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ELC Times Tables Card Games

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Brand: ELC / Age: 5 Years+ / Type: Math

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2009 18:31
      Very helpful



      Great reinforcement for learning

      When I was at school (all those years ago!) it was always drummed into us how important it was to learn our tables so we did! It is a skill that once you have acquired it's with you for life, and even in this technological age of calculators and computers, I still think that knowing your tables well is a skill worth having!

      I bought this times table game to play with my daughter who is five. She is probably a little young yet to really start learning her tables thoroughly but I didn't think that it would harm to have a go at some of the easier ones and anyway, the suggested age range is 5 to 8.

      The game takes the form of a set of playing cards. THere are fifty five cards in all and these help your child to learn their two, three, four, five and ten times table. Having said this though, I bought these on line fron the ELC website and I do think that their description is a bit misleading because it says that the pack covers the two to ten times table - which it does but not all of them! This does not bother me too much, because we are at least a couple of years from needing to really learn the other ones.

      Playing the game is very straightforward and once a child has learned what they need to do they will easily be able to play by themselves. It is only a game for one anyway! You have to select the cards for the times table that you want to concentrate on. This could have been made slightly easier had the cards been colour coded but they are all the same bright green colour. There is a very small number at the bottom of each card telling you if the card belongs to set 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. I don't really see why they couldn't put the number that corresponded to the times table that you are looking at. It's only a minor niggle, but these two things would have made it much easier to sort the cards.

      On to the game itself then. Once you have sorted your set of cards you need to lay the 11 cards out in random order with the coloured sides up. This means that the child will be seeing all of the answers and also a coloured arrow which is the card they need to start with. They pick this card up and turn it over to read a sum. THis will be one of the sums in that times table and they need to select the answer from all the cards they can see. They need to pick up the correct card and thgen when they turn it over there is the next sum to do. They keep doing this until they arrive at the last answer. When they turn this over there should be a big tick, provided they have got everything right. If they have gone wrong though that tick will have appeared earlier and they will have to start again.

      It's a very simple but effective way of learning the times tables. I like the fact that it has a self checking mechanism so that the child will instantly know of they have gone wrong. Also, once they get more confident, you can increase the challenge by timing them.

      The cards are sturdy and good quality with a wipe clean surface so they should withstand fairly rough handling. They are also quite motivational and my older daughter likes to use them to play 'schools' with her younger sister! As with any educational toy though, I do think that you have to take a lead from your child and these will be most effective when they decide that they want to play with them!

      They are very good value too because they are being sold in ELC for only £1.75 which I think is money well spent.


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    • Product Details

      Help teach your children the tricky subject of times tables. Pack of 55 cards covering 2 to 10 x tables.

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