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Disney Hannah Montana Guitar and Keyboard

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Brand: Hannah / Age: 3 Years+ / Type: Music

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    2 Reviews
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      22.06.2009 14:47
      Very helpful



      Hannah's Set; For Pop Star Kids There's Not Much Better -For Guitar Mad Kids Just Forget Her!!

      Disney Hannah Montana Guitar and Keyboard Set Musical Toys.

      The world has gone Hannah Montana crazy of late, as you'll probably already know if you've a young child in the house. Hannah is non other than line dancing country music star Billy Ray Cyrus - which if you're anything like me, is necessarily a blessing -lol!

      As part of the H. Montana merchandising range (which is quite big and includes actual, real guitars -so if your child is a little older, and wants to learn a real instrument -you may want to consider nudging them in that direction instead).

      But for the real youngsters, the Hannah Montana Guitar and Keyboard Set, might just be thing to placate them on a rainy day while you're trying to get 3 baskets of washing done as well as keep the little wonders entertained.


      A PRETEND GUITAR -though it does make a noise via the push buttons that live on the neck of the 'instrument', th guitar looks fun and is adorned with Hannah Montana's picture.

      As long as your child is fairly young, and likes Miss Montana -I think they won't be too disappointed with this pretend guitar, and being a toy instrument; there are no strings to break and potential hurt your child -which is a definite bonus.

      The guitar also comes with a smart strap (though this will need to be checked regularly so that the guitar doesn't work loose and drop off), and there are three songs built in that your child can play along with -which is nice, but don't forget that you're going to need a good supply of batteries if your child really takes to this instrument (personally I recommend buying 2 sets of rechargeable batteries instead -one set to use while the other one is being recharged).

      There's also a working microphone that fits over the head - Britney Spears style - that plugs straight into the guitar -which is a little unusual in the real world, but I'm sure it adds to the fun of this set. Though I don't know that the thin mic lead is going to last too long, when your little pop star gets over enthusiastic -lol!!

      The keyboard (unlike the guitar) is an actual musical instrument (though not of a course a very serious one) with a keyboard spanning 3 octaves 'F' to 'F' (yes, I'm a musician -lol!!). So in my opinion this is by far the most useful item in the set, as it may just inspire a latent interest in real musical instruments - and that's quite a wonderful lifelong gift for any child to develop.

      There's the usual Hannah Montana picture on the keyboard, and there are various buttons for selecting different instruments -piano, flute, synthesizer etc as well as some drum sounds - which are a welcome addition to the keyboard, and give a potentially longer shelf life -in the fickle jungle that is children's toys!!

      Just like the guitar -there are built in, play along songs -though there aren't many; just 3 (same as the pretend guitar) -which is a shame, as the technologies already built into the keyboards to play tracks -so adding a few more wouldn't have been any great difficulty. The Keyboard takes batteries -so factor these into the price if you're considering buying this set (or take my advice and get some rechargeable ones).

      There's a hand held mic that plugs into the keyboard- and as a welcome feature output can be recorded -so your child can actually hear themselves perform; which is great, well thought out feature!!

      Not a bad outfit for the budding (very) young pop star -the keyboard (being a real instrument) is the highlight of this set, though the guitar and mic functions will add some longevity to a child's interest... My only reservations are that the headset mic cable may not last long, and you're going to need plenty of batteries (or 3 or 4 sets of rechargeable ones -lol!!)

      Hope you found my review of some help, and good luck with your bargain hunting!!


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      12.01.2009 23:22
      Very helpful



      An amazing buy and I am so glad I bought it, my daughter could not be happyier

      I bought this as a christmas present for my daughter. She is 6 years old and like all 6 year olds at the moment she absolutely LOVES Hannah Montana, plus she likes to make a noise so I figured this would be the perfect gift for her.

      I actually picked this up at a very good price, £20 in my local Asda store. I have since seen this for sale at almost double the price so I would definately recomend shopping around to get the best deal. I thought that the price I paid was very reasonable considering what this set includes.

      For those of you who don't know Hannah Montana is a children's t.v series that shows on the Disney channel. It about a young teenager played by Miley Cyrus. It details her daily struggles with being a teenager and her oh so terrible dilemma's such as what outfit to wear etc. I know how it sounds but believe me there's something that appeals to little girls.
      Miley Cyrus the actress has also recently released an album and this is where I assume the musical side of Hannah Montana comes in.

      Anyway this product is a keyboard and a guitar from the Hannah Montana range so that your little princess can be just like her idol. I'll tell you about each one seperately.

      This is a very attractive child sized guitar, it is purple and lilac and decorated with Hannah Montana pictures and squiggles.
      It has several buttons up the guitar neck that are decorated with little hearts and flowers. These buttons when pressed each made a different sound, there like the guitar chords if you will. There is also four strings that can be strummed to make music. The guitar is very realisticly made with plastic tuning knobs and volume dials.
      There are 3 pre-set songs from the Hannah Montana series that can be played with the press of a button and then you can play along to it, this I think is a nice idea as it makes your child think they are playing the song.
      There is also a head microphone set that plugs into the guitar and is worn behind the neck so your child can sing along to their playing. This works really well and you can hear their singing nice and clear.
      There are dials on the guitar to adjust the guitar volume, microphone volume and the microphone echo.
      There is a strap on the guiatr so that you can wear it over your shoulders and really feel like a pop star!

      The keyboard is also attractively decorated in the same purple plastic and Hannah Montana designs as the guitar.
      This is complete 38 musical keys that sound very similar to the actual keys on a keyboard.
      You can change the sound of the keys by pressing one of the buttons above and make it sound like a whole new song, some of the options are rock, samba, waltz and blues.
      As well as being able to change the sounds of the keys you can add in some special effects to really liven up your music. Again these work by simply pressing the appropriate button.
      There are then two circular pads with more buttons to press one side has piano, flute, organ and synth sounds to add to your song and the other is like a little drum pad with buttons for bass, snare, cymbal and bell.
      Again there are also 3 pre-set songs that you can play along to, these are the same 3 songs that are on the guitar which means it's really handy when 3 children are playing the same song together.
      Like the guiatr the keyboard also has volume controls and a plug in microphone that rests in the microphone holder on the keyboard.
      The added fuction to this is that it has an option to record your songs and play them back, this is a really great touch and my little girl never tires of recording herself singing away.

      This really is a great buy as you get not one but two fantastic toys to encourage your child's creativity and allow them to live their pop star dreams. It is especially fun when there is more then one child playing, there are many days my daughter has invited friends over to join 'her band' and they have hours of fun pushing buttons and making noise.

      The toys themselfs are very attractive and feel very sturdy, my daughter has already dropped the guitar down the stairs once and there's not a mark on it and it works great so I don't think you have to worry about them breaking easilly.

      Normally toys such as the Hannah Montana range are poorly made and cheap so they use the name to sell them but not in this case, it is a quality product and at an amazing price.

      I would strongly recomend it for any Hannah Monatn fan just make sure you buy some ear plugs first.


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  • Product Details

    Have the best of both worlds with the Hannah Montana Guitar & Keyboard set. Sing along on the microphone as you rock out the show just like Hannah Montana.

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