 9.2 kg Conforms to ECE R44/04

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