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The First Years 3-in-1 Booster Seat

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2 Reviews

Grows with your child This booster seat is fully collapsible for travel and is easy to assemble. The only 100% dishwasher-safe seat available.

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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2010 21:30
      Very helpful



      Such a great buy for a genius design

      Stress free and fun feeding times! I have bought this chair twice, once for my eldest son 9 years ago, and I was so happy with it I bought it again last year for my 1 year old son. The person who invented this type of chair was genius!

      The chair itself is such a simple design, it has a main frame consisting of a back and 2 side panels, a seat panel, a tray, and the fastening straps. All of which is made from easy to clean strong dishwasher safe plastic (except the straps). The straps are made of a firm material and has a traditional male and female fastening system.

      When I first bought the chair, it was very easy to put together, you just open the side panels until they click into place and then slide the seating panel in at the required height until that clicks into place. The seating panel has 3 levels to grow with your baby.

      The tray slides on by squeezing 2 handels that are on the underside of each side. The tray also has different settings so you can adjust the depth given to your child. The tray is reasonably wide, it will fit a child size plate and bowl on, but nothing bigger. The tray is dishwasher safe.

      The fastening straps are probably the weakest feature in this design. Not through strengh, but using them. They are not fastened to the chair at all, they simply slide through holes allowing you to clip them around the dining chair. You are supplied with 2 straps to secure it to a main chair, one goes around the back of the dining chair and one around the seat part. If you get the lenght too short make sure you hold on to the other end of the strap before adjusting it as it will just pull through and get stuck somewhere under the chair!! Tightening the strap is quite difficult but I suppose its better than having them slip free when your child is in the chair!! The strap to hold your child in is ok, the material I find is quite tough but can rub on a childs leg, not through being too tight, just where a child slides down slightly taking away any slack. The fastening clip is excellent on this, even I struggle to unclip it!!

      The chair folds down with ease and the tray attaches to the chair to ensure a sercure package whilst you are travelling.


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      01.11.2007 07:58
      Very helpful



      Superb booster seat that's great value for money

      I have no idea why Dooyoo have placed this product in "Motors" for it has nothing to do with cars and isn't even a car seat - it's a table booster seat. For those who worry about these things I've asked the category to be moved from where I found it.

      Anyhow. Chances are, if you want to read about booster seats you've searched for "booster seats" and so will have found this anyway. IT IS NOT A CAR SEAT AND SHOULD NOT BE USED IN A CAR.

      With a toddler things are forever changing. Only a few months ago my son was always fed in his highchair and going out for lunch was something we wouldn’t have contemplated. Now though, just a few months on, my son is showing distinct signs that he’s growing up and wants to be treated in the same way as older people. One way in which he expresses this desire to be “grown up” is by sitting directly at the table for food rather than in his highchair. There’s a problem here though. At 16 months he is neither tall enough to reach the table nor sensible enough not to fall off a big chair. The solution is a booster seat.

      The “First Years 3 in 1 Booster Seat” was actually the second seat we tried. I had some fairly basic criteria in my mind when we went to buy the seat the major one being that I wanted something that would fold down so that we could use it when out and about in pubs and restaurants. The first seat that I bought (I’m afraid I can’t recall the make) met this major criteria but when I got it home I found that the safety straps only just went round my son who at (then) 13 months was not a large baby by any stretch of the imagination. It certainly wouldn’t have lasted until he was 3 (which was the suggested upper age range on the box). So the quest for a foldable seat continued.

      Then, when shopping in Tesco, I came across the First Years seat. For us, this seat ticks more or less all of the boxes and was cheaper than my original purchase. Since purchasing the seat I have come across several versions of this booster seat, all called the same thing and ostensibly the same but there are some differences so do look before you buy.

      The booster seat has two main parts, the seat and the tray. The whole thing is made from robust plastic which makes it very easy to clean – you can even put it in the dishwasher although I haven’t tried!

      The seat has three height positions and is easily adjusted by taking the seat part away from the sides and then sliding it back into place at the desired height. The process is easy but the seat remains firm and snug after adjustment so there is no safety issue for little ones. It also requires a fair amount of strength to alter the height and so there’s little chance of a child managing it.

      The “folding” part of the chair simply entails the back of the seat folding down onto the base. It’s easy to do although it does require two hands. This is also something that my 16 month-old can do if he concentrates but as there are no clips or catches there’s nowhere for little fingers to be trapped so it’s not an issue. Once folded the tray can be clipped onto the seat to prevent it from opening (it won’t open unaided in any event) making it very compact for travel and easy to carry.

      Talking of the tray, it fits onto the booster seat very easily and has three positions making it possible to get an ideal fit for baby. There are two handles on either side of the tray which need to be squeezed to get the tray to fit onto the seat but this is easy to do and not at all fiddly. When we use the booster at the table we tend not to use the tray but the presence of a tray makes it ideal when travelling as not all tables are suitable for children either due to height or what’s on them! The tray also means that you can, if necessary, simply place the seat on the floor and feed a child that way.

      The size of the tray is fairly good and will take a small plate easily. If a larger plate is used then oval shapes are better.

      The booster seat will attach to any chair with a back by the use of two straps one of which goes under the seat of the chair and the other around the back. If you are using the booster seat on a chair with a padded seat it is advisable to sit the child in the booster seat before fastening the strap that goes under the chair to ensure that the fit is tight enough.

      The child can be restrained in the seat via the use of a webbing strap harness that goes round the waist and connects though a crotch strap. This is my only real gripe with the seat. The webbing that forms the crotch strap is not fixed to the seat, rather it’s a piece of webbing with a buckle on the end of it that’s simply posted through a slot on the seat of the chair. The buckle stops the strap going through the hole but it also means that when the straps are undone and the seat picked up gravity works to pull the crotch strap back through the hole and, as a good friend has found to her cost, this means the strap could easily be lost. Occasionally the straps will get “lost” under the seat but they are easy to retrieve.

      I wouldn’t imagine that many very young children would be able to undo the straps but this seat would not be ideal for those that can if the tray is not used as they could climb out. We’ve not had any problems though. Parents should note that it’s not a 5-point harness though (with shoulder straps) and so not as safe as the straps in a highchair. I have yet to see a booster seat with a 5-point harness though.

      My son absolutely adores his seat and I suspect he feels a bit more grown up using it to sit with us at the table. He also enjoys “playing” with it on the floor and it has taught him how to get on and off chairs in a very safe way as it’s only inches from the floor. We’ve just entered a phase where cuddly toys are sat and strapped into the seat to be fed and this also provides amusement.

      The seat comes partially assembled, you have to fit the straps. This was a bit fiddly as the holes through which the straps pass are only just big enough for the fasteners to pass though. For one of the straps we did have to use a pair of pliers to get sufficient purchase on the strap to pull it through.

      I feel that this seat is excellent value for money. It’s versatile, portable and easy to clean. We’d not be without it.



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