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Disney Princess & The Frog Musical Instruments

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Brand: Disney / Range: The Princess and the Frog / Type: Instrument set containing a ukulele, drum, trumpet, cymbals and a firefly shaped shaker.

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2011 22:30
      Very helpful



      Not as good as I'd hoped.

      I brought the Princess & The Frog Instrument Set for my 3 year old girl about a year ago. She had seen it and wanted it, so I wrapped it up for her birthday.

      ** Contents **

      The set comes packaged in quite a large sized, open-fronted box (so you know exactly what you're getting).

      There are 5 instruments to this set, and include a...

      - Ukulele
      - Drum (with sticks)
      - Trumpet
      - Cymbals
      - Firefly shaped shaker.

      ** Price & Availability **

      I brought the Princess & The Frog Instrument Set for £25.00 from The Disney Store (it's a Disney Store exclusive).

      ** My thoughts **

      The Princess & The Frog is an all singing, all dancing, toe tapping, trumpet blowing, jazz filled film - so it seems rather fitting for this instrument set to be Princess & The Frog themed.

      The ukulele is purple and about 10 inches long. It looks very much like a shrunken guitar and I've had to explain the difference between a ukulele and guitar to my daughter. It has 4 strings on it and a picture of Frog Naveen serenading Frog Tiana on his very own ukulele, along with the phrase 'Trust your heart'. Each string on the ukulele plays a different note and you could probably play it properly if you knew how to. My daughter loves strumming away and singing along. It isn't too noisy either which is a bonus.

      The drum is a nice size (6 and a half inch diameter) for my daughter and has a thick purple material strap attached which allows her to wear it around her neck. The outside of the drum is made from a thick (and relatively robust) cardboard and is decorated with a night time scene of Tiana and Prince Naveen (in frog form) holding hands on top of the water, surrounded by fireflies. The bottom of the drum has a plastic film across it and the top of the drum has a thin cardboard film across it (decorated with a nice picture of Tiana in her trademark dress and the phrase 'Fairy Tale Dreams'). Two plastic purple drum sticks are also included.

      My little drummer girl was eager to get drumming as soon as she opened this set and continued to drum for about a week until both sides of the drum caved in! The drum couldn't be fixed and was soon out of action all together which my daughter was really disappointed by as she loved wearing the drum around her neck and using the sticks to make a 'funky' beat!

      My daughter is a big fan of the trumpet, mainly because she enjoys pretending to be like Louis the alligator who plays trumpet in The Princess & The Frog film. The trumpet is green with purple trim and has 3 purple buttons. It looks very nice and also has a picture of Louis on the side. The trumpet actually sounds more like a harmonica than a trumpet, and doesn't require too much force to make a noise - it's easy for my daughter to use. The trumpet only makes a noise when the buttons are pressed whilst blowing, each button plays a different note. My daughter enjoys pressing all the buttons and making up her own 'songs' to perform to everybody!

      There are 2 cymbals included in the set. The cymbals are around 5 inches in diameter, made of metal, are flat and have plastic green handles with a sticker of Tiana and Prince Naveen (in frog form) on each. The cymbals sound absolutely awful - really loud and clangy - not musical at all. They sound just like frying pans being bashed together... which my daughter loved, obviously!

      However after a month or so I noticed that the handles were coming loose from the cymbals and the cymbals (which were kept in my daughters toy box) were battered and out of shape. I didn't want to upset my daughter by throwing them out so I stuffed them back into the bottom of her toy box. She retrieved them from her toy box a couple of months later and unbelievably they were covered in rust! They have since been thrown out.

      The firefly shaker is made of plastic and the back end has small white beads inside, which you can see. It is quite small (about 3 inches long) but very sweet. It looks just like Ray the firefly from the film - tired eyes, silly mouth and antennae. My daughter likes the shaker but it isn't used quite as much as the akulele or trumpet, infact I usually get stuck with the shaker whilst she plays the lead percussionist!

      The Princess & The Frog Instrument Set is recommended for children 3+ and would appeal to girls more than boys. The educational aspects of this set are that it seems good for developing musical skills and exploring sound and rhythm.

      Overall this is a nice looking set and is visually pleasing to fans of Princess & The Frog. The ukulele, trumpet and shaker are all fun to use but the drum and cymbals really let the set down. My daughter probably would have got a lot more use out of the set if all the instruments were good quality. I feel the set is very overpriced for what it is and especially since two of the instruments are now unusable! If you can pick this set up for a very cheap price then it might be worth it, but I wouldn't pay £25.00 for it again.


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