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Manufacturer: John Adams / Type: Childrens Game

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    2 Reviews
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      12.12.2013 00:31
      Very helpful



      A good game, when it works!

      There was a game that was top of my daughters Christmas list last year and that game was Doggie Doo. Doggie Doo is a game in which you basically take turns to make a toy dog poop! The box reads "Feed and walk your little dog and if he poops, you scoop that poop! The first to 3 wins". I found the whole idea rather revolting so unsurprisingly my daughter just HAD to have it...

      The game comes packaged inside a long cardboard box and there are paper instructions inside. The game consists of a brown plastic sausage dog with red lead attached (which is actually a pump), plastic yellow bone, 4 shovels (all different colours) a dice and a pot of neon yellow putty-like goo. The game is made by Ideal, is suitable for 2-4 players and is recommended for those over 4 years.

      Doggie Doo is quick and easy to set up (hardly any setting up is required) which is a positive as my daughter often loses interest in games which require lots of setting up. Is all you need to do before playing is give each player a shovel and put some yellow goo in to the bone and feed it in to a hole in the dogs mouth (it's supposed to go in as food and come out as poop, but it all looks the same!).

      The rules are simple. In fact there aren't really many rules. The aim of the game is to take turns rolling the dice and follow the instructions on it. The food passes through the dog and eventually pops out of the dogs bum! The winner is the first player to collect 3 poops on their shovel. The dice has numbers 1 to 3 on. It also has an X and a swap symbol. If you roll 1 you pump the pump once, if you roll 2 you pump the pump twice, if you roll 3 you pump the pump three times, if you roll X you miss a turn and if you roll the 'swap' symbol you can swap shovels with somebody else (hopefully somebody who has plenty of poops on their shovel!').

      We had a great time playing this game last Christmas, even I was won over by this vile game! Most kids, including mine, love anything to do with poop (!) so the idea of this game is a total winner. The food/poop makes a horrid 'farting' sound as it passes through the dog (especially towards the back end!) which made my daughter giggle like mad (you can also make gross noises in the tub it comes in). The game is also surprising suspenseful as you don't know when the poop will fall out and who will catch it! The game requires no batteries, so no faffing around and extra cost. Unfortunately there are downsides, other than being rather disgusting and not very educational! We found that quite often the food/poo would get stuck inside the dog and would take AGES to get out (thus completely ruining the game). This happened more often than not the last few times we played the game and was highly frustrating (we fed the dog as instructed and made sure not to 'overfeed' it). Another major downside was that we put away Doggie Doo for a month or two in my daughters bedroom and when we got it out to play with, the yellow putty (food/poop) had turned really gloopy, almost water-like. It got stuck to our skin, clothes, carpets and was absolutely impossible to remove. I have no idea why this happened (my daughters room is a normal temperature and the game was stored away properly)...

      Doggie Doo is widely available and can be found in most toy shops. It generally retails between £15.00 - £20.00 which I happen to think is very overpriced (even if it did work properly!). You can buy Doggie Doo food/poop putty separately too (you can find it online for about £5.00 a tub), although I haven't yet bothered buying any more as the bad design of the game and the gloopy putty poop has put me off.


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        10.01.2012 14:17
        Very helpful



        I can't imagine her majesty playing this one with the grand kids... although Philip may have a go

        Christmas is over and it's now time to tell the world about the presents that we all received.
        This one is actually about a game that one of my kids got from there Great Grand parents, who seem to think that my nine year old is still about four, considering the things that they buy her, (bless them).
        Anyway, this particular game that they bought her was a game which, as stated on the box, was aimed at four year olds and above and, from looking at the picture on the box, involved a dog and what looked like the contents of the dogs stomach after it had 'done its business' on the floor.
        With the game being aptly called the Doggy Doo game, (Oh my god, what will they come up with next under the title of entertainment?)
        So you can sort of guess what it was going to be about.

        So, after unpacking the game, with my daughter looking on with a little smirk on her face as she had obviously sussed out what the game was about, I set about reading the instructions and getting ready to play the game, only for her to have already stared to shove what looked like a ball of play dough into the dogs mouth, stuffing half a bone in with it.
        It turned out that one of my daughters friends has this particular game and that she had spent many hours happily playing it round at her house, (so maybe Great Granny isn't as senile as she makes out then).
        So, with a quick briefing from my daughter, we proceeded to play the game

        But firstly, let me tell you about the game itself, it is a game for two to four players
        What you get is a plastic Dachshund dog which is on a lead with a pumping trigger on the handle.
        Four different coloured scoops, a yellow bone, which acts like a cork, a dice, a doggie doo pellet maker and some play dough which is the doggie doo, or pooh, depending on what you want to call it.

        The game is simple to play, with a player using the pellet maker to make a pellet of play dough, or doggie doo, then stuffing it into the dogs mouth, using the yellow bone to get the doggie doo into the mouth properly, then blocking the mouth up to create the 'semi-vacuum' (sort of).
        The player then rolls the dice and, holding the handle of the lead, pumps the lead the number of times that the dice landed on.
        Each pump of the handle sends the play doggie doo closer to the dogs rear end, with some rather strange noises as it goes, until eventually the inevitable happens, and the player that is holding the lead when this happens has to scoop the poop with their coloured scope.
        Simple as that really. Although you do have to make sure that the bone is pushed into the mouth properly or the pumping action won't work as the air will escape from both ends.

        The rules state that the person who gets three scopes on their shovel is the winner but you can make up your own winning rules on this one.

        The verdict...
        What a meaningless yet totally hilarious game indeed, if you like the idea of watching and listening as a dog breaks wind and poops all over the floor... such fun.
        The dog is a good size so it does take a few pumps to get the doggie doo through its system.
        The pump itself is in the shape of a lead, one of those retractable ones that allow you dog to wonder around in front of you and, with the flick of a button, your dog comes flying back to you, (or is the lead I use on my dog a little to strong?). The pumping action is achieved via a trigger on the leads handle, which, as long as a hand can pull it, any age of person can play this game.

        Unfortunately, I did find that after playing the game a few times, following the instructions to the letter, the pooh was getting stuck on transit, with the funny noises that is used to make not being so funny. Luckily, after a brief search on line and a few reviews read about the game, I realised that the actual instructions that came with the game were more a hindrance.
        What I mean by that is the reason that the pooh was getting stuck was that I was pushing too much into the dogs mouth, this was leading to their not being enough air inside the dogs insides to get the 'semi- vacuum' effect up to scratch, and with this there wasn't enough compressed air to force the pooh far from the dogs mouth. So, after pushing the stuck pooh out with a long wire brush, (the same one I use for unblocking the kitchen sink plug holes), and after a suggestion I read on line, we now only push a couple of pellets into the mouth at a time, which does seem to have solved the problem of the dogs dodgy digestive dilemma.

        So once that little problem was over come, and a slight change to the rules, we carried on playing the game and happily watched as the pooh plopped out of the dogs bottom, ready to be scooped up by the giggling player and their lovely coloured pooper scooper.

        As for the price, well, this game is selling for around the £20.00 mark which is not too bad, although they could have warned people about the possibility of the pooh getting stuck in the dogs intestines due to over feeding. But for 20 quid, as long as you don't over feed the dog, you and your kids can have a lot of harmless fun whilst teaching them that scooping the poop is the right thing to do, plus there's absolutely no smell at all, (unless one of the kids 'lets one go' and tries to blame the dog).


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