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ELC French Flash Cards

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Brand: ELC / Age: 3 Years+ / Type: Foreign Language

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2010 20:34
      Very helpful



      Gives a helping hand with French

      Since both my daughters started school they have enjoyed going to French Club where they learn the basics of the language through songs and games. My schoolgirl french was never that great at the best of times and I struggle to remember even the most basic vocabulary in order to help the, That is why I bought a set of French flash cards from the Early Learning Centre.

      The set contains fifty flash cards showing pictures of everyday objects including colours and numbers. The cards are quite large and are made from forest friendly card. They feel like they are good quality that is not likely to bend easily and also has a very handy wipe clean surface.

      Each card is double sided showing the same picture on each side. On one side though you see the name of the object written in English and on the flip side the word is written in French with a guide as to how to pronounce the word in brackets. There are various types of fruit such as banana and yoghurt, animals, transport, family members, colours and numbers. The pictures are quite bright and attractive and with the word also provided there can be no doubt as to what the object is. You could say that in some ways it is quite random as with only fifty cards more things are going to be left out in each category than those that are selected. At least they provide a starting point though.

      There are lots of different ways that you can choose to use these cards and there are lots of suggestions on the back of the pack. When my daughters first started learning I would hold the card up and say the word in French and they would repeat it. As they got to know the words better I would hold up the card, say the word in English and they would say what the word was in French and they were always highly delighted when they often got it right!

      We also spread the cards out on the table and if I say a word in French they have to find the right picture. Some are obviously a little easier than other depending on how similar the word is in English. Now that my older daughter is quite good at French, she enjoys doing this for her younger sister.

      Also, as the words are written in French they could start reading the words instead of just saying them out loud. You can also try out spelling by revealing letters one at a time and see if your child knows what letter is coming next.

      My daughters have enjoyed using these cards and I do think that they have helped with the learning of French although in a quite limited way. Although the girls were very enthusiastic at first they have lost interest lately but I think it is because they soon came to know all the cards a bit too well. I think if I was able to get another set of cards to add to them that would renew their interest.

      Overall though this was a pretty good buy for £5 and certainly helped the girls' French for a while. Since then we have got a French picture dictionary though and on reflection we have had much greater mileage out of that!


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    • Product Details

      These 50 large cards have a picture and French word (with pronunciation help) on the front, and the English word on the back.

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