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Asda Play and Learn Rainmaker

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Brand: Asda

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2012 11:16
      Very helpful



      A nice little rainmaker that will hold a childs attention good value for money

      I guess when it comes to children's toys I can be a little picky as I like toys that will benefit the children when there playing with them. Over the years working with children has been great fun especially with the SEN (Special Educational Needs) groups. So before I can a purchase I normally have a good look at the toy itself first and normally read any instructions given on the box. I do a lot of child minding so I always have a stacked toy box because believe me if the child is bored they will certainly let you know about it!

      Asda Play and Learn Rainmaker:

      "A fun alternative to the ordinary rattle"

      My Findings:

      I picked this toy up a couple of weeks ago now and George is really into sounds his 10 months old now and at the time I was thinking what a neat little gadget this would be for him. It states that this toy is suitable for 6 months plus.

      Personally I don't think you need to spend lots of money on fancy toys depending on there age of course. A lot of pre-school children are more than happy to play with anything going if it's bright and makes a noise!

      This helps with hand and eye co-ordination, also to simulate there thinking pattern. Its great to watch him work out shaking it makes a noise, tipping it upside down makes a different slower rattling sound and George likes to watch the movement of the tiny balls in side. One of the side of this rainmaker also has a mirror in a flower shape which I think is another great feature, simulating there curiosity on who's in the mirror.

      The overall size of the rainmaker is very good it's about an inch or so thick in the middle then larger towards the ends. It also has different textures over the plastic casing again providing more simulation when touching the toy. The length from top to bottom is around 12inches, so it's a good size. George doesn't have any problem holding this with just one had, however his normally got a hand at each end and biting the middle!

      It is very colourful so extremely attractive on the eye to younger children when tipping it upside down the mini balls move a long with the plastic sections along the insides of the rainmaker. For what it is and the price is really is a great little toy and George has his moments where he loves to play with it and carries it around with him.

      However once 15 minutes or so has past he soon wants to play with his other toys. Personally I think this toy works best as one of Georges push chair toys as its small enough for him to play with while out on our walks. Plus if I'm ever stuck on the bus with him this normally seems to pacify him until I can take him out of his chair.

      As you know children can get very messy and this being plastic is very easy to keep clean. It does however have some small indentations, but as they are at the most a millimeter deep it doesn't tend to get any food stuck in the grooves. One thing to note though you can not wash this in a bowl of water as the water leaks in a damages the toy itself. So a handy wipe will do.

      Price and Availability:

      As this is one of Asda's own it can only be purchased from an Asda store or via their online site. The toy itself only £3.00 and money well spent I think.


      I'm really happy I purchased this neat little toy as George really does enjoy playing with it, even though he tries to give it the dog! It has been really handy for me and an easy toy to carry with me for something occupy George whilst his in his pushchair.

      Five out of five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:



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